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Comment from 4ME G O S P E L:

Il n'y a pas de nationalité ni de statut au GOSPEL EN KARUKERA @gekfestival . On est tous ensemble en coulisse à echanger, coordonnées, anecdotes sur nos vies, rires, encouragements, conseils, fruits. C est bon ça! @ronnetteharrison @missedou @claryss971 @godsyg together nodifference gospel laugh

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Mikko Kangas


Comment from Mikko Kangas:

suzuki gsx 1400 k2 usd yoshimura kesä summer vaiolikose talvi winter nodifference blueandwhite snow joko pitäs piikit laittaa alle vieläjonainvuonna

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IPCH World Championship 2018


Comment from IPCH World Championship 2018:

🇬🇧The only boundaries we like in powerchair hockey are the ones around the field. No limits of age, sex or disability in this sport!🚹🚺♿ Do you know something more inclusive then this? Help us sharing our world with you friends! 🇮🇹 Non amiamo porci limiti nel powerchair hockey. Un'unica categoria per tutti, qualunque sia la tua età, il tuo sesso o la tua disabilità!🚹🚺♿ Aiutci a condividere con i tuoi amici lo sport più inclusivo che ci sia! sport life asneverbefore tips curiosities powerchairhockey powerhockey powerchair hockey floorball worldchampionship worldchamps italy2018 love passion training matches stick player play together help team squad squadra teammates nodifference noboundries nolimits together inclusion

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Perfection of Arts


Comment from Perfection of Arts:

Drew a kangaroo, tried out new pen: Herlitz Scolair HB, FSC Edition. Very happy with the result, nearly like a photo. draw drawing drawings paint painting paintings beautiful art arts artist cool nice unbelieveble amazing fantastic animal kangaroo photography photo ultrarealistic realistic black nodifference

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Palestine ❤ ✌ Stay Human


Comment from Palestine ❤ ✌ Stay Human:

History repeats itself 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸 @palestine_freedom_project savejerusalem savealaqsa weareallpalestinians nodifference humanrights freepalestine freegaza nethanyahuwarcriminal boycottisrahell boycottusa israelwarcriminal fucktrump wakeupworld jerusalempalestinecapital

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Alessia Perroni


Comment from Alessia Perroni:

Non vedo poi così tante differenze😂♥️ throwback nodifference ilovemybrother cryalep.

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Cr Nicu


Comment from Cr Nicu:

We are all the Same travel country drawing allsame nodifference

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Buse Tunç


Comment from Buse Tunç:

ikiz twins nodifference sizce ben hangisiyim?😂

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Doris Koinig


Comment from Doris Koinig:

tierliebe speziesismus tierfreund hund dog kälbchen kuh calf cow haustier pets nodifference mitgefühl empathie nachdenken vegan veganwerdenwaslosdigga babycow cruelty keinunterschied hündchen

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Stéphanie Greslard


Comment from Stéphanie Greslard:

Nous adaptons les produits à vos besoins ! Ici : confection d'une poche pour prothèse mammaire... lingerie jeveuxdelalingeriecommetoutlemonde adaptation nodifference amiens styliste laclienteestreine

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Comment from MK:

Adopt.. Don't shop. This feels like it should go without saying yet people are still supporting puppy mills and horrible breeding practices. Because you choose to get your "brand new" puppy for whatever stupid reasons you convince yourself of, other dogs die. If you can live with puppers looking like how they do on the left while you go out and get a breeder or store puppy... you don't deserve to have a dog in the first place. There are millions and millions of dogs without homes, each one offering lifelong gratitude and endless love as a thank you for bringing them to your home. I can't wait to have a huge farm where I can take in hundreds of rescued animals and give them lots of love and food and toys. Go on google or YouTube and take a look at the practices I mentioned earlier... and grow a heart ❤️

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Comment from S I M I X:

The new Italian way to enjoy the classic "Aperitivo" with it's own style, passion and personality. SIMIX, INVENTED FOR YOU. alcoholic and nonalcoholic aperitif nodifference same taste same look luxurylife driver norestrictions nolimit simix delicious drink unique special highquality italian passion enjoy life aperitif made in italy goodfeeling comingsoon2018

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Comment from Ky.:

„I‘m only human - just like u. Making my mistakes - oh if u only knew!“ 🖤 truestory weareallthesamenodifferenceloveyourselfbeyourselfpotdtuesdaymoodinspired

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ross charles


Comment from ross charles:

grey gardens by Ross Charles

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Comment from ch_chyou:

是啊,我在洗版😂 我hen喜歡這次的封面設計😍 海報是還好而已(不喜歡折疊) . story thief mylove love music taiwanmusic emi enjoy enjoylife amei amit nodifference pride star popstar taiwan diva 張惠妹 阿妹 阿密特 愛 cover coverdesign design posts cd singer queen asiaqueen

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Comment from BTS TAEKOOK / VKOOK:

Q: 2016 or 2017? I see no difference 👀❤ Vkook at Melon Music Awards (MMA) 2016 & 2017 ————— TYSM for 27,3k followers 😘 ————— Tag your friends ^^ ————— Admin: @kookies.taetae Follow: @jungkook_receh (ma bestie❤) . Comment below 👇💬

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R’Emy Ni Sens


Comment from R’Emy Ni Sens:

Le monde devrait être à l’image de ce champ de vaches ...... un subtil mélange d’origines et de couleurs dans un climat de paix et d’harmonie ....... countrycountrysidepeacenotwarnocolorsnoreligionnodifferenceworldpeopleoftheworldcowbeautifullpicofthedaypicturepictureofthedaylandscapeinstagoodinstagraminstagrameranimalsloveigersigersfranceigersariegeonedayontheroadphotographyphotograph

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Artur Mancano


Comment from Artur Mancano:

madagascar travel people africa happy nodifference kids nature beautiful picoftheday smile aroundtheworldwildplaces

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Comment from S I M I X:

SIMIX is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself and especially to feel, or not feel. Whatever you happen to be feeling at any moment is fine with it. That’s what real amounts to letting a person be what he really is. SIMIX, BE YOURSELF alcohol and nonalcohol aperitif nodifference pureclass tasteful lifestyle luxury specialized aperitivo aperitivoitaliano madeinitaly madewithlove delicious summer simix

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Comment from S I M I X:

The time of drinking has changed. SIMIX developed a brand new concept of "Italian Aperitivo" that makes your time together even more special. Feel the same taste in completely differend drinks. ALCOHOLIC OR NOT, BELIEVE IN YOUR TASTE. AURORA • Yuzu-Peach An exotic taste made out of italian passion. alcoholic and nonalcoholic aperitif exoticnodifference with italian feeling fruits simix aurora lifestyle taste delicious luxurylife madeinitaly enjoy exclusive lounge bar restauran rooftop italy summer feeling comingsoon2018

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