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😁😁😁 By: Xenongazella - - - - - stevenuniverse homeworldgems crystalgems homeworld pearl garnet amethyst ruby sapphire jasper crystalgems sardonyx rainbowquartz malachite peridot lapislazuli bluediamond rosequartz opal greg alexandrite stevenuniverseedit gemislyr1 cartoonnetwork cn su suedit sufandom bluediamonds yellowdiamonds topaz

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The one on the right was drawn by Rebecca Sugar if I'm remembering correctly - Credit: anony-moose-blog - - Source: Tumblr - - -Backup: @the.book.of.homeworld pearlgarnetstevenuniversestevenquartzuniverserosequartzamethystjasperperidotperidotsulapislazulicrystalgemsBlueDiamondYellowDiamondWhiteDiamondPinkDiamondstevonnierubysapphireopalmalachitesardonyxsmokeyquartzrainbowquartz

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Dee Caiazza


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Wow, Sunday already, but it has been a good week for recharging, creating and work on the addition. . What is as pretty as a peacock, shiny as the sun and hard as a rock? My latest addition to the Speed Square collection, 'Prarie Peacock' (ok, the name is a bit lame but I haven't come up with something better). I'm always looking for new techniques to challenge me and this one has it... It's called keeping the 14k gold balls from going walk about. No, seriously, it was giving this unique Azurite and Malachite faceted stone even more dimension. So I gave it pedestals. Another fun factoid about this piece? Except for the the cut outs in the plates, I cut the rest on my new guillotine, Gilley. No saw blades were broken here. SCORE! . And when I was rummaging around for a prop to take pictures I was struck how similar the stone looked to a peacock Feather. Hence the name. Since this has a casual flair, I hung it on a multi-strand leather 18" chain. . Not yet listed in my shop, but you can DM me for information. caiazza_creations_ mygypsystore handmade ladysmith laboroflove stampedsilver hashtaggingitalian riojeweler azurite malachite speedsquare trianglestone instagem instajewelry busyhands creativeart artisanjewelry nativedesign nativeinspired sterlingsilverpendants Artisanmade peacock oneofakind uniquejewelry dimension

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Agree or disagree? stevenuniverse su stevenuniverseconfession stevenuniverseconfessions suconfession suconfessions malachite malachitesu sumalachite stevenuniversemalachite malachitestevenuniverse

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Kelly Frimel


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Malachite! @kellyfrimel holidaybling holidaysarecoming etsy etsysellersofinstagram malachite greenbeauty madeinthemountains madeoffthegrid madeincolorado naturalgemstone texture coloradostyle

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Alessandra & Gianluca


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Coordinato bracciale + orecchini in legno di eucalipto con spirale in fogliaoro ottone e malachite ...realizzato a mano . . . braclet and earrings woodenart woodenjewelry naturalstones brass handmadejewelry handwork workinlove❤️ nature naturelovers creativity passion style artisans jewelrydesigner artigianatoitaliano accessories italyIT madeinitaly madeinnapoli

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First snow.. So beautiful and warm.. steps fingerprintofgod gemistonesstonesspiritualstones firstsnowsnowQuebec canadamontrealmalachite footprintstravelworldseethingsvidalocalovemylifecelestiteauralite23 amethystsmokeyquartztigereyecrystals snowingbigfoot havingfun

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Kristina Baranowski


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Hit the ‘self-lovin’ button s o hard last night. . . Fresh rose petals and essential oil in the bathtub- so, so not my thing, but truly, the smell was so amazing and relaxing. . . Doing things that allow our mind to turn off and let our body reset are so, so important. My idea of Happy Health isn’t just what’s going into our body, but how we treat & develop our mind and spirit, too ✨🌹 . . Happy Sunday, go love on yourself a little (lot) today. . . . . selflove bath roses happyhealth mindbodysoul love malachite rosequartz holistichealth holistichealthcoach findyourhappy selfcare balancedbellyhealth

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Video star Editor


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LAPIS 💧 —�—�—� -IB: / weirdmageddon from vine —�—�—� stevenuniverse lapislazuli garnet amethyst pearl su suedit stevenuniverseedit lapis malachite jasper

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La Tía Perla


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WAS WITH A SWORD!! . -BadPearl . . . . Tags: steven crystalgems crystaltemps garnet amethyst pearlstevenuniverse pearl pearlsu amethyststevenuniverse garnetsu rosequartz rosequartzsu peridot peridotsu lapislazuli lapislazulisu yellowdiamond bluediamond stevenuniverse connie fusion opal sardonyx sugalite raimbowquartz stevonnie smokyquartz malachite alexandrite

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currently corrupted


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🔸🔹🔸🔹 - - - - - - stevenuniverse lapis jasper peridot garnet amethyst pearl bismuth malachite credit musha8_8

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Jenn O'Neil


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Tea, tarot, journal, pendulum and my crystals....all the things you need for a Sunday morning. ✨ 🦉 ✨ quietspace quietsunday tarot tea tarotandtea malachite rosequartz quartzcrystal pendulum oracle wildunknown wildunknowntarot soultrees soultreesinsightcards journal owl owljournal intentionsetting metime

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Jeanne Laumier


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An evergreen piece! jeannelaumier bespokejewelry malachite diamonds yellogold

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⭐️Steven Universe Account ⭐️


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Ok I stayed up til 1:20am to do this group project where I had to pretty much edit the whole thing myself. Im dead and I haven’t even finished yet. It’s also due first period tomorrow :,) -Annabel

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oof . . . . . . . . . . . . stevenuniverseconniestevengarnetamethystperidotlapislapidotlapislazilipearlcrystalgemsmemeamedotmemesrubysapphirediamonddiamondspinkdiamondbluediamondyellowdiamondwhitediamondsugilitemalachitejasperangriestofuniversesardonyxstevonniewearethecrystalgemssumemes

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Venus On The Half Shell


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Chime in. Hammered brass and malachite bead dangling earrings, $48. Other tinkly treasures available in the shop. . . . . . . . metalwork hammered brass malachite earrings jewelryoftheday jewelry jewelryaddict jewelrygram vintagelife vintageshop vintagelove vintagefashion vintagestyle vintagejewelry fashionable fashiongram personalstyle bohochic bohostyle gypsysoul style gypsystyle flashesofdelight ethicalfashion ecofashion shinebright sparkle glow

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Here's another Connie 👽 Artist: thecheckhov Tags: stevenuniverse lapis peridot jasper peridot pearl amethyst opal garnet sugilite alexandrite malachite smokequartz stevonnie connie sardonyx ruby sapphire lion whitediamond yellowdiamond pinkdiamond yellowpearl bluepearl bluezircon greenzircon greg carnelian skinnyjasper famethyst agate

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Comment from Lithotherapy:

Abundance of azurite and malachite. Deep energy cleaning had started as I stood next to these boxes at the Urals Mineral Show yesterday. Grateful for the opportunity to see all these precious crystals and minerals. azuritecrystal azurite malachite heilung heilsteine theurals dankbarkeit progress ekaterinburg

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