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Comment from byrdflew:

All things must come to a end . If that trailer holds true let’s hope at least Hawkeye dies . marvel thanos 5centplauge jimstarlin burnitoff

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#1 Barry Allen Trash


Comment from #1 Barry Allen Trash:

Awesome group shots in the Infinity War Trailer ••• marvel avengers avengersinfinitywar guardiansofthegalaxy mcu

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Kendall Fontenot


Comment from Kendall Fontenot:

2017bestnine strangerthings catholic church justiceforbarb elvispresley startrekcontinues michelespecht morgancity sunset batfamnola louisianacomicon instagram picoftheday collage doctoroctopus marvel cosplay

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Tom Holland


Comment from Tom Holland:

True true . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . tomholland tomholland2013 thomasstanleyholland spiderman spidermanhomecoming captainamericacivilwar civilwar hollanders quackson quaxksonklaxson marvel @tomholland2013 spidy hoco like4like chaoswalking theimpossible howilivenow intheheartofthesea lostcityofz currentwar hollandersunite tomhollandmeme memes dankmemes areyoublind blind hot goodlooking ohmy

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Comment from AgentPKM:

The Revengers⚡️💪🏻✨ ThorRagnarok Hulk BruceBanner MarkRuffalo Thor ChrisHemsworth Loki TomHiddleston Marvel Funko FunkoPop

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Comment from Marvel:

Oh my gosh . . . . . . . . . . . marvel avengers ironman captainamerica hawkeye thor hulk blackwidow scarletwitch quicksilver guardiansofthegalaxy gotg starlord gamora groot drax rocketracoon mantis nebuela wintersoldier tws sebastainstan chris falcon romanogers blackpanther spiderman falcon steverogers buckybarnes loki

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Comment from McWestMusic:

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Comment from LOKI AND VALKYRIE ❤:

My Queen 💜🌌🌘❤ Repost from @val.loki Marvel MarvelStudios LokiValkyrie

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Comment from addicted2funko:

Found 2 of the 10 inch Hulks at Target. Today was a good day funkophotoaday funkopop hulk marvel thor thorragnorok pop target targetexclusive addictedtopops f4f l4l funkoaddict funkoholic bobblehead

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Alexis P.


Comment from Alexis P.:

👌 spiderman marvel amazingspiderman

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Atam Sartam Alfattah


Comment from Atam Sartam Alfattah:

"Big man in a suit of armour. Take that off" - Tony Stark . . . . . marvel marvelstudios starwars

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Cosplayozway - (Anthony)


Comment from Cosplayozway - (Anthony):

"I remember when I wore the white...that was a dark time." - Elektra . Cosplayer: @kim_kine . . 📸: @reagansmashproductions . . cosplay elektra elektranatchios daredevil dd mattmurdock marvel hellskitchen cosplayer cosplayers costume cosplaygirl cosplaygirls cosplayozway cosplayoz submission share cosplayshare Australia Australiancosplay

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Comment from Cinefilse:

Segue nosso IG @cinefilse 👍 TAGS: boanoitenerdgeekmarvelcapitaoamericacuriosidades

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Comment from Ruth:

I occasionally like to cuddle with my Captain America pillow ❤😂foreversingleproblems single captainamerica theavengers marvel superhero beauty cuddle me chrisevans live laugh love

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Welcome To The Nerdy Hub!


Comment from Welcome To The Nerdy Hub!:

Disney and Fox are closing in on striking a deal, as signaled by Comcast dropping out of the race. The Hollywood system as we know it is set to change dramatically any day now. The possibility of Disney and Fox pairing up has been widely covered since it was initially revealed that discussions had taken place. Those discussions fell short of making a deal, but the knowledge of Fox actively looking to sell caught the attention of other studios. Sony looked into the acquisition, but never appeared to make significant process. - Instead, it has largely been Comcast – who owns Universal Pictures – that continued to stay with the deal. Disney re-igniting talks with Fox cooled Comcast’s chances, but nevertheless they remained persistent. Thanks to more signs of Disney and Fox nearing a deal, Comcast is officially out. - Source: Screenrant - 🏆 double tap if you like and comment your thoughts below 🙌 - - 🏆 Follow @thenerdyhub for more great content 👊 - - - - - - - dc dccomics dceu batman marvel marvelcomics mcu spiderman infinitywar starwars superman disney strangerthings comics comicbooks superhero superheroes harleyquinn joker wonderwoman thelastjedi deadpool justiceleague batmanvsuperman starwars avengersinfinitywar venom marvellegends blackpanther jurassicworld

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Sara Othersen


Comment from Sara Othersen:

I GOT THE COVER I WAS LOOKING FOR. I AM SO HAPPY. BLESS. marvel theavengers captainamerica hawkeye warmachine vision wasp chrisevans vanityfair @renner4real

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Daryl Currie 🇨🇦💥📸💥


Comment from Daryl Currie 🇨🇦💥📸💥:

Product photography takes many forms. actionfigures thepunisher . . . . . . . netflix figurerealm xmen marvellegends marvelcomics marveluniverse punisher toystagram toysaremydrug rebeltoysclub customfigure customactionfigure toyart epictoyart toyartistryelite marvellegendscollector toys jimlee marvellegendscustom marvellegendscustoms custommarvellegends toycommunity wip antihero frankcastle dccomics marvelcomics customactionfigures

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Bat Gallery


Comment from Bat Gallery:

Jonah Woodson Hex thebatman batman darkknight thedarkknight thejoker joker suicidesquad jl justiceleague superman dc marvel multiverse dcuniverse dccomics detectivecomics warnerbros likeforlike instalikes roguegallery instafollow arkham arkhamasylum arkhamknight animation harleyquinn batcave jonahhex west cowboy

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Ryan Vogler


Comment from Ryan Vogler:

“Loki” Evening doodle ✏️ marvel comics thor fanart drawing illustration loki marvelcomics doodle comicbooks instagood instadaily instalike instagram book villain asgard evening monday dailyart

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Tristan 🎅🏻


Comment from Tristan 🎅🏻:

Christmas is only 2 weeks away!! I hope you have your decorating started, if you are still looking for this years new ornament check out what @artbyashley22 has up on her website www.etsy.com/shop/ instadisney disneygram magicinspired followdisney disneyinspired disneychristmas disneyfan paperart handmade giftideas etsy etsyhandmade etsyshop etsystore etsygram etsycanada christmasornaments marvel marvelcomic marvelcomics captainamerica marvelcinematicuniverse marvelavengersassemble avengersassemble disneyxd teletoon iphonex christmas2017 christmastime countdowntochristmas

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