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Kristel Maamägi


Comment from Kristel Maamägi:

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Malerie Merino


Comment from Malerie Merino:

MOM BREAK... getting my sanity back. I️ just need a few minutes alone of quite to get my mind right. Away from everything and everybody. Getting my thoughts together or just closing my eyes clearing my mind. My normal place to escape is usually the restroom I️ can sit in there peacefully until they come banging on the door “ MOM, MOM MOM !” And then it’s over, back to reality mom mode What or where is your escape place? I’d like to hear...

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Comment from Yaroslav_Oleynik:

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Comment from Hatter:

Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly. selfie gay instagay instagays australian lgbt spider brooch costumejewellery normal gothic victorian mirror charlesaddams

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KlinikMühendis ClinicEngineer


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Random Jess


Comment from Random Jess:

No snap chat filter can hide how touched out I feel today... Like curl up in a dark corner crying touched out. 😞 For anyone who doesn't know what touched out means, it's basically it's hitting the point where you cannot handle being touched even once more by your kids. Being touched out for me is feeling borderline panic attack just from the threat of being touched and having mini panic attacks with some full out ones thrown into the mix whenever the kids touch me again. The being touched applies to everyone too. Not just the kids when feeling touched out happens. Occasionally, it even results in me snapping at my husband when he comes in for normal displays of affection that he gives me daily. It sucks... It's not fun... But one thing I will say to my fellow parents out there, it is very normal! Don't feel ashamed of it and make sure to talk about it. Sometimes even a bit of validation from a fellow parent about the feeling helps take the edge off the touched out feeling. Also, take care of yourself! If you need to pass off the kids to someone so you can breathe for five minutes, do it! Quiet time in their rooms also helps me a bit. ❤️ randomjess momlife parents parenting touchedout normal mentalhealth mentalhealthawareness deepbreaths deepbreathsmama panicattack welcometomylife welcometomymind

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Be Strong Gym


Comment from Be Strong Gym:

Be Strong braved the weather to complete the 2017 REPS RUCK RUN to benefit veterans in need. We had over 1,000 pounds of canned goods donated by Be Strong members for the third year in a row! All food donations will go to assist families in need this holiday season. Be Strong defended their title for having the heaviest weight rucked by both male and female again this year!!! Be Proud to Be Strong.

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Ashley Malloy


Comment from Ashley Malloy:

Stocking up for @deleetrees_bakery thanksgiving market! normal wegetweirdlooks groceryshopping saturdaychaos

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Where Nutrition Meets Success


Comment from Where Nutrition Meets Success:

So so soooo proud of my babygirl Daphne “Its getting Hot in Here” is righhhttt!!😆😛 Normal . Guys checkout these badass results YES! With Herbalife ONLY no working out because she just had a baby. Who said mommy’s can’t SnapBack Quick?!🔥🔥🔥 She used Herbalife before, during and after having her baby NoExcuses it’s all about NUTRITION for mommy and baby (different meal plan than weight loss plan) . To Get started on your results today DM US!

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Edward Varló


Comment from Edward Varló:

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Friederike Tee


Comment from Friederike Tee:

My "wake up at 3-5am" plan finally works...on a Sunday morning 😂😂✌️ Anyway, it finally works ✌️ Working for waking up at 3am ✌️ 19112017 Goalachieved Normal

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Cathy Ray


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Dr.Yavuz UĞUR


Comment from Dr.Yavuz UĞUR:

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George Ivanov


Comment from George Ivanov:

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Theo Karantoniou


Comment from Theo Karantoniou:

normal ok

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Johanna Korhonen


Comment from Johanna Korhonen:

I always thought my eyes were weird but then I realised that hazel eyes were a thing and I'm not the only one who's eyes change colour in the sun! 🌞 yaaaas normal winning hazeleyes sunshine nomakeup lazyday

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Comment from claudia:

Ceva foarte normal

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Franco Sebastian Gutierrez


Comment from Franco Sebastian Gutierrez:

Heladoooo PosViaje con los pekes del Normal & Diaz 🤙Egresados2017 QueNoSeCorte ☺ @lautaro_arandaa

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Jörg Freyer


Comment from Jörg Freyer:

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Dallas Stanfield


Comment from Dallas Stanfield:

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