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Comment from Rukiya:

Finally got my first Monstera plant!!!! Thanks to this awesome little neighborhood nursery @gather_garden🌱🌱🌱 . . monsteramonday . . . . . . . . . plantsofinstagram cacti cactusclub houseplantclub succulents succ cactusplant landscaping urbanplants cityplants newplantlady plants prickly cactuspaddles houseplantdiary houseplant cactuslove myplantlovinghome newplantlady monstera monsteraplant monsteralove soulfood

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Comment from Rukiya:

It's been a good wknd. 6 new plants🌱👌🌱 . . succulentsunday . . . . . . . . . plantsofinstagram cacti cactusclub houseplantclub succulents succ cactusplant landscaping urbanplants cityplants newplantlady plants prickly cactuspaddles houseplantdiary houseplant cactuslove myplantlovinghome newplantlady succ succulentlover buylocal shoplocal shoprva rvagoods

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Comment from Amy:

Nature never ceases to amaze me! I stopped at the nursery today and came home with this AMAZING philodendron. Check my stories to see what else I brought home. ❤️ . . . . . . . . plantpostclub houseplantclub plantgang plantjoy myplantlovinghome variegatahaveit plantmama adoptaplant variegated philodendron plantandthrift plantshelfie plantshelfiesunday plantsmakepeoplehappy planttherapy succulenttherapy planstagram urbanjungle therealhouseplantsofinstagram greenyourfeed

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Comment from theturquoiseforest:

I’m so excited to finally be releasing this copper baby air plant pot (& sterling) tonight on my site at 7:30 pm EST🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿 bethereorbesquare • • • • • • plantnecklace ihavethisthingwithplants jungalow jungalowstyle turquoiseoverdiamonds turquoiseterritory mondayblues riojeweler silversmith urbanjungle dscolor urbanjunglebloggers abmlifeiscolorful queenofthenight airplant airplants makersgonnamake makers myplantlovinghome plantsmakemehappy crazyplantlady bohemianhome

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Michele Aka Ging


Comment from Michele Aka Ging:

I love everything about @thestationwpb but my fave thing might be those windows. Thank you to everyone who came out last night to support us. It was super fun. jackngingvintage

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Leigh Fager


Comment from Leigh Fager:

Dreaming about warmer weather & budding flowers 🌸 . Bedding is by @californiacottonhome 🙌🏼 discount code just for you guys in my bio! I linked @californiacottonhome there too ✌🏼lookatMEeclecticleigh

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Dawn Pearce


Comment from Dawn Pearce:

We got our new little sofa in today. Too bad it's dark out and snow clouds are looming as they pass over... Hard to get a good pic! Just killing time while awaiting my sister's arrival. The small storm delayed our Seattle drive, but the threat has passed and we'll be on our way soon.• • • • currentdesignsituation earthinspiredhome interiorboom deliciousdarkdecor myeclecticmix styleitdark styleithappy mybotanicalbungalow myoffcataloguehome walltowallstyle sassyhomestyle myhomevibe eclectichomemix jungalowstyle houseplantclub thepottedplant plantsmakepeoplehappy myplantlovinghome moreismoredecor finditstyleit foundandforaged howwedwell atmine houseandhome interior_and_living bohemianinterior realhomesmovement nestandthrive

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Chicks With Plants


Comment from Chicks With Plants:

Peace, Love & Cacti ✌🏻💚🌵 . . Who else is hangin with their fronds this week? Remember to keep tagging us! @kelli_e_collins is the hostess with the mosstest this week! 🌿🌿🌿 . . . 🌿🌿🌿 . Wanna play along? Tag photos of you and your plants chickswithplants . 🌱🌴🌵🌺🌸🌿 . Chick: @lizphoto Plant: compass barrel cactus & fronds Locale: City of 😇 . 🌺🌺🌺 . Follow your chickswithplants hosts for more Instagram goodness . @allsurreal @thethriftyhippie @the.hectic.eclectic @kelli_e_collins @thoughtfullythrifted . . urbanjunglebloggers pausewithplants jungalow plantaddict plantaddiction itsajungleinhere prickleandvine crazyplantlady houseplants houseplanthome houseplantclub indoorplants indoorplant planteriordesign plantifulabode boyswithplants plantsofinstagram plantmom portraitphotography girlswithplants interiorrewilding foundforaged indoorjungle plantsmakepeoplehappy houseplantsofinstagram plantsmakepeoplehappy plantgang myplantlovinghome greenthumb thepottedplant

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Home Decor Textiles


Comment from Home Decor Textiles:

Our hot favourite Suzanis are all posing for last photo in our studio before flying off to Spain and Argentina!! . Happy to find a new home for them! . . . . . . . jungalowstyle apartmenttherapy designspongehbmystyle homebeautiful homewithruesuzani bohoismyjambohodecor bohemiandecor bohohomebohemianhome bohoinspobohoinspiration bohemianinspogypsetstyle gypsydecor manifestingwanderlusters eclectichomeeclecticdecor homemagicurbanjunglebloggers houseplantclubmyplantlovinghome myhomevibebohemianmodernbohemechic bohemestyle

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Lara 🗽Bank And Bleeker


Comment from Lara 🗽Bank And Bleeker:

We got a fresh layer of snow yesterday. I decided to pick up some tulips to remind me that spring is still coming.🌱 🌹 ☀️ . . . . . Glass vase $36 plus s/h . . . . . www.bankandbleeker.etsy.com . . . . . showmeyourboho interiors howyouhome walltowallstyle showusyourhygge eclectichomemix myplantaesthetic howwedwell broughttoyoubythrifting earthinspiredhome houseplantclub planteriordesign mybohovibes stellarspaces myhomevibe pocketofmyhome boldbohemians thedecorsocial mycollecteddecor mybotanicalbungalow apartmenttherapy sodomino thenewbohemians thisiswhyithriftshopeveryday howyouthrift urbanjunglebloggers sodomino currentdesignsituation myplantlovinghome

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m e g h a n 🌿 wild repose


Comment from m e g h a n 🌿 wild repose:

can’t be mad when the sun shines on ya so perfectly ☀️bestseatinthehouse makeyourspacealive

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Comment from TAPESTRY SHOP:

Did anyone catch mafs last night? OMG it was epic!! Watching Dean squirm and try and wriggle out of his adultery with Davina was unmissable. 👀🍿👀🍿Davina has dodged a micro sized bullet...just sayin' 👉👌 . I loved everyone's reaction! Nasa was fuming 😤😤 I thought his head was going to explode. The experts were great...starring them down with eyes full of judgement. I can't wait for the next dinner party. It's going to kick off for sure 👏👏 . I know I know 🤷🤷 I should be better than this but what can I say... I like cheap TV 🙄 . . . . . howyouhome housebeautiful stylemyhomelikeaboss lovewheteyoudwell colourfulhome myhomevide walltowallstyle hometohave ambularinteriorsaintgotnothingonme homeiswheretheplantsare midcenturydecor myhomemashup shelfie myshelfie pocketofmyhome myplantlovinghome

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Comment from Ruth:

This is a throwback to when I used to put effort into my photos. (It’s been a while since my €2 peacock chair got a feature) . . . . cornerofmyhome pocketofmyhome modernboho darkboho showmeyourboho easyinterior howiboho mybohohome macramemakesit styleithappy irishinteriors irishblogger thisiswhyihavetothriftshopeveryday luxuryinteriorsonabudget deliciousdarkdecor mygorgeousgaff sassyhomestyle thethriftedthrone howivintage myhometrend eclectichome atmine myplantlovinghome houseplantclub urbanjunglebloggers howwedwell myhomevibe wickerwednesday acribofmyown bohoismyjam

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Comment from [🌵Chasity]:

Today you'll find me on that blue lounge, after I soak up all the steam in the sauna.💕The heating pad is already in place haha, I did something to my back yesterday & it is terrible, but also our goodwill had it's grand opening yesterday & I scored some sweet throws! So that helps a little. That Afghan throw is one of them, I love all of her colors!!! She fits right in! HAPPY Sunday party people!🌱🍃 . . . Don't forget to keep tagging mysouthwesternbohome to have a chance to be featured on all accounts @raddatattchazz @thriftedbohemian @stylebysouth guest host . . . . mysouthwesternbohome urbanjungalowbloggers houseplantclub plantsmakepeoplehappy planteriordesign plantgang southwesternboho bohoismyjam interiorstyling earthinspiredhome desertvibes mybotanicalbungalow apartmenttherapy myplantlovinghome imaplanthoarder thisiswhyihavetothriftshopeveryday mybohemianabode howyouthrift broughttoyoubythrifting raisethevibrashe homemagic myeclectichome showusyourhygge myeclecticmix bohoonthelowlow mycuratedaesthetic mybohoshelfie jungalowstyle boldbohemians

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Ginger Mills


Comment from Ginger Mills:

Clearing out one room for painting led me to get creative in another last night. 🌈📚🌿 . . Longtime book collecter here. A lot of home decor, lifestyle, biographies, some fashion. Cant stop me. 🙌🏻 My fake fireplace was thrifted and i glued river rock to it few years back to add some dimension and texture. Stay colorful, friends. . . . bookstagram booklover interiorstyling myeclecticmix eclectichomemix vintage howivintage broughtoyoubythrifting dopevintageshit acolorstory livecolorfully fleamarketdecor instagood plants boldbohemians myplantlovinghome styleithappy thisiswhyihavetothriftshopeveryday mybotanicalbungalow styleinspo interiors houseplants vintagedecor modernvictorian thriftedstyle hyggehome howihygge goodreads

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Comment from Суккуленты:

Спите, спите... Мы за вами наблюдаем😂🙊

2 Hours ago

🌵Vida - OC, California🌵


Comment from 🌵Vida - OC, California🌵:

First up on today’s (mile long 🤦🏽‍♀️😥) repotting list is this aeonium canariense virgineum. It’s been in water therapy from day 1 as a cutting, so... since November 25th. YIKES! Swipe to see its sidekick and also hot mess roots. badplantparent

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Comment from Sub_Folk_Collective:

Happy weekend everyone!! Been doing a little bit of work this weekend if a hit of styling hahaha with a lot of cleaning! Also last day to enter the Jord watch contest link on bio for more details hugs! 🖤🤠🖤

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Lilly Ortiz


Comment from Lilly Ortiz:

Pretty in Pink🌸 Happy Sunday!! . . Thank you so much for tagging boldbohemians, so many gorgeous pictures!! Please continue and follow all your hosts @hello_little_darling @plantandwander @whatever_happened_to_miss_wolf and myself 🙋🏽‍♀️ @lillithortiz, you could be the next boldbohemians this Tuesday 🌸 . . . boldbohemians pinkdecor howyouthrift howyouhome myeclecticmix gallerywall beautifullyboho livecolorfully myunicornlife colorsplash minhacasapop todacasatemumahistoria myplantlovinghome cactuslover floridahome cactuslife thriftedfinds mythriftedhome eclecticdecor thenewbohemians jungalowstyle

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Kate 🌵


Comment from Kate 🌵:

All of Marcie’s dreams have come true! We own a cactus taller than her!! 😊🌵💚

3 Hours ago