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Comment from Jigaia:

Fredagsfeeling - Kärleksfeeling! 💙 Tipsar om ytterligare fantastiska orakelkort av Toni Carmine Salerno som även skapat min favoritlek Gaia! Dessa kommer i en hjärtformad vacker ask. Bara att njuta! Önskar dig en kärleksfylld fredag! 💞 https://www.jigaia.se/produkter/bocker-tarot/tarot/orakelkort?showPage=2 kärlek orakelkort oraclecards tonicarminesalerno heartandsoul lightworker chakra aum namaste andlighet spiritual angelcards änglakort

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Audra Krell


Comment from Audra Krell:

We are all made up of the same, patticularly LOVE awake connected spiritual meditate lightworker thirdeye zentwinflame starseed loa oldsoul happy shamansource universe love unity

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Universal Brothers and Sisters


Comment from Universal Brothers and Sisters:

worldstar universalzulunation spiritualgangster hiphop selfdevelopment poetry music art artist hiphop hippy hiphophead hiphopmusic underground undergroundrap undergroundhiphop boombap boombaphiphop worldstar worldstarhiphop universalzulunation rap realhiphop spiritualgangster hippie spiritual instagood instadaily inspiration starseed Lightworker loveyourself love 1111

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Mäsöüd Käfäh


Comment from Mäsöüd Käfäh:

Yeah .😵😵 .. .. .. .. quotes lifequotes lightworker inspirationalquotes quotesoftheday photooftheday spirituality wisdom oneness chakras mindful awake weareone love life show showtime writing heartbreak poem follow

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Comment from T I N A T I L L Q V I S T:

✨Happy Friyay everyone✨ Ready for some intuition practice before the weekend? I will remove all stones but one. Take a deep breath and go with your first instinct. Which one will be left behind? Comment below with your prediction and stay tuned for the reveal later tonight. I will like your comment when I post the reveal. (Remember that this is just a fun exercise to get in better touch with your own intuition and higher senses. Be gentle and supportive with yourself no matter the outcome🙏) . . . . . . . . intuitionexercise intuition övning crystals gemstone sixthsense fun lightworker empath spiritual lightworkerlifestyle tarot lightworkersofinstagram friyay mediumship medium spiritjunkie consciousness conscioustherapy mediumskap clairvoyant weekend weekendvibes

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Joy the Sheep & FamilyⓋ


Comment from Joy the Sheep & FamilyⓋ:

👋😄💓Miss Vollie: "Hello everyone!" 🌈😊🌱ANIMALS ARE FRIENDS, LET'S BE KIND💖 Veganuary AnimalRights GoVegan 🌏👧🐔🐮🐟🐷🐑🐝🐥🐐🐬🐯🐰🐶🐴🐙🐭🐛💚 veganism compassion friendsnotfood kindness vegan lifestyle crueltyfree OneLove BeKind goodvibesonly awakening higherconsciousness spirituality lightworker innerpeace healthylife happylife edgarsmission animalsanctuary veganfortheanimals animallovers doglovers catlovers iloveanimals vegansofaustralia vegansofig

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Comment from kaffaniata:

Celle qui ne sort pas s'il pleut ☔ Heureusement le week-end arrive bientôt ma louve 🐺 🌟Magickal Day 🌟 × sacredfeminine lightworker loveandlight spirituality frenchblogger storyteller naturopathy lifestyle gratitude goodlife magic love witchlife selflove pagan witch winter amiens january hygge livefolk poetry naturelovers journallove theslowdowncollective thehappynow wildandfree naturechild witchesofinstagram siberianhusky

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Tomoko Nozaki


Comment from Tomoko Nozaki:

衝動的に新年1月1日から講習を受け光と色のセラピー「ビーマーライトペンのライトワーカー」になりました☆ テッテレー♪ マヤ暦では青い手Kin47なので眠っていた素質あるかも?! 2018年どこに向かってるのか分かりません(笑) 着衣のままカラフルな光を当てるくらいのほのかな怪しさ(ノ´∀`*) 腰紐は昨日ゲトった厄除け腰紐。初下ろし♪ レインボーカラーで気分アゲ②↑↑ collartherapyhealingBLPbeamerlightpenlightrainbowlightworkermayanbluehandマヤ暦青い手ビーマーライトペンヒーリングセラピーライトワーカー2018なぞレインボーカラー突然なんとなく衝動的に面白そうだからカラーセラピー勉強カラーセラピストなっちゃったwww

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Quiana LaRae | “Q”


Comment from Quiana LaRae | “Q”:

“The only thing that can be lacking in any situation is what you’re not giving” 📷: @ariellashay_

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Avalon Wisdom🔮🧚🏻‍♀️💫


Comment from Avalon Wisdom🔮🧚🏻‍♀️💫:

The guidance from the cards for today is Archangel Michael. If you are feeling powerless, overwhelmed, or in distress know that you are not alone and you are protected. Faith in the Divine, in your guides, and in your guardian angel can help you be more peaceful during challenging times. But just like with human help, sometimes we need to ask for that Divine assistance. Prayer has no religion, so do not be turned off if you don’t follow a particular path... there’s an immense power in prayer. Much love, light, and magick 💫 Brightest Blessings 🙏🏻💖🕯🧙🏻‍♀️🦋🌷🧚🏻‍♀️🔮⭐️🌞🍀🕊🌛🌝🌜 avalonwisdom friday archangelmichael tarot fairygodmother angel heaven protection faith love witch fairy oracle divine lightworker peace prayer

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Comment from S O U L:

💖🙏🏼 rumi heart soul nourish love light understanding oneness unity heavenonearth integrity knowing awareness awakening light acceptence consciousness higherself boundaries lightworker lightbeing emphatic mindful connection soul indigo spiritual 1111

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Taylor Marie


Comment from Taylor Marie:

The only way out of the darkness is through it... Become the light ✨⚡ loveandlight overcome divinefeminine goddess light lightworker creativity art makeup bodymods

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☉Conscious Creator 33☉


Comment from ☉Conscious Creator 33☉:

🔁 @ryancarson . Who’s a believer? . . . spiritual spirituality enlightenment consciousness lightworker spiritualawakening loveandlight spiritjunkie raiseyourvibration highvibrations higherconsciousness awaken higherself highermind celestineprophecy spiritualgrowth breathwork reiki spirit meditation holotropicbreathing pastlives shaman journeyofsouls love dreams yoga initiation spiritguides animalguides

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Katharine Lombard Fortson


Comment from Katharine Lombard Fortson:

Thankful for my beautiful friends...especially those who wade thru the bullshit of life with me. Via @dilutethepower ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••spiritualhealing balance meditation friendship freespirit indigochild hippie chakra vibratehigher lightworker quantum universe vegan oldsoul yogananda higherconsciousness kundalini yogi synchronicity spiritual enlightenment 432Hz 528Hz pinealgland intuition meditate gratitude patience crystal namaste" Photo credit @awakeninghumanbeing Reposted with @plannthat

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Susan Browne


Comment from Susan Browne:

Crystals out cleansing and charging for ShineLightworker this Sunday in Dublin citywesthotel few tickets left via angeleft.com or send message to book AngelWorkshop angels AngelEFT lemurian Lightworker chakras bliss spiritualawakening spiritualdevelopment 🌈🌟💖🦄💜

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Comment from Marta:

Rocking this purple lipstick today 🔥🔥🔥 What are you up to today? 💖

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Eagle Medicine PsychicReadings


Comment from Eagle Medicine PsychicReadings:

Never be ashamed of scars. They simply prove that you are stronger than what or whomever tried to hurt you. I have learned to love my scars. Often, the wound is where the Light gets in. . . . . scars Proud courage soul strength resilience overcome AgainIRise AgainWeRise growth Healing SoulPath higherself higherconsciousness Namaste GreatSpirit Creator EagleMedicine EagleMedicinePsychicReadings PsychicMedium EnergyHealer SpiritualMedium Awakener empath intuitive psychic Healer Lightworker MediumChristinaDawnEagle

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Comment from Beckah:

IAM journeytoyahweh reiki theta energy peace intuitivehealer meditation crystals cleansing angels manifesting subconsciousmind chakras positivity awakening balance mandala color vibrations healing yoga mundra meditation Buddha asana creating lightworker spiritual remoteViewing

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Comment from Beckah:

IAM journeytoyahweh reiki theta energy peace intuitivehealer meditation crystals cleansing angels manifesting subconsciousmind chakras positivity awakening balance mandala color vibrations healing yoga mundra meditation Buddha asana creating lightworker spiritual remoteViewing

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Lush and Verdant


Comment from Lush and Verdant:

The greatest part about being a GEMINI is that I get to be 100 about EVERYTHING !! mom relative educator makeupartist lifeliver peachlife summer2017 2017 lushandverdant mua friend lover caregiver lightworker beautifyer

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