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Laura Fernandez Rossi


Comment from Laura Fernandez Rossi:

STOP BULLYING!!! No te pares a contemplar. Parate a proteger y a ayudar a las víctimas de este acoso y maltrato psicológico. Tu puedes marcar la diferencia. Piénsalo. inspirit inspireandbeinspired nobullies stopbullying protege ayuda personas ponleenergia perspectiva

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Lukas Cash


Comment from Lukas Cash:

Are you for or against bullying!? Check out what is happening on my standwithkeaton post from two days ago! LOOK AT THE COMMENTS. What do you think!?!?!? Write your comments and props to @ainslerjones single standing up. Wow! commentclub

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Lori Ann


Comment from Lori Ann:

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Comment from SHANIYA:

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Leah Michele


Comment from Leah Michele:

“There are three types of people in the world, there are sheep, wolves, and there are sheep dogs. Be the sheep dog.” idividuality nobullies bethechange bedifferent beyourself

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Benjamin Perri


Comment from Benjamin Perri:

"One's dignity may be assaulted, vandalized and cruelly mocked, but it can never be taken away unless it is surrendered." ~Michael J. Fox · · · I was bullied when I was in kindergarten and first grade. I was called names, like "Ben Gay" and "Ben Dover", until I was on the verge of tears, then was catcalled to the tune of "here comes the waterworks!!" Needless to say it wasn't fun. But, even though it hurt, and even though I cried, I never let it get in to my head. My parents told me it was being done to me because of the bullies shortcomings and not my own. I forgot it about, mostly, until my girlfriend's son got bullied at school. All my memories came rushing back. There are no places for bullies in this world. I hope that I can help from what I experienced and make him stronger. Because I know he is better than the bully already. · Anyone here have any experience with bullies, first-hand or otherwise?? · · · nobulliesallowed utah nationalpark americathebeautiful kanin bulliessuck fight rise archesnationalpark outdoors nature bluesky clouds choosemountains hiking trailrunning outdoorproject optoutside desert naturalbeauty nobullies standup walking adventurevisuals adventurethatislife 📸 by @jenniferburdette

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Fresno Pizza Factory


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Founder-The Unpretty Project🌹


Comment from Founder-The Unpretty Project🌹:

Good morning!!! Lundyn has her book and loves it. Go order yours!!! ISN’T REPRESENTATION POWERFUL???The link is in my bio🤗 author newauthor writer selfpublished childrensbooks childrensliterature childrensnovel fiction novelist bookshelves books fictionalcharacters middleschool school education tolerance frienship selfesteem bullyingawareness nobullies bullying 1000blackgirlbooks blackauthor blackgirlswrite blackgirlsread letgirlslearn bookworm ilovebooks childrenwithdisabilities cerebralpalsy 📚📚📚

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Huizi Yang


Comment from Huizi Yang:

“Your curiosity and kindness will overcome this moment and bring you many better days to come.” Ryan Seacrest staystrong keatonjones itgetsbetter nobullies

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🛐Ŵʏẓє↭♏ıяѧṅԀѧ∞™ 🚭 🇵🇷


Comment from 🛐Ŵʏẓє↭♏ıяѧṅԀѧ∞™ 🚭 🇵🇷:

BULLIES: pulling someone down will never help u reach the top, making someone feel worthless is not ok... degrading a person is not ok! humiliating a person is not ok! discriminating a person because of their skin color, sexual orientation, their beliefs or their dreams IS NOT OK!! words are so powerful, they can heal people but they can also scar, and break, and kill. so please pleaaaase choose your words wisely, and please stand up and speak up when you see somebody being abused... I believe we can make the world a better place if we choose to be kind to each other and speak up for each other. BULLIES KILL MILLIONS OF KIDS A YEAR. STAND UP. SPEAK OUT. let's take care of our youth.. they're the future....... we can do this together . LOVE ONLY nobully nobullies nomorehurt

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joshua page


Comment from joshua page:

Limitations are less a state of being, and more a state of thinking. I have huge respect for people who chase after the things they want despite whatever set of obstacles might be in the way. gogetter nolimits pursuitofperfection hickoryacademyofmartialarts hickorync karate selfdefense nobullies

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I Just Say No To Bullying


Comment from I Just Say No To Bullying:

Last week we were at Tarrant County College Stem Program's Stem Day! The students loved joining the movement and meeting Smarty Genius! Join our movement today at www.ijustsaynotobullying.com by purchasing a T-shirt and/or hat! AntiBullying DrugFree StopBullying Parenting TShirt Hat SeriousIssues NoBullying NoBullies SmartyGenius Moms Dads Kids JoinTheMovement IJustSayNoToBullying TarrantCountyCollege StemProgram

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Comment from majlinda🎀:

Teach them young and pray their hearts do not alter. 💙👏👐🙏 stopbullying enoughisenough antibullying nobullies nobullying ashawntydavis rosalieavila restinpeace sweetangels raiseaquietfinger 😂

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Comment from Nika💜:

Amen to that nobullies

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David Krakower


Comment from David Krakower:

The keatonjones story struck a chord with me. It tugged at my heartstrings. It brought me back to my own childhood, when I was bullied and beaten up and mocked and ridiculed and tormented and rejected. It made me, as a father, take stock of what my own teenage son might have to go through on a daily basis. Being bullied for being different is not ok. It’s never ok. We’re all different in some form or fashion. Our differences should be celebrated. Not mocked. If you’re being bullied in any way, please remember - you’re not the problem. The bullies are. Bullying comes in many forms - including in person and cyber bullying. And none of it is ok. If you’re being bullied, you can overcome it and become stronger because of it. Don’t let bullies win. Don’t let them take away the goodness in your heart. Overcome it. Persevere. And one day, you’ll be stronger for it. The more love we have in our hearts, the less power the bullies have. keatonjones endbullying nobullies trusttheprocess betterthanyesterday progressnotperfection iifym macros flexibledieting fitnessmotivation fitness gymjunkiesupplements gymjunkie instagood fitspo fitspiration ocb physiquecompetitor transformationtuesday

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John Murrell


Comment from John Murrell:

NO MORE BULLYING! To see the video go to @everything_tn How is this still going on in our society? As parents we need to teach our children that this will not be tolerated. nomorebullying childrenfirst nobullies

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Comment from Joseane:

Se vocês não assistiram ainda ao vídeo do Keaton Jones, assistam. É pra desmantelar mesmo! Pra ver se vocês param de ser uns babacas. No meu instagram, e na minha vida, tá cheio de gente esnobe. Falta humildade, falta respeito. Não vou nem falar de mim, do que eu passei, justamente por ser diferente dos demais. Só quero dizer que ser diferente não é um defeito, é uma dádiva. Depois que virei adulta, passei a ter ogulho por não ser igual a todo mundo. Eduquem seus filhos para não serem fdp, é só o que eu peço. Porque de fdp o mundo tá cheio. stopbullying standwtihkeaton nobullies iwillnotbesilent havecompassion morelove respect education

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Giovi Parisi


Comment from Giovi Parisi:

Mi si spezza il cuore davanti alla crudeltà dell’umanità 💔😔💪🏼 KeatonJones nobullismo mondomifaipaura nobullies supportkeatonjones ♥️

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BSIL Baltimore


Comment from BSIL Baltimore:

snowperson ❄️❄️❄️ creativekids artkids kindkids teachempathy advocacy personalresponsibility lovethem 💙🌍💥💛🌟❤️💫 If you’re looking for a secular, inclusive, nontraditional learning environment, visit Baltimore School of Independent Learners and Baltimore Homeschool Community Center. Find us on Facebook and Instagram. 1777 Reisterstown Rd. Suite 60 410-484-0130 makerspace 3dprinting academics clubs parties resources community inclusive secular nobullies kindnessmatters friends family nonprofit baltimore 👀

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Kit Huang


Comment from Kit Huang:

Me, as a kid that grew up being bullied from Elementary school all the way till High school, I totally get how you feel Keaton Jones, being nice or just being yourself does not mean people can do and say whatever they want to you. I’ve learned how to deal with it after age of 17, hope you can get stronger ASAP. nobullies

17 Hours ago