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@thetruthside ✨ you may learn something new ❣ . . . chakras goodvibes magic peace mindful peaceonearth paradigmshift love lightworker loveandlight metaphysical consciousness awakening soul source spiritual meditation hippie universe cosmos zen indigochild oldsoul inhalethegoodshit exhalethebullshit knowledgeispower cosmicconsciousness thirdeyevision 3rdryeopen ॐ

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🔥ᗰᗩᖇIᗩᑎᑎᗩ ᑭOᒪᒪᗩK 💧dōTERRA🧜‍♀️


Comment from 🔥ᗰᗩᖇIᗩᑎᑎᗩ ᑭOᒪᒪᗩK 💧dōTERRA🧜‍♀️:

Hey Guys 🧜‍♀️ I hope I don’t have to say it again - but this is so amazing of dōTerra to do this! They always treat us so well but I have never seen them offer 20% off most popular starter kits before! This is toogoodtobetrue - but it is. I must confess, I’ve been eyeing that Every Oil Kit myself lately. So- hop on over to my website, ( linkinbio) Join on the DISCOVER page on my website, and once you are all set up, wait to hear from me within 24 hours to help you set up your wellness consult and go over LRP! And because the month is almost over you must do this right now. And get ready for my next post all about BOGO! Coming 11/20-11/24. Join my private FB community for info about the different oils in the BOGOs each day! ❣️ ____________________________________________________________ wisecoreconfessions leader essentialoils doterra aromatherapy naturalwellness educator holistichealth chemicalfree livebetter healthcare plantmedicine healyourlife selfcare healthykids oils cleanliving mermaidlife wisecoressentials crystallove metaphysical crystals witchyvibes plantbased highervibrations toxinfree naturalsolutions healthyfamilies

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Гадание🔮Таро Online☯Астролог


Comment from Гадание🔮Таро Online☯Астролог:

20.11.2017: КАРТА ДНЯ - Рыцарь Кубков🌟 ❇️Сегодня день будет в позитивном настрое. Вероятно Вы получите известие, которое вознесет на седьмое небо. Поэтому используйте же эту возможность, чтобы устроить свои дела, особенно те, которые требуют не только ясности ума, но и богатой фантазии. ❇️К тому же, если у Вас были разногласия в отношениях с другим человеком, сегодня самое лучшее время, чтобы разрешить их и прийти к взаимопониманию. ❇️Не бойтесь сегодня выражать свои чувства, позвольте себе помечтать о чем-то. Не нагружайте свой ум и сердце лишними проблемами. Ведь с легкой душой намного проще справляться с жизненными трудностями. ⚜ Запись на Консультацию ✅ 84955070576 и 89261117520 Консультация очно, skype, viber, whatsapp для любой страны.⚜tealeafreading paranormal spirits spirituality аура meditation metaphysical tarot angel tarotreader гадание предсказание эзотерика гадалка таро тарологlove instagood me cute follow like followme beautiful tagsforlikes happy instalike amazing photo day

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Comment from みほ♡:

ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ Repost @omochi_orgonite ( @get_repost) ・・・ * 🔮インスタ限定プレゼント企画🔮 * 🙈Omochiの世界館初のプレゼント企画です💎 ドキドキですがどうぞお付き合い下さいませ😂 フォロワー様に日頃の感謝を込めまして この度、タイを一緒に旅したオルゴナイトと お土産のセットを3名様にプレゼントさせて 頂きたいと思います🎁❇ * ⏰応募期間⏰ 11/15(水)20時00~11/20(月)20時00分まで🙆 後日くじ引きにて当選結果をアップ致します🎯 * 🎁プレゼントの詳細🎁 『おもちセレクト タイのお土産6点セット』 ◆オルゴナイト1個 ◆バターローストアーモンド ◆ソルティッド空豆 ◆タイのシーソルト ◆100%ココナッツオイル ◆象さんコインケース ※オルゴナイトの種類やお土産の中身の 組み合わせはお選び頂けませんので予め ご了承下さいませ❇ * 🎁応募条件🎁 ◆日本国内在住である事。 ◆フォロワーである事。 (この機会にフォローして下さる方もOK💕) ◆今後引き続きフォロー継続して下さる方。 ◆DMにて送付先を教えてくださる方。 ◆非公開の方は期間中公開にして頂ける方。 (私がフォローしている方は非公開でも🆗) ◆ハンドメイド作品にご理解いただける方。 * 🎁応募方法🎁 (必読) リポストまたは この投稿の1枚目の画像を スクリーンショットして頂き @omochi_orgonite のタグ付けをして ご自身の投稿に必ずUPしてくださいね💛 その際、必ず画像にタグ付けして下さい🎵 プレゼント企画 のタグも付けて頂けたら嬉しいです❤ こちらから『いいね❤』がつけば応募完了です👍 いいねがつかない場合はご連絡お願いします🙏 * それでは💕皆様からのご応募を心より お待ちしております👋(*^^*)❤ * プレゼント企画プレ企画プレゼントオルゴナイト Omochiの世界館 gemstone rockhound metaphysical angelaura gemporn minerals orgonite crystal quartz spiritual jewelry 天然石 鉱石 オルゴン パワーストーン 水晶 占い タロット スピリチュアル レジン おもちセレクトお土産プレゼント ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ 初めまして♡ よろしくお願い致します💕 素敵なプレゼント企画だったので 応募させて頂きました💕 どれが当たっても嬉しいです😍♡ 素敵なご縁がありますように🙏💗 ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ プレゼント企画

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Grace Creations


Comment from Grace Creations:

Good Monday morning to you. We have some lovely crackle quartz for sale various colours. . . . . CrystalsUK cracklequartz quartz tumblestones metaphysical CrystalSales crystalgrid crystalhealer inboxtobuy inboxtoorder intuition esoteric occult healingcrystals

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Shannon Chafkin 𓂀


Comment from Shannon Chafkin 𓂀:

☀️🙌 Awake 🙌☀️ Living Grounded with Eyes Open. Repost @dilutethepower staywoke . . . . . . . . . . goodvibes magic peace mindful peaceonearth paradigmshift love lightworker loveandlight metaphysical consciousness awakening happy beautiful soul source spiritual meditation hippie universe cosmos zen indigochild oldsoul ॐ

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Comment from Claudia:

My prognosis for today as advised by the LeGrande Circus and Sideshow Tarot by former clown, Joe Lee. 🐴 3 of cups- Three equestrian acrobats dance winesomely atop the sturdy back of a 'liberty' horse- one that is trained to perform skillful maneuvers free of rein and tether. The cups are held outward, toasting in joyful celebration. The muscular, charging beast under the command of beautiful and vulnerable women has ever been a staple under the big top. But who is really the master, mistress and the commander? Celebration! Joy is the reward of plenty. No matter how precarious our position, we can have gratitude and delight in the knowledge of our present well being. 💰 Many circuses are sponsored by civic organisations and fraternal orders who, for a modest percentage of the day's take, dispense tickets to those too unfortunate to afford the cost. Generosity, like poverty, is always with us and can mitigate the profound effects of living without. Gifts are bestowed from a benevolent source. Give generously, accept humbly and be lavish with thanks. Remember to practice gratitude.🌑🌑🌑🌑 tarot legrandecircusandsideshowtarot circus intuition tarotdeck tarotreader cardmeaning tarotreadersofinstagram joelee divination oracle sixofpentacles dailytarot tarotcards occult esoteric books metaphysical divinatory symbolism reading cards clown interpretation bigtop tarotbook psychic intuitive threeofcups intuition

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Comment from Heather//TheCelestialGoddess:

November 19th till 25th ~ 25% off all purchases for Christmas! Get unique jewelry, Crystal pipes and stones. Every order comes with a surprise🎅💖 Get your Christmas gifts early while they're on sale! . . . . . thecelestialgoddess crystalnecklaces smallbusiness corpuschristi instagram etsyshop crystals picoftheday instafun thecelestialgoddess metaphysics metaphysical goddess love moon sun cosmology magical quartz custom gems mineral etsy etsyshop crystal healing candle

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Comment from oceansoul_wisdom:

~~ Daily Wisdom ~~ 💕💕💕 Cosmic (Universal) Consciousness ... Our minds look inside, at itself, instead of looking at outward appearances that distract us from the truth. When you experience the mind as consciousness, its also the element of knowing. Either the individual consciousness 1) has the ego dying then reborn as cosmic consciousness, or 2) expands to become cosmic consciousness. Its a soul pattern which is the developing portion of our nature; changing, growing, learning and uses free will to explore. Its able to bridge the spiritual and physical realms. This is your higher consciousness. ... wisdom dailywisdom universalconsciousness cosmicconsciousness lightworker paganism wicca spiritual spiritualawakening divination magick metaphysical tarotreadersofinstagram oraclereadersofinstagram witchesofinstagram tarotcommunity oraclecommunity

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Nathalie - Exploring&Expanding


Comment from Nathalie - Exploring&Expanding:

It's 3:30 am and I am still flying high from today's Metaphysical and Spiritual Show of Montreal organized by @crystal.dreams !! The energy was sooo high! Beautiful souls connected, some for the first time and others, loving the energy of being with like minds. The tribes came together. Exploring. Discovering. Healing. I was so grateful to meet the souls who visited us at the Therapeutic Touch Network of Quebec table and those accepting mini-sessions. Honestly, I was a little worried this morning as I had very little sleep and woke up feeling quite unrested. I meditated and connected with Source before leaving the house... thanking for the beautiful day, for the guidance throughout, and for the energy to get me through it with ease and grace, being able to serve those who needed it most. I had no idea how I was going to get through til 9 pm. I put my trust that all will be ok. I did drink my favourite energy fizz stick at lunch before my head nearly bobbed into my dish in exhaustion...lol. This beautiful soul you see me here with, made sure to nourish me before we left for an exciting day. I am grateful for her presence today, volunteering to be with me and manage the TTNQ table as I gave mini-sessions. As soon as we arrived at 4 pm, there was a wonderful flow of people. 3 hours later, we had a brief pause. It was my first time giving back-to-back sessions in such a short period of time. No wonder I am super high on energy! No longer was I tired after the 1st person! (Energy work is amazing!) My sis was able to speak to so many people I would have missed if she wasn't with me, as I would be in session. In a matter of 4 hours, we touched so many lives. Thank you sister! Thank you for giving your time, love, and compassion and for always being by my side and supporting me. What great connections were made! I appreciate you tremendously! I love you! 💗 beautiful grateful appreciative sisters sisterlove bonded heart soul iloveyou trust energy work healing balance relax therapeutictouch ttnq therapeutictouchnetworkofquebec dreams metaphysical spiritual show high vibrations frequency allunderoneroof energyfizz Arbonne getit gr8t

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N.D Risley


Comment from N.D Risley:

Tarot cards vs playing cards. deck artist mysticmessenger metaphysical reading supernatural truestory believe

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c r e a t i v e • c h i


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Turquoise Love! A master healer and powerful protector against environmental pollutants. It dispels negative energy, balances and aligns all the chakras, stabilises mood swings and instils inner calm. turquoise turquoisestone turquoiselove naturalturquoise turquoiseblue minerals gemstone gemstones beautifulnature mothernature beautiful healer healing healingtools metaphysical emf emfprotection chakra throatchakra energy balance

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Enigme Internationale


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Presenting @rijashargeel to showcase at PFW12 London @pfwlondon on 25-26 November 2017 at Hilton Hotel, Park Lane, London lovelondon ‎ goodvibes  esoteric  enlightenmentlifehack  mindful  peaceonearth  paradigmshift  lightworker  loveandlightmetaphysical  consciousness  awakening  spiritual  meditation  cosmos  serialtraveller  indigochild  lovelondon  thisislondon  thatsdarling  darlingmovementflashesofdelight  livethelittlethings  nothingisordinary  thehappynow  welltravelled  visualsoflife

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Yulia Hartono, Jr


Comment from Yulia Hartono, Jr:

Cards tell today Quand mon sentiment est bleu tout, ss Note: With tarot we will know everything we want to ask. Only $ 30 for 3 questions, whatever you want to ask. For 1 question $ 15. It's easy and fun to consult with me energy positiveenergy positivevibes balance goodvibes goals vibes motivation inspire inspiration fortune spiritual spirituality tarotcards tarot metaphysical oracledeck psychic future astrology instagood psychicreading yulliaharjr paranormal treatments aura healing prediction treatment dailytarot

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Wendy Mulder


Comment from Wendy Mulder:

Todays interactive reading reveal. Card no 1....Healer of the ages. Know that at the deepest level , an important healing is taking place . Card no 2 ...The garden and the gate. You have the choice to shift your focus,widen your spiritual perspective , and gain the world that is just outside your gate. Card no 3 ....All tied up. It's time to cut the vines and make some serious changes now.

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Roger Wardin


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_~_ now berlin art galaxy draft mirror mixedmedia conceptual artist moon fiasco art rogerwardin painting berlin contemporaryart berlinmitte galleryweekend quantenphysics metaphysical blacknwhite_perfectiont silence eternity metaphysical goldinstgram gold ocean johannwolfgangvongoethe sunshinecoast mountains art germanartist berlincity

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Erin Cant


Comment from Erin Cant:

Baby won’t you just kill your ego, just let it die. Just open your mind and see the beauty even when there is ugly. For we would have never known what beauty is with out the bad. X X X X X art visualart painting acrylic watercolor artist painter vancity goddess fashion photography photographer babe skullart love model media writer magazine illustration poem words northvancouver vancouver seattle spiritual meditation metaphysical

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Comment from Lionharts:

Guidance for day 20 of the November Tarot challenge. ❤ Wealth: How do I reach my Ten of Pentacles? 〰 "Love makes you the richest person in the world, no matter how poor you are." ~Matshona Dhliwayo 〰 The Ten of Pentacles represents completion, a final stage, a good home life, a lasting foundation or more permanent happy times with {extended} family. 〰 I didn't have more than one question when I shuffled my deck and I ended up with 5 cards telling a beautiful story from beginning to end, more about that at the end of my day. 〰 So for today be intuitively guided by your deck. If you have more questions after a drawn card, ask them and draw more cards. Or try draw more cards like I did and see what story is unfolding in front of you. 〰 Wishing you a blessed week. 🙏🏻 thenovembertarot truewealth

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