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Comment from Carme:

Me encanta esta florecilla y con ella os deseo una buena noche y una feliz semana!!! Abrazoores amig @s!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 floreparati floreparatodo florecilla macro lila maranta flordelamaranta megutanlaflore flower megutanlaplanta

13 Minutes ago



Comment from Teamplantlove:

maranta and monstera - two so different and wonderful plants. 🍃✨plantlove

23 Minutes ago

Maranta Hogar


Comment from Maranta Hogar:

La palma de cera y la flor de mayo le darán un toque de color a tu comedor. . Pregunta por más productos con este estampado que tenemos ara tú hogar. . maranta hogar decoración naturaleza colombia hechoencolombia flora diseñoindependiente diseñointerior

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Comment from monsteraobliqua:

maranta prayerplant marantaplant

49 Minutes ago



Comment from 🌿:

How so? Slo-Mo? This video is really bad quality but I love it. rhaphidophoratetrasperma asparagusfern houseplantclub houseplants houseplantsofig therealhouseplantsofinstagram maranta humid jungle aroid urbanjungle urbanjunglebloggers calathea alocasia slowmotion plantlady plantgang plantaddict interiorwilding plantlife

2 Hours ago

Plants over people.


Comment from Plants over people.:

Maranta bathtime, the crowning jewel of my marathon morning watering 36 plants, half my brood. maranta prayerplant alive water bath plants urbanjungle plantstagram tropicalplants plantsmakepeoplehappy home brooklyn

2 Hours ago

Elsa Raymond


Comment from Elsa Raymond:

🌿🌿 • • • maranta marantaleuconeurakerchoveana marantaleuconeura prayerplant minerals crystals desertrose tillandsia tillandsiastreptophylla coffeetable coffeetabletray houseplantdiary houseplantclub houseplantjournal houseplants airplant epiphytes jungalowstyle jungalow jungalowhome

4 Hours ago

Minions & Plants


Comment from Minions & Plants:

A fun project of mine ! The plants are hanging in the aquarium for a few months now, except for the neon philodendron. This one is a newbie ! I tried first with a tradescantia, but it wasn't doing that we'll. So I replaced it by this cute philodendron ! Do you see the roots of the chlorophytum ? 🌱 I kept part of the plant in a classic pot, just in case it doesn't like the water of my aquarium ! But I'm now relieved because it puts out a new leaf !🌿 This beautiful plant was mistaken for a scindapsus at the plant shop, but I knew better 😂 aquarium plants chlorophytum maranta philodendronneon urbanjunglebloggers urbanjungle plantenabler houseplantclub houseplants newleaves newgrowth crazyplantlady

4 Hours ago

Desiree Pimentel


Comment from Desiree Pimentel:

New plant friends.🌱🌿🌵 plantsmakepeoplehappy plantsplantsplants plantgang plantsofinstagram houseplants houseplantlove succulents cactuslove maranta snakeplant stringofpearls

5 Hours ago



Comment from lovegreen💚:

Maranta 💕 maranta marantalovers prayerplant rabbitstracks lovemarantra marantapower plants hangingplants greenpower plantslife plantstand plantslove naturelife sweethome houseplants interiordesign nordicstyle bohodecor greenlife pacefulplace teraphy lovemyplants hangerpot

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Comment from Sara:

Starfish 🐚🌴 zanzibar

5 Hours ago

just a beginnger gardener!


Comment from just a beginnger gardener!:

One of my fav plants. maranta prayerplant girlswithplants crazyplantlady pottedjungle indoorplants greenthumb newleaf houseplantclub plantenabler plantlover plantaholic houseplants red fiftyshadesofgreen greenlove greenisthenewblack plantparenthood plantmom chickswithplants foliage

5 Hours ago

The Gravel Pit


Comment from The Gravel Pit:

Craquelure Ceramic Pots by @seraxbelgium | Maranta & Ficus Plants | From £8 | Available @kelhamarcade (now) Online (soon) & @canalsidenightmarket this coming Saturday 24th Feb | . . maranta prayerplant ficuselastica plantsofinstagram plantoftheday rubberplant ceramics ceramicplanter madeinsheffield kelham independentsheffield indiesheffield neepsend shopsheffield sheffield247 sheffieldissuper sheffieldissuperinsta planter

5 Hours ago

Фитнес клуб FitCurves Вишневое


Comment from Фитнес клуб FitCurves Вишневое:

Для идеальной фигуры есть фиткервс , а побаловать себя безупречным нарядом поможет наш партнёр - магазин Maranta ( сейчас скидка -20%на весь ассортимент нарядов и аксессуаров от лучших украинских брендов) Спрашивайте подарочные сертификаты от магазина Маранта у администраторов клуба.

6 Hours ago



Comment from GreenVirgin78:

Nuove piante 🌱 greenvirgin green garden gardening tree instagarden mygarden plants pinate botanical cool botanicalgarden comolake lagodicomo como artgarden piante colori sempreverde love nature polliceverde comolake super heart verde verdeverticale maranta myplants nuove new

6 Hours ago

Nick Pileggi 🍃🌵🌸


Comment from Nick Pileggi 🍃🌵🌸:

I’m moving on Tuesday, and while I’m excited to move into a larger space with my best friend, I’m really going to miss my little 400 square foot jungle! This is the smallest apartment I’ve ever lived in and it really taught me how to utilize space wisely. (I also learned that a dishwasher is nearly a necessity for me, but that’s another story.) Now that I’ll have more space, I guess I’m going to need more plants! 🌿🌴

6 Hours ago



Comment from Tina:

Happy Sunday:)) Beautiful morning. Wish you all a wonderful day!😊💕 . . . . plants plantlife greenliving plantsmakepeoplehappy plantsmakemehappy urbanjungle cheerstohouseplants plantlovercommunity bohodecor housedecor decor ikea target maranta calathea philodendron pothos goodvibesonly positiveenergy prayerplant fridakahlo naturelovers

6 Hours ago

Karin Helvig


Comment from Karin Helvig:

My Maranta outgrow the old space, had move it, so now it’s a beautiful hanger instead, in my bedroom window - what a morning sight 🤗🍃 urbanjungle urbanjunglebloggers indoorgrow indoorjungle indoorplants indoorgreen houseplants houseplantclub houseplantjournal house_plant_community plantlove plantlife plantsmakepeoplehappy plantsmakemehappy greenhome greenliving greenlifestyle plantstagram plantstyling plantstyle greenyourfeed botanical botanicals foliage livingwithplants maranta

7 Hours ago



Comment from Gonny:

Made a new picture of this beautiful green corner 🌿💚🌱 ∇ plantsmakepeoplehappy bringtheoutsidein crazyplantlady plantstagram urbanjungle plantparenthood indoorplants iloveplants indoorjungle plantblogger urbanjunglebloggers houseplants planthoarder greenyourfeed plantsinfocus imaplanthoarder kamerplanten houseplantclub groeninhuis livingwithplants plantsarefriends plantblogger spiderplant graslelie myelho plantcorner maranta calathea philodendron spiderplant fittonia

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Comment from michella_mybelle:

Red maranta plant

1 Days ago