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Ekin Akbaş Arpacı


Comment from Ekin Akbaş Arpacı:

☀️👆👌😍✌️ gün güzel geçsin💫 Yarın cmtsi dersi 👉10.30 🍀 Görüşmek üzere🌈 👆 @fitguidebyseba 😍😍😍 yetişkinbale adultballet adultballetbeginner movement body ballet dance stretch strenght balletworkout workout dans doğaçlama saglikliyasam omurgasağlığı bones muscle turnout explore hareket bale baledersi sağlıklabale heryaştaveheryerde yetiskinbale balefit üretimatölyesi karaköy istanbul ekinakbasarpaci

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Neil krausy


Comment from Neil krausy:

Smashing out a Friday Bar session down Mooloolaba, Reps & Sets with a 20kg vest, one of the toughest workouts I’ve done in a while.. cheers to @coensealey for the Gee up 🙌🏽 - - - - - - - - - - - muscleup cali fitness fit fitspo fitfam fitnessmotivation motivation train sunshinecoast frontlever aesthetics muscles abs bodyweight dedication fitnessmodel core getfit instagram instafit fitdad instagram gym training goals instagood movement fitnessfreak repsandsets

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Comment from Thobeka:

We had cereal for dinner - Iv always secretly looked up to Fred from the days as the Editor of Hype not knowing that I would land up in the land of content creating myself. Thanks for inviting us to cover something monumental to Hip Hop and the Young Black narrative in South Africa.. Salute Young King!!! Salute!!!! ______________________________________________ KeysOpenDoors BrkfstForDinner HipHop Culture Movement ShortFilm Music ContentCreation

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J A S M I N E . A P R I L


Comment from J A S M I N E . A P R I L:

Changing up the pace and music with @sacredearthmusic 🎶 💖this beautiful music has been helping me relax and quell fear and anxiety (as well as hooping of course) ❤️ thankful hooplove slowflow hoopflow . . . . . breathe slowdown relax hooplah hooplovers hooptherapy hoopersofinstagram selfcare hulahoop hoopingheals movement moveyourbody chillout becalm staystrong

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DKC Kabupaten Bogor


Comment from DKC Kabupaten Bogor:

Keseruan Peserta Orientasi Kepanduan Bagi Pemuda Tahun 2017 kini sudah diujung acara. Semangat para Anggota Pramuka Kabupaten Bogor masing-masing diwakili oleh 2 anggota pramuka menjadi saksi semangat untuk mereka yang telah mendapatkan Kursus Instruktur Muda dari Pusdiklatcab Kabupaten Bogor. Semoga apa yang didapat sebagai kemampuan kakak dalam pengabdian. Sampai ketemu di lain waktu para Instruktur Muda!!!!!!! ---------- 21-24 November 2017 Lokasi : Hotel Pesona Anggraini - Cisarua scoutmovemen gerakanpramuka pramuka pramukaindonesia catatanpramuka scout diaryjournalist scouting diarypramuka indonesia timeplease scoutpotraiture scoutjournalist scoutlook ISJinfo potraiture journalist pramukaupdate journalist journalism berita news foto picture wosm movement ‌ISJ

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AeroTraining Sydney 🇮🇹🇦🇺


Comment from AeroTraining Sydney 🇮🇹🇦🇺:

flying pigeon stretching elastic theraband antigravityfitness chakra fitness gym antigravityyoga instagram instayoga breathingexercises holistic movement workout personaltrainer darlinghurst privateclass women training sydney australia circus style instagood instafit yoga exercise creative

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Comment from H E I D I R A S H A D:

Crayon observational drawing hyperlapse. observational oilpastel figure drawing —>> fashiondrawing sketch quicksketch process fashionoftheday movement crayonart pose instadaily picoftheday pictureoftheday fashionillustration drawing vcu vcuq

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Comment from Mélissa:

CHAIR - FOOTWORK series - Single leg toes wundachair 🚨🎥🔜😉 • pilatesexercisemovementmusclesabsstrengthpilatesinstructortrainingbodyworkoutpowercorepilatesgirlpilateslondonilovepilatesactivewearfashionmotivationfitgirlpilatesloversdeterminationinstafitfitfamstrongloveyourbodyinstagoodinstadailypicoftheday

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Stefan Els


Comment from Stefan Els:

The new Neuromechanics Unit, positioned within the Central Analytical Facilities (CAF), offers advancements in methods of optimising and sustaining physical performance. With equipment unique in South Africa, a variety of different sensor systems can be integrated for both indoor and outdoor data. Full story in Matieland magazine: http://www.sun.ac.za/english/matieland/ @stellenboschuni @profotoglobal @profotoza Profoto OCF b1 sport hockey astro ball stick physical preformance sensor camera capture movement play sunshine excercise stellenbosch @official @sboschsa @life

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Comment from flyest:

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sub RAT magazine


Comment from sub RAT magazine:

"Capturing the Film Strip" Ph. Angi Kim, Brooklyn 2017 featuring Farquis // Hannah Amelia🚬 • • • • newyork newmediums energy movement film filmography photography nyc localsonly newyorkart prints brookyln magsmagmags filmstrip polaroids friends thanksgiving happythanksgiving loveeachother subratmag

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Enzo Boffa Danceur


Comment from Enzo Boffa Danceur:

Merci @sabrinalonis pour ce beau partage ❤️ Plein d'autres performances de fou à ne pas rater sur la page YouTube de @sabrinalonis 💥 A: @choreia_art_studio ☝ Song: @kygomusic "stargazing" 👋🏽 sabrinalonis teamsabrinalonis danse dance lyrical boy performance plaisir fun lifestyle love passion danseur technique challenge solo costal sauts tours adidas emotion feelings breath work express movement plaisir @adidasoriginals

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Conor McGregor Fan Page😼👑


Comment from Conor McGregor Fan Page😼👑:

☘️THIS IS ☘️THE MAC LIFE ☘️THE King Life @thenotoriousmma @deedevlin1 Следите за последними новостями в моей группе @thenotoriousmmaface @mcgregormmaface Только Конор Макгрегор 😼👑🇮🇪 ——————————————————– 🐾ПОДПИСЫВАЙТЕСЬ 🐾ОТМЕЧАЙТЕ СВОИХ ДРУЗЕЙ 🐾FOLLOW US 🐾TAG YOUR FRIENDS ☘️ ☘️ ☘️ conormcgregor конормакгрегор ufc martialarts fight fighters TheMacLife thenotorious irish ireland russia warmingup traning workout mma wrestling wwe bellator instalike video box boxing kickboxing kick vines sport ready movement menshealthfloydmayweather

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Janne Maijala


Comment from Janne Maijala:

Unidentified object vol. 2 ontheroad forest movement light suomi100

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Kenny Tripp


Comment from Kenny Tripp:

"Every second gone " " 9S3 " you'll know more In time movement nightlights block roadside

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Comment from CiroM.PersonalTrainingStudio:

--- OTTIMIZZARE I TEMPI - Stamattina breve ma intensa seduta d'allenamento di 30'. Circuito con giubbotto zavorrato di 10kg. ➡️Se vuoi davvero qualcosa non trovi scuse, ma il modo per farlo. fitnessworkoutpersonaltrainerpersonaltrainingpersonaltrainingstudiosalernofunctionaltraininginstafitinstafitnesswellnesslifewellnessgymfitkettlebelltrainingkettlebellbenesseresalutemovimentsportsportssportzlifeabsmovement

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Caleb Montgomery


Comment from Caleb Montgomery:

Last wensdays sesh . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . parkour freerunning freerun movement sport storror planetx flips ffma prkr tempest fail parkourfail adobe premierpro parkourjam flippingfeed sydneyparkour parkourSydney . @louisejess @tenzyon_ @jared.abbott

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Laura Seaside


Comment from Laura Seaside:

. Hay un momento en nuestras vidas en que decidimos proteger todo lo que no nos gusta con hielo, ignorándolo bajo cero, sin saber que enfriando lo mantenemos todo de manera intacta. Es el archivo fatal, el que aparece invulnerable para hacernos vulnerables con los años. Una canción a destiempo destroza. Una palabra también. . Màxim Huerta

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QLD Kettlebells


Comment from QLD Kettlebells:

Time to 'press' reset? (Pun intended) You still have the opportunity to sign up for the Original Strength - Pressing Reset workshop on Dec 2 - LINK IN BIO ☝🏽 ⭕️ For humans that breathe, athletes, powerlifters, coaches, runners & gym-goers ⭕️ Learn the fundamentals of how your body was made to move ⭕️ Get an understanding of how important reflexive strength is ⭕️ Learn how to help others improve their strength and training

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Hedda Hallberg


Comment from Hedda Hallberg:

Dropping it like it’s hot with some reverse tempo goblet squats. Changing my tempo around a little to put more stress on my quads in the concentric phase, so that once this never-ending gypsy phase I’m currently in is over and I’m back to training normally again, I’ll be better equipped to take on that 32 kg pistol squat futuregoals notlongnow

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