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Chelsea Stillman


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orthodox christian god spiritual spirituality peace healing love meditation prayer heart

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Comment from Devraj:

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Feels good to be HEALTHY✨✨💯🏋️‍♀️✔️ ✔️ fitness fitlife motivationalquotes motivation fit fitnessmotivation quotes quotestoliveby dontstop goals reach fitspo fitfam good ass booty bigbooty gains weights lift body takecare healthy fitlife inspiration motivation yoga meditation meditate yogaeverydamnday bootygoals lift liftheavy

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Comment from Jet:

Unakite ADJUSTABLE (~8.5-10.5) wire weaved ring available now VIA INBOX. 😊❤️✨ ALSO click the link in bio to browse through 100 items! ✨ Unakite is an altered Granite consisting primarily of pink Orthoclase Feldspar, Clear Quartz and green Epidote. Unakite balances the emotional and spiritual bodies, and provides gentle release of energetic blockages. It helps us to move on from outmoded beliefs from the past. Unakite can also be used for help with past-life regression therapy, and facilitates the understanding of previous events and their roles in the current incarnation. A stone of vision, Unakite can open and activate the Third Eye Chakra to receive spiritual insights from higher realms. Unakite's grounding effect can bring a calming influence to any environment, and is great for the workplace or the home, sending out peaceful vibes to all those nearby. goodvibewraps gvibewraps crystals crystalhealing copper healingstones healingcrystals jewelry unakite sodacity asheville atlanta california melanin blackbusiness blackgirlmagic reiki meditation spiritual chakra chakras

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Clifford Wallace II


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tbt “My reason Why” 😁 💥Get this post to 50 likes "👁" • • • • • • knowledge reading quotes inspirations goals dailygoals napoleonhill thinkandgrowrich millionaire mindset grindtime leaders legacy marketing networking networkmarketing mlm money principles wisdom teachings spirituality dreams ambition studies meditation teamwork teambuilding colaboration

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Unity is for everyone..


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“Everyone wants the truth but no one wants to be honest..” ✨ love universe peace knowledge self wisdom nature compassion understanding truth awakening consciousness spirituality enlightenment meditation spiritual taoism buddhism christianity muslim hinduism dailyquotes quotes now awareness quoteoftheday

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Working on some new music 💕🌙 witch witches witchcraft wiccan wicca nonwiccan wiccansofinstagram occult heathen druid pagan pagans paganism pagansofinstagram witchesofinstagram healing holistic holistichealth meditation metaphysical newage oldreligion norse norsepagan motherearth mothernature goddess deities healingstones healingcrystals

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Lavelle Kazzy


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new years camping stencilart follow yummy meditation work

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Meenakshisundaram Vandi


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hua hin 053 belieber meditation kid dance lunch niallhoran

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paula freesoulbeing


Comment from paula freesoulbeing:

11/23 Today's 2nd energy word is C H A N G E. In very simple terms, what is one thing you can change today that will work towards your health? This can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. I know I can definitely toss in a couple more jars of water! We all have our daily challenges. They come as a part of this human journey. What's important is our awareness and understanding of what is right for us and a daily decision to move towards that direction. ...and if not today, then tomorrow!😊 tarotreading tarot tarotdeck tarotlove medium intuitive tarotreaders tarottribe magic divination motherearth meditation peace energy words quotes balance writersofinstagram tarotreadersofinstagram earthmagic spirituality illustration column art instagram instagood photographer photography pfsbeing paulafreesoulbeing

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Fit Sara


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Those Abs 😍😍😍

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QuantumTouch Indo


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Ibu dan Anak Melakukan QT Bersama . Kemarin saat menggoreng nugget ayam untuk anak saya yang berusia lima tahun, saya mendapat luka bakar yang signifikan antara ibu jari dan telunjuk saya. Warnanya merah cerah dan mulai melepuh. . Saya duduk dan mulai mengalirkan energi di daerah tersebut. Anak saya (yang belum ikut pelatihan resmi QT, hanya melihat ibunya saja melakukan QT) datang dan menyandarkan tangan saya di antara keduanya pangkuannya dan (seolah olah) melakukan QT juga. . Dalam tiga menit, rasa sakit itu hilang. Lima menit lagi, kemerahan dan bengkak hilang dan pagi ini tidak ada bekas luka bakar sama sekali. . Quantum-Touch bekerja sangat baik pada luka bakar saya. . Setelah selesai, saya berkata, "Terima kasih nak, pekerjaan yang bagus, luka bakar mama hilang!" . Dan dia berkata, "No problem mah, aku punya energi yang bagus," dan pergi begitu saja 😂😂 . . Hidup itu penuh kebahagiaan! . . Heidi B . . . quantumtouchindo love cinta sentuhan energyhealing healthy cakra vortex chi breathe pengobatan terapi alhamdulillah syukur ikhlas forgiveness meditation yoga melahirkan gentlebirth sehat holistic acupuncture acupressure depression babyblues emotionalhealing

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Henry Edler


Comment from Henry Edler:

”Meditation. Why even bother..?” . Well. Meditation brings you into your center. You actually start to relax, and breathe like a healthy human being should be, unless they are in a constant fear-based mindset. (Dis-ease we could call it). . Meditating and doing deep breathwork is really to get in touch, and in a way control yourself. . To not ”loose” yourself in the worldly events and distractions surrounding us. . When you are stressed, what happens to your body? . You get tensed. Your abs brace, your back gets tensed, your shoulders elevate slightly. . Stay in this position for a few days & nights, maybe even weeks or months (if not years), and you’ll probably see what it leads to. . Meditation brings Ease into your body, and moves you away from Dis-ease. . You get in touch with your body, your senses, your feelings, and as your mind clears up; so does your thoughts. . You think better in other words. . So give yourself some time to breathe. Bring yourself into your center again, and become yourself. . Thats why I meditate. The world is too beautiful to miss due to a distracted mind. . . . . takecareofyourself breathe itsnotthathard justBREATHE😉 meditation henryedler perspectivesoflife beherenow

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AEOS Skincare


Comment from AEOS Skincare:

We are so honoured to have won the Highly Commended title in the 2018 Natural Beauty Awards (Toner Category) for our Refreshing Hydrating Mist! 🌸✨🎉

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Denise Costello


Comment from Denise Costello:

We had a Meditation Birthday Party for Vanessa yesterday at Chrysalis. Some of you were digg’n the Flourless Choc cake - here’s the recipe. It takes a little bit of effort but worth it ! There’s even an opportunity for a 5 minute meditation while your folding in the egg whites 🙏😋Enjoy! chocolate minimeditation vibrationalfood glutenfree happybelly meditation birthday conscious consciousevents mindfulness love supportyourfriends birthdaycake

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༻ ∂ιαяу σf α ѕυиѕєт ʝυикιє ༺


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Wild Thing Yoga


Comment from Wild Thing Yoga:

So much yes! Repost @obsidianeducation ( @get_repost) ・・・ With Thanksgiving coming up tomorrow, we tend to give a little more thought to what we’re thankful for. But adding a gratitude practice to your everyday life can provide a massive shift in how you perceive the world. One of my favorite analogies is that gratitude allows us to stop wondering if the grass is greener on the other side because we’re so busy enjoying how green our own grass is. It’s the same for kids - quick, daily practices of noticing the small things in life can lead to a more positive emotional state and a greater feeling of connection to the world and others. One easy way to bring gratitude into your home is by asking kids to share their favorite things that aren’t things. For example, their favorite smells, tastes, and memories. We also love the book “All My Treasures: A Book of Joy by Jo Witek” to get kids talking about gratitude. For those living in Bend, we’ll be hosting a Mindful Kids Camp starting this January which will incorporate joyful gratitude practices. Check out the link in our bio for more info! We’re especially grateful for those that have supported Obsidian Education this year — thank you, thank you, thank you! Have a wonderful week connecting with those you love. ❤️WildThingBend ObsidianEducation

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Comment from Soul_healer:

OM - The Sound of Universe. Do chanting of OM three times a day, each time for 6 minutes to see a miracle change in your mind,body and life. It is also helpful in curing thousands of diseases. CHANT AND FEEL THE BLISS ! PEACE! soul_healer heal_soul_mind om meditation follow l4l fitness yogaeverydamnday yogi love namaste fit meditation happiness workout fitfam gym healthy health yogachallenge yogagirl motivation yogini yogaeverywhere igyoga balance yogalife fitspo instayoga yogaeveryday yogainspiration

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Matt Haberer


Comment from Matt Haberer:

Go Albert! I’ve been listening to @abrahamhickspublications abrahamhicks for a while, but to see Einstein use the Law of Attraction, it makes just a little bit more sense to me wakeup science knowledge wisdom philosophy astronomy sacredgeometry Zen peace love universe Gratitude Namaste meditation meditate happy happiness evolve wakeup unplug freeyourmind higherconsciousness

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Comment from Ovezberdyevitch:

Друзья, желаю всем доброго воскрессного дня, набраться сил перед предстоящей рабочей неделей. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 🌠 spiritual faith faithful toptags @op.tags god grace pray prayers praying amen believe religion coexist spirituality trust peace calm mind soul he destiny wisdom compassion forgiveness thankful knowledge meditation life meditate guidance

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