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This is also good animalcollective aveytare pandabear geologist deakin purplebottle

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Comment from Dev:

This is good animalcollective aveytare pandabear geologist deakin feels

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Ale Haro


Comment from Ale Haro:

Este tbt es de mi último viaje a China donde visitamos el “Beijing Zoo”. No se si es pena o coraje, pero esta visita me abrió los ojos. Que egoístas podemos ser los humanos! Me prometí a mi misma nunca más apoyar a este tipo de atracciones a menos que sean sitios de rescate o reservas de animales donde los tengan bien y no en estas condiciones tan deplorables. Déjenme decirles que el Panda en este vídeo no se compara para nada con el elefante o el rinoceronte, quienes con las justas pueden moverse en ese cuadrado que tienen como casa. Decepcionante. Si alguien ha visitado este sitio va a entender de lo que estoy hablando 😕 . . pandahouse beijingzoo zoologicodebeijing china pandabear

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TopCat Nails


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bamboo panda topcatnails handpainted nailart nailartwow falsenails pandabear bamboo greennails stampingnailart

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Wade Made Creations


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Been working on some prototypes this week. This is the panda deck box in the larger size for sleeved cards. Who knows what the symbols mean? * * * * * panda giantpanda pandabear cardbox deck playingcards pokemoncardgame magicthegathering boardgames cardgames woodenbox artistic art woodworking etsyseller etsyshop xykit woodworker design prototype kickstarter cardcase games crowdfunding fun workfromhome woodbox wooden wip

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Comment from panda.lover.ig:

+) Follow me & Tag your Friends Good Job, Qi Xi!🐼😱😍 (The exercise is to practice panda’s hind legs to be ready for their mating! 😅😂 Do you know female pandas only being fertile a few days per year, so it's not easy to have a new baby panda!) Follow @panda.lover.ig * * Video by @panda.lover.ig style bear lover video songs desiigner funny iloves cub love

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Sátira López


Comment from Sátira López:

Tatuaje de panda bebé hecho para mi amiga de la infancia. mini tattoo ink dinamycink pandabear

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Tag a friend and share please👌 plz double tab if you love it . . via @panda_lovers_of_insta . . . panda pandathings pandabear ilovepandas bear animal fluffy cute pandalove pandalover iampanda pandacub baby babyanimal babyanimals pandaobsessed

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Comment from L🌙ANA • 🌹LIA:

"Il tuo cuore lo porto con me, lo porto nel mio cuore, non me ne divido mai, dove vado io, lo porto con me e vieni anche tu. Non voglio il mondo perchè il mio mondo più bello, più vero sei tu." . . panda pandabear pandalove panda🐼 pandapandapanda lovely goodwork handmade artigianoinfiera artigianato artigianoinfiera2017 artigiano ricamo ricamoamano elegance elegant couples milano milan milanomia atmosphere viaggiare km alltheworld tuttoilmondo people profumi sapori musica music

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kim coleman


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Just a kitten and his stuffed turtle panda pandabear kittensofinstagram catsofinstgram turtle mommasboy cuddlebuddies

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Lanie Perez


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PandaBear Eskimo Hailing Omg Freezing NoBueno LOL ChristmasShopping Boo-boo Love InstaGood InstaDaily EyesLipsFace nailswag lit fire

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I ❤️ Panda Bear 🐼


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☕🍵 If you want Coffee Mug, please check the link in my bio (profile) ➡ @pandabeargram 🎁Perfect gift for your family members and friends * 👕 Printed in the USA 👕 Worldwide shipping 📦 🌍 * 💯 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! * Click on the link in my bio (profile) to see the price,color,model and the sizes 👍 👫Love to tag? Please do!⤵ * * * * * pandatshirt pandatshirts pandatee pandashirt pandashirts pandatees pandastshirt pandastshirts pandastee pandasshirt pandasshirts pandastees beartshirt beartshirts beartee bearshirt bearshirts beartees panda pandas pandabear pandalove pandalover pandalife pandabears pandabearlove cutepanda bear

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Comment from 👩🏻‍💻writerbuffy🧜‍♀️:

I love all bears! blackbear brownbear grizzly polarbear pandabear sunbear slothbear moonbear spectacledbear spiritanimal tattoos norse viking ⚔️ ⚒ 🛡🏹 heathen ásatrú

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Panda Bear Lover


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👕 Grab your tshirt NOW by clicking the link in my bio (profile) ➡️ @panda._.bear_lover 👌🏻Choose your favorite designs 👌🏻Choose styles, colors, size 💳Secure Checkout via Paypal or Credit Card💳 🗽Printed in the USA 💯100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 🌟WE'LL PROCESS A REFUND OR EXCHANGE A NEW T-SHIRT IF YOU DON'T ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR PRINT 🎁 Perfect gift for your family members and friends. 🌎 International Shipping ✈ 👫 Buy 2 or more with friends and save on shipping ❤️ Love to tag? Please do!🤘🏻 tshirt tshirts tee shirt shirts tees stshirt stshirts stee sshirt sshirts stees beartshirt beartshirts beartee bearshirt bearshirts beartees s bear love lover life bears bearlove cute bear

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Derrick Stratton


Comment from Derrick Stratton:

Panda Bear Logo 🐼 - So many of my designs have been aggressive, here's a cute little bear! I hope you guys enjoy, I love him 😆 Check out how he was made with the Video Linked in My Bio ✍️

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Derrick Stratton


Comment from Derrick Stratton:

Fan of cute little bears? Me too haha 😆 Check out my new Panda Bear Logo and new instrumental! Full Video in my bio 👆😀 - - - logo logoart logoplace logoinspirations logoinspire designspiration gfxmob graphicgang vaniladesign illustrator illustration photoshop logodesign panda pandabear cartoon dasedesigns art graphicdesign Graphicroozane graphicdesignblg

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Comment from Evelin:

It's got cold all of a sudden, so I made tiny terror a snuggly cardigan by @elliedactyl with some adorable pandas from @capecastlecreations and lined it with teddy for an extra cozy factor. The floor looks like I've sheared a sheep though 😂😂🐼 The Pajamarama and Pandamonium round is now open at @capecastlecreations until 20/12/2017 with extended layaway options! elliecardigan sew sewing sewingforgirls toddlerfashion girlsclothing winter winterwear toasty pandamonium panda pandabear cottonlycra strikeoff seamstress fabric fabricaddict preorder pajamarama

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Valeria Marcenaro 🐾


Comment from Valeria Marcenaro 🐾:

Un osito de peluche the Taiwan 🎵🐼. christmastime pandabear xmasgifts

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cass winter


Comment from cass winter:

psychedelic colours art collage arielpink grizzlybear summer fleetfoxes beachhouse animalcollective macdemarco tysegall diiv pandabear flaminglips grammys radiohead kinggizzardandthelizardwizard artwork california cabins organic Norway

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Comment from Kierstin:

Unfortunately you still can’t adopt a real panda, but no worries, you can adopt this little guy 🐼🐼 -to purchase DM, or link in bio- www.kieriouscreations.etsy.com • • • • kieriouscreations panda ilovepandas pandaworld pandastuff pandasrock pandabear pandalove pandasrule pandabears pandapandapanda 🐼 pandastuff pandatoy stuffedanimals stuffedanimalsofinstagram crochetpanda crochetstuffedanimals crochetersofinstagram pandaplushie etsyshop etsyseller etsysellersofinstagram newmom newdad newbaby babygift amigurumi plushie

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