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Diana Yaquelin Barrero Malagon


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U.S Army Lovers 💗 Instagram


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For our final offering here’s a video recap of our American Samoa and Tonga trip. Let us know what you think in the comments, Mālō! Visit our unit Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/USCGCwalnut to watch the full two minute video! Thanks for hanging out with us this week! See you in paradise and ! FOLLOW @usarmy_lovers_insta for more ⬅⬅⬅ @usarmy_lovers_insta for more⬅⬅⬅ @usarmy_lovers_insta for more ⬅⬅⬅ . via: @uscg usarmyreserves usarmystrong usarmyreserve usarmycorpsofengineers usarmyveteran usarmyparka usarmyvet Army usarmyinfantry usarmysoldier usarmyveterans usarmyairforce usarmysoldiers usarmyspecialforces usairforce Military usnavy usairforcepride Soldiers rad usnavyseals marinescience USMilitary AmericanSoldier

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Free the Rainbow


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Russian Air Force


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SU35 Не забывайте подписываться на наш канал в телеграм, ссылка в описании su35RussianAirForceAirForceRussianArmyArmyRussiaRussianstyleRussiandesignAirforcelifeArmylifePlaneAircraftAirplaneAviationMilitaryВВСВВСРФВКСВКСРФВВСРоссииВКСРоссиАрмияРоссииАвиацияАрмияinstaaviationinstagramaviationfighterjetmilitaryjet

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Nanthas 🇲🇾 мальчик-нанта


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Massage therapist 🙌🏽


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Repost @markfingar ・・・ A towering P51D sits at the MAM, waiting on the afternoon event. aviationphotos pilotlife planeporn p51mustang militaryaviationmuseum military ww2 ww2airplanes

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Spirit of St. Louis


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Worldwide Military Pics || 9K


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Of the units above, which one is your favourite? Mine is SAS 🇬🇧 or KSK 🇩🇪 Respond in comments! 👇👇 ••• Picture: @globaloperationforces ••• wwa worldwidearmies worldwidearmy worldwide global military militarypics militarypictures militaryporn army armypics armypictures sf special forces specialforces infantry usmc navy af air force airforce ••• Follow the crew: @dutchmilitaryknows @army_heroes @operators_co @bestmilitary_soldiers @blackwolf_division @picturebataljon @korpsmariniersnld_ @northatlantic_military @europeanmilitaryhistory @worldwidesoldiers @go_snip_hubert @global.response.team @I cab

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Comment from MURDERERS.DE:

Max Daume (born April 10, 1894 Kostrzyn nad Odrą, died on March 7, 1947 in Warsaw) - high officer of the Nazi police and SS-Standartenführer, responsible for the massacre of Polish civilians in Wawer. Daume personally oversaw the massacre of Polish civilians in Wawer on December 27, 1939. Two German soldiers were shot on the previous day of two professional criminals. Daume ordered 120 men who lived in Wawer to be captured (only the way of repression depended on him). After completing the parody of the summary court and beating 114 men were sentenced to death. On the morning of December 27, they were taken in tens to the place of execution and executed. In total, 106 were killed (107 by the restaurateur Antoni Bartoszek, killed by hanging), the others managed to survive by simulating death. It was the first mass execution in and around Warsaw. The crime was loud not only in Poland, but also abroad. In 1944 Daume commanded the 58th SS Regiment. After the war, it was issued by the Allies to the Polish authorities. He was tried by the Supreme National Tribunal along with three other representatives of the Nazi authorities in Warsaw. The trial took place in the hall of the Polish Teachers' Union at ul. Smulikowskiego 6/8. On March 3, 1947, Daume was convicted of involvement in the Wawer murder to hang death. The sentence was executed 4 days later in the Mokotów prison.

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Equipe Jaguar de Airsoft


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Quando começar o jogo.. Pode ter certeza que já estaremos bem definidos quanto o direcionamento de cada um! 😈. airsoftbrasil airsoft airsoftgun airsofting gun military Jaguar equipe tactical airsoftworld brasil cuiaba invictus gegarmament invictusoutdoor airsoftobsessed airsoftwar airsoftpics

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Benny Gunawan


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Well done Mr Ponco... Welcome Mr Bayu... kopaska tni tnial military indomiliter indonesia tni_angkatanlaut banyuwangi komandan specialforces frogman drone aerialphotography djiphantom3 pandabangsat

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Andrew Duff


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Yasu DJ sk3 Shimada


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Kevin Alexander Nyberg


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Massage therapist 🙌🏽


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Let’s go party ⏬ Street photo coming soon...

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