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Comment from Gayle:

I've been using doTERRA Essential Oils every day now for 8 weeks and I am consistently blown away by the benefits. There's no point in wishing I'd tried it earlier so instead I want to share my knowledge with you. Whether you're simply looking for natural scents to fill your home or you'd like to slowly empty your medicine cabinet and make up box of toxic chemicals. Replace them with pure goodness from Mother Nature. 🌼🌸 This workshop is via donation at the door. I truly believe everyone can benefit. If you never try, you'll never know. Sunday 12-4pm Michelle Ambrose Hair Studio, Cambuslang.

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Lucinda 🌸


Comment from Lucinda 🌸:

Anyone who's been wanting to get their hands on a diffuser, today is the perfect day to do it! All week doterra are doing BOGO(F) offers, and today when you buy a diffuser you will get Wild Orange and Cassia 15ml for free! While these offers are on, if you don't have an account I'm happy to pass my wholesale saving onto you and order for you. So let me know if you'd like this one. Wild Orange is incredibly relaxing and great for stress and anxiety. It's also a natural sedative and is lovely in water as an alternative to Lemon. Cassia is very similar to cinnamon and has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties, so perfect to diffuse this time of year to purify the air. Blended with the orange will make a perfect fruity Christmassy aroma 😍🍊🎄 If you would like me to order this for you it is £42.20 including your postage. To see the rest of the offers of the week join my fb group, link is in the bio xx

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Verissima Natural Skincare


Comment from Verissima Natural Skincare:

Custom orders. This was yesterday creating some Luve & Peace aftershave for Mike. The guy we mentioned in the previous post. This morning, the first email I opened was this. It's very humbling to hear these words from a customer from a few years ago....who had to try and find something else whilst we were resting 🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱 "....I've tried dozens of products from heaps of companies using natural ingredients but few compare with Verissima products in my experience....The Gardeners' Hand Cream is one of the few hand creams that I can really feel working after hours outdoors in the hot dry sun. And the Luve & Peace Aftershave is the best I've ever used!......And it's very refreshing to deal with a business that has a genuine strong ethical approach to the environment and many other issues. It's not just lip-service and PR! Thanks Nat, I'm happy to say that I love Verissima!" 🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱 Wohoooooooooo. That made my whole entire day awesome! . . customerlove feedback everyskinlovesverissima

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Rob Thomas


Comment from Rob Thomas:

SO MANY reasons people are turning to CBD to NATURALLY help improve their health and wellness... • pain (chronic & acute) • anxiety (PTSD, OCD, GAD, social anxiety) • acne • MS, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, cancer • Type 1 diabetes Get yours today by shooting us a message.

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Cara Warren-Smith


Comment from Cara Warren-Smith:

💥TODAYS BUY ONE GET ONE 💥 Buy one Petal Diffuser and get one 15ml Wild Orange and one 15ml Cassia oil for • This is a great offer for those people who want to add an extra diffuser into their home, or of course for those who are yet to get one. Diffusing Essential oils Essential oils can truly purify the air, dispel odors, relax the body and mind, enhance the immune system and clear the mind, as well as bring oxygen to the brain and improve memory and health. • 🍊Wild Orange is wonderful for stress and anxiety, and also has sedative properties. I call it Joy in a bottle. It is also amazing used in cooking and raw chocolate and you can make my favourite 'Jaffa Cake Bliss balls' • Cassia oil is similar to Cinnamon oil (in fact it is often used in Cinnamon based products, as it is cheaper to produce). It promotes healthy digestion when taken internally, supports healthy cardiovascular, metabolic, and immune function, and gives a warming and uplifting aroma! • If you have a wholesale account, jump in your back office and order TODAY as this deal will be gone tomorrow. If you don’t have a wholesale account, and for any more info please send me a private message! Or you can order here www.mydoterra.com/youlovehealth

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Comment from Mamas&oils:

Oh man today i such an awesome BOGO for day 3! We use arborvitae as a daily immune support and an amazing tool to have in our back pocket during cold and flu season. Known as the oil of divinity, this oil is said to help us draw closer to the Divine and you will often find it diffusing with Bergamot in our house. Holiday joy is so delicious smelling!! A combination of pine and cinnamon and vanilla scents it's the perfect Christmas 🎄 diffuser blends! If you want in on this amazing BOGO login to your wholesale account or message me to get set up. You can also click the link in the bio to get started as a wholesale member with either the membership or a 20% off kit that includes the membership so you can BOGO to your hearts content all week! heymamasandoils @gmail.com doterra essentialoils naturesmedicine naturalsolutions motherhood mommylife mommyof4 mommybiz momlife coldandflu holidays christmas bogos immunesupport thisishowwedoit

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TamTam Urr🍷


Comment from TamTam Urr🍷:

🌞 Flowers are my empowerers 🌻 . . . .fieldsofflowers doobiecontinued joint flowerpower botanical greenery vibes stateofmind weedporn potprincess cannabisculture travel getaway photography potprincess prettypotheads iwillmarrymary natureporn maryjanes majestic cannabiscommunity naturesmedicine earthlytreasures vibes yellow daisy summerloving smokeyourgreens

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The Nude Alchemist


Comment from The Nude Alchemist:

>>> BACK IN STOCK! <<<⠀ ⠀ All sizes of the Sun-Barrier Cream are now back instock, available online now! ⠀ ⠀ Available in samples, 45g and 100g.⠀ ⠀ No nasties, all-natural, organic and great for sensitive skin!⠀ ⠀ ....⠀ irritatedskin naturalskincare nzmade handcrafted smallbusinesswomen nzmumtrepreneur eczemababy organicskincare allnatural dryskinrelief plantbased plantmedicine naturesmedicine holisticwellness holistichealth nonasties nosteriods nochemicals sunscreen naturalsunscreen nonanoparticles mumlife naturalproduct naturesgifts nzsummer babysafe

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Comment from peacefulprincess420:

Throw back to the Ruins at night fall 🌙 . . . . . . ruins nightfall fall trees architecture landscape photography naturephotography architecturephotography androidphotography naturelovers urbanexploring adventure travel explore wanderlust beauty abandoned hike wellness weedstagram smokespot naturesmedicine mothernature 420

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tawny buck


Comment from tawny buck:

"The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don't go back to sleep." 💮 rumi goldenhour sunrise sagarmatha gokyo naturesmedicine

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Comment from IStower:

Beach therapy to balance mind body and soul lovethebeach balance naturesmedicine

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Mrs. Davenport


Comment from Mrs. Davenport:

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the real heal


Comment from the real heal:

This powerhouse trio of oils are amongst the first lot of oils I ever received and you can do so much with just these three! . LAVENDER 🌺 ✔️Diffuse or make a sleepy spray with water for a more restful sleep ✔️Combine with carrier oil for any skin issues - acne, cut, scratch, bruise, nappy rash, burn etc ✔️Few drops with epsom salts to relax, rejuvenate & unwind after a long day ✔️Pop a drop in your hands and inhale when feeling overwhelmed and stressed to help calm feelings of anxiety ✔️Add a few drops to the kids DIY play dough for therapeutic benefits whilst playing . LEMON 🍋 ✔️Soothe an irritated throat by applying topically or adding a drop to raw honey ✔️Diffuse to neutralise odours or add a drop to your washing to give it that fresh and clean smell ✔️Remove sticky labels or anything sticky really - even superglue on your hands! Just add a few drops directly to area, rub and watch it come right off ✔️Add 20 drops with water and vinegar to a spray bottle and voila! You have your very own All purpose cleaner ✔️Citrus oils are great mood boosters and promote cognitive ability so a great one to diffuse for a positive pick me up ✔️Add a drop to your water bottle (glass only) and enjoy its alkalising and detox properties . PEPPERMINT 🌿 ✔️Sore muscles and/or head tension? Combine with FCO and apply topically for the relief of tension ✔️SO GOOD in a batch of peppermint bliss balls 😋add 3-4 drops ✔️Feeling a little blocked - put 1 drop of the baby in the palm of your hand and inhale 😳 thank me later... great respiratory support ✔️Reflux? This was my life saver in pregnancy for my reflux 🙏🏼 1 drop on thumb presses to roof of mouth 🤗 ✔️Diffuse peppermint for that 3pm pick me up! Great when needing feelings of mental clarity and motivation . . . Seriously I could keep going and I haven’t even listen what you can use them for if you combined them! 😳These 3 oils together are your heaven sent relief from any seasonal allergies! Any sign of hay fever for me and these 3 just stop it in its tracks! . . Honestly if you always wanted to try oils but don’t know where to start? These 3 are a pretty epic little combo 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼lowtoxlife naturesmedicine rongoa

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Kiah Lykins


Comment from Kiah Lykins:

I was 13 when they prescribed me Lexapro. I had an anger problem and was diagnosed with a mild form of terrets. I was14 when they prescribed Zoloft, that same year I started smoking marijuana and six months later I decided to quit taking the prescription pills because I could feel and see the difference in my attitude/behavior after smoking. Marijuana works for me. 13 years later and it still does the job. inhalethegoodshitexhalethebullshit feels naturesmedicine regram . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . cannababe highlife cannabisculture litladies staylifted weedmaps hightimes leafly pinkhaze girlswhosmokeweed cannabis marijuana highsociety stonerchick stonernation cannabiscommunity sativa indica myfavoriteflower weedandwomen

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Comment from NappysGoneDabbin:

Follow these guys now This is probably the best Idea ever around Xmas for us parents who like to smoke 💨 💨 💨 @djdisspare @nmgiancola @204sabel_ Repost @festivelyfaded ( @get_repost) ・・・ It's here! The FestivelyFaded 12 Days of Kushmas Advent Calendar Giveaway!! In just a few days tickets will be ready for Canada's best Cannabis Advent Calendar. 12 Days of Christmas, and over 12 sponsored Cannabis products to enjoy from! 1. this picture. 2. Tag FestivelyFaded and follow @Festivelyfaded 3. Tag 3 friends (in your repost) YOUR PROFILE MUST BE PUBLIC! ANYONE IN CANADA CAN WIN! . . . . . HighGradeBc CannabisKing mjMedia dailydabsquad Tdcrep justblazeig weedreup Wesmokefire Togetherwegrow canadianstoners bakedinbc cannabisculture canadianhighgrade naturesmedicine edibles cloudsovercanada Highlife solventless cbd topshelflife medicated staylifted 710 dabbersdaily canadianhighgrade girlswhosmokeweed Hightimes cannabiscurescancer 420winnipeg

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Comment from Tanisia:

This year I committed to reducing chemicals and a cleaner lifestyle. No more commercial deodorant,lotion, facial moisturizer. This cold/flu season using natural remedies where possible. Just made a batch of Elderberry syrup to prevent and treat cold and flu symptoms. NaturesMedicine Wholeliving cleanliving Healthylifestyle

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The Artist & The Herbalist


Comment from The Artist & The Herbalist:

25% OFF SALE at the TEVA ROSE HERBS online shop! Time to stock up on your winter wellness necessities. Shop from our bestsellers: Elderberry Syrup, Immunity Tincture, Organic Herbal Tea Blends, Salves, Creams, Tinctures and MORE! Forget getting sick this year, keep your family's health in your own hands and be prepared this season! SHARE with those you 💚 www.etsy.com/shop/tevaroseherbs herbalmedicine winterwellness elderberrysyrup organichealth shoplocal knowyourmedicine organicherbs blackfriday sale immunesystem healing salve herbaltea loosetea facecream beardoil beardbalm coldcare flucare coldandflu naturesmedicine holistic naturalremedy anxiety stressrelief

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El Sol Labs


Comment from El Sol Labs:

Stop in Natures medicine Salida and pick up some El Sol Labs concentrate tins! salida salidacolorado naturesmedicine @salida shatter wax weed cannabis marijuana elsollabs el_sol_labs colorado dank fire dabs highlife

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El Sol Labs


Comment from El Sol Labs:

Stop in Natures medicine Salida and pick up some El Sol Labs concentrate tins! salida salidacolorado naturesmedicine @salida shatter wax weed cannabis marijuana elsollabs el_sol_labs colorado dank fire dabs highlife

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El Sol Labs


Comment from El Sol Labs:

Stop in Natures medicine Salida and pick up some El Sol Labs concentrate tins! salida salidacolorado naturesmedicine @salida shatter wax weed cannabis marijuana elsollabs el_sol_labs colorado dank fire dabs highlife

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