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Scott-Sports Pachuca


Comment from Scott-Sports Pachuca:

La navidad ya está aquí... y nuestro amigo Yuri se une a la familia Scott con esta Genius 750 2018 con upgrade en @fox, felicidades!! scottsportspachuca somosscott noshortcuts scottgenius

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Quality Trail Building


Comment from Quality Trail Building:

The molecule of life, keeping your trails tacky since the beginning of time! dontridedry

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Flavio Catarucci


Comment from Flavio Catarucci:

Agora o negocio ficou sério: Parceria com o 🔝COACH @andrebiker Lema agora é FOCO e DETERMINAÇÃO @praquempedala @shimanobrasil @vzanbr @mtbcolombia @ondepedalar @oakleybr @pedalandovida @bicicletanocaminho @gopro @clickbikesbrasil @scottcalicol @pedalabrasil @catlikebrasil @stravaclub @borapedalar @eusouciclista @mtbbrasil @bikeexperience noshortcuts momentovzan momentoscott respeitopelabike bicicleta bike scott bikepontocom loves_scott_bikes cycling eusoushimano mtbcolombia bikeciclesjc road ridebikebrasil pedallivrefotos mtb bbt bikelove nopedal geralnopedal mundociclismo borapedalar estacaomtb praquempedala foxmtb mundodasbikes mundodasmagrelas respirofotografia

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Comment from manoMarcosNero:

Volta nos cataventos (com muuuuuuito vento😜) @tom_1bike @lucas.moraes4086 @carlos3925 . . mtb mountainbike xc bike noshortcuts bikelife bikelove instabike biker bike_on_trails mtbrodapresa prefiropedalar lovemybike love_scott_bikes swiftcarbon myswiftbike cycling cyclist cyclinglife cyclingshots Instabicycle_feature lovecyclingtogether bike_life_free meupedal goodvibes pedalbrutooficial instagood TransitionTimes demonsaves

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ShondaRay Mitchell


Comment from ShondaRay Mitchell:

It's december13 I am almost halfway to my monthsgoal of 100miles ivegotthis nrc nikerunclub onestepatatime onemileatatime onestepcloser inittowinit challengingmyself pushinghard stayingstrong hardwork noshortcuts nopills noshots determination

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Comment from Bike4sanity:

Anson’s super stoked for the arrival of the new ESpark noshortcuts

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Comment from g2bike:

THREE left ...this beauty will be under the Christmas tree! 26 inch SCOTT Sports Scale Jr ! Get yours now these won’t last scotttoluvit scottscale noshortcuts g2bike @scottsports

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Sarah Reik


Comment from Sarah Reik:

“She didn’t quit when she was tired. She quit when she was done.” . When you’re dripping in sweat. When you’re muscles are screaming. That’s how you know it’s working. That doesn’t mean you stop. That means you keep going. . That’s how you get results. . athomeworkout noexcusesmom workoutmommy digdeeper bestself progressnotperfection cleanliving noshortcuts strongnotskinny momhustle momsohard getmotivated whatsyourmotivation healthylife singlemomma singlemomsclub singleparenting selflove embracethesuck toddlermom girlmom pnwmom girlmama ig_motherhood tiredasamother thebestisyettocome newbeginnings newyearnewme

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Comment from KellyDaniels:

Memories like this motivates me to keep pushing through this journey no matter how real the struggle is. She was a shy girl with low self esteem. She was lost & broken and didn't know which way to turn. She had big dreams and a heart of gold. She always gave good advice and loved helping others, but when it came to herself, she left herself on the back burner. She was happy with the ones she loves, but so much self hate towards herself it was unbearable. She began to think this was the normal for her and accepted things for the way they were. Deep down inside she wanted change, a way out to live a life she once thought she never deserved. Then one day she saw her SIGN, her way out and she couldn't believe her eyes. It was right here on Facebook that she has seen what she always been looking for. With a coaching opportunity that gave her the best workouts known to man, a job that has her continue to work on herself mentally and physically, a superfood blend packed full of nutrition to help her feel her very best, and the best support system ever. She didn't know at first that this was the very thing that would change her life forever, but it did and now she finally knows her worth and continues to build confidence and better herself daily. It takes failing, hard work, practice, determination, dedication, and personal development for self growth. She is not perfect, but she is a progress that will always reach new limits. She thought weight mattered and was a part of being successful, boy was she wrong. From 144 to 129 and back to 133 she learned that weight is just a number and has nothing to do with life's victories. She finally figured out, it's all about self love, confidence, strength, positive mindset, and just loving the skin you're in. Once she realized these things she can finally live out her dreams and be that girl that was hiding deep down inside. She has finally found her way. She wants to pay it forward and help YOU like the way she was helped. SHE IS UNLEASHED SHE IS FREE That she is ME and this is my story. - noexcusesmom fitmommy fitmominspire fitnesschick fitnessjunkie fitnessbeast mommastrong fitwife myfitnessjourney

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Emily Smith {Keitel}


Comment from Emily Smith {Keitel}:

If you're looking for LONG TERM healthy changes, coming together to create a LIFESTYLE, you're gonna have to STOP chasing short term "results". Exercise WORKS. Eating whole foods WORKS. Proper portions WORKS. Effort WORKS. Dedication WORKS. Consistency WORKS. Support groups WORK. Hard work WORKS. And, this woman right here is the epitome of all that. 80 days of hard work, dedication, consistency, & supporting others alongside her {and getting that same support right back} created these results! She is MY coach and a new mama too! She shed 20 pounds of postpartum weight & gained so much more than "just a toned body" as well. Yes, she has STRESSFUL, BUSY life, just like the rest of us. She exclusively breastfeeds, travels a lot, leads an elite & growing team, and is figuring out this mama gig as she's a first time mom to top it off. But... She DID IT anyway. and So. Can. You. I'm co-hosting a LAUNCH TEST GROUP for this 80 day program, and it's opening up THIS WEEK! {like right now!} The first few weeks of the group is INFORMATIVE, so if you'd like INFORMATION on this cutting-edge program, COMMENT below or MESSAGE me! 💪🏼 . . . hardwork dedication consistency noexcuses noshortcuts weightloss transformation 80days lifechanging investinyourself youareworthit livewithintention decidecommitsucceed healthandwellnesscoach nanny dogmom wife collegesweethearts marriedoneyear rescuedogfamily fitfam naturelovers iowanative coloradoliving denverlife FRIENDSfan progressive liberal gettingfit fitforlife

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Forida Akhtar


Comment from Forida Akhtar:

📍🇬🇧 Nothing is ever straightforward Or simple so... Live Work Create Life is a beautiful struggle If you make a mess Clean that shizz up There are no short cuts And if there are Then there are also consequences (streets of London graffiti snap) eastlondon towerhamlets bethnalgreen mileend bricklane bow victoriapark streetsoflondon graffiti streetart ilovestreetart live work create struggle rise noshortcuts workhard prayhard rightwaywrongway straightforward recreate build beautifulmess optimist mindsetgrowth wordporn foriwrites poetrylove streetphotography

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McLaren London


Comment from McLaren London:

McLaren London 🍃 💨 ~ Where would you take a ride in the open top??⬇️ ~ 👉 TAG a Friend that would want this ♥️ LIKE if You would own this ➕ Follow us @mclaren.london ================================= 📷 edited by @mclaren.london 🏅 created by @mclarenauto ……………………………………………………………………… @mclaren ……………………………………………………………………… dreamgarage p1 porsche 918 ferrari nodancingmonkey mudvillemotorcycles tcx hardenduro leattathlete rabaconda eclom cercedilla rideonscott noshortcuts alfredogomez gogomez p1 msop1 mso specialoperations qatar qatarcars liveupload p1gtr gtr londonamazing enzo hypercar

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Kristin Medina


Comment from Kristin Medina:

I'm still not where I want to be in my goals but I'm well on my way. Every day I get one step closer! everydayisastepcloser keepworking neverquit stillnoabsyet workinprogress patience noshortcuts personaltrainer teamwink

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Power Of Leverage BJJ


Comment from Power Of Leverage BJJ:

FASHION QUEEN. GREY. GREY. congrats greybelt levelingup hardwork payoff powerofleveragebjj bjj girls rock confidence noshortcuts greygrey girlpower mindset princess 10 eyeontheprize mentalfocus talent jjwl dream champion competitor

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Janina Kuzma


Comment from Janina Kuzma:

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Just Jenny from the block.


Comment from Just Jenny from the block.:

Bike all the km’s and get the wobble dee wobble legs beautifulbritishcolumbianoshortcuts

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Felipe Loureiro


Comment from Felipe Loureiro:

ride outsideisfree cycling wednesday sandiego fromwhereiride topicaledge scottsports breakawaytraining orangepower noshortcuts offseason winter betteryourbest sockdoping

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Comment from Brandon:

Vision 📌 . . . @jcyr412 📷 noshortcuts working fitness motivation workforit nohandouts ambitious hungry hardwork howbaddoyouwantit TeamGAT GATsport CompeteHarder

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Kyle Rich


Comment from Kyle Rich:

Auction I've been dreaming about different layouts for my Microspiral work. This is the first 4x4 infinity spiral. XXL. Massive 48mm cab and 7mm bail for all you science nerds. Aqua, Periwinkle and Poppy backed with Aqua. Opening bid any. $5 min increments and tag the person you out bid. +$3 domestic shipping, international available for a bit more. No BIN but a modest reserve is in place, I'll comment when it's met. Ends going once twice style when I call it tomorrow morning. Thanks for the support of my work. 🍻 Microspiral Circletech noshortcuts givethanks craftsmanship pendant pendants pendantsofig wearable wearables wearableart madeinoregon madeonearth headyart glass glassofig auction auctions glassauctions glassauction

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