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NVS Glass


Comment from NVS Glass:

Up for auction on a previous post! Thank you for supporting my art! NVS NVSglass envious glass_of_ig pendant pendantsofig pendy headyart headyglass glassofig glassporn glass4sale glassforsale bestofglass oprahsbookclub dabbersofig dabbersdaily fume thousanddollarsmoke mycapsmovesomuchoilthewooksaregonnaprotest billiondollarsmoke johnblazeshit tracethis stayinyourlane auction glassauction

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Comment from justdewitglass:

Here’s a custom 🍕Pizza Pendy 🍕This was my first time ever making a pizza and I’m glad @onequarterveela gave me the opportunity to do so❤️Thanks for looking and have a great day everyone🙏🏼☺️justdewitglass glassofig initials glassforsale glassart headyglass pendant forsale pendantsforsale dabs dab dabbers dabber pizza dabbersdaily boro custom dabbers_united dabbers_unite necklaces dabberscommunity mini pendants glass pendy dabbersofig dabbing handmade pendants

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Omaha's Best Smoke Shop


Comment from Omaha's Best Smoke Shop:

Twisted heart drip pendy 😍 __________________________ Leavenworth Coughy Inc Https://Coughy.glass 402-913-0140 3170 Leavenworth St Suite B Omaha, NE 68105 _________________________ Leavenworth Coughy Omaha OmahaNebraska OmahaNE BellevueNE LincolnNE 402 420 710 68105 Dragon WeShouldSmoke HeadShop GlassPorn HeadyGlassForSale HeadyGlass Pendy GlassForSale BoroForSale DailyDabbers RAWRoller DabbersDaily DeadHeads DeadHead TobaccoUseOnly ☕

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Madeline Rile Smith


Comment from Madeline Rile Smith:

Swirling planet pendants, perfect for the outer space lover in your life! These are available and come on a necklace cord. DM me to order one! 🌍 🌓 🌏 madhotglass galaxy planet glassofig swirls glassgalaxy craft flamework flameworking boroofig boroforsale boro pendy glasspendant headyglass pendysofig pendantsofig heady glasslove glasscollector oprahsbookclub philly phillyglass handmade handmadegifts etsy wearableart jewelrygram glasslife

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Alex Uribe


Comment from Alex Uribe:

Jade clean cage pendant! (Nfs) handmade wearable art jade leaf carving doublesided heart pendy copper wirewrap custom wire wrap jewelry passionforthewire wirewrapsofig audesigns riojeweler 805 clean cage pendant nofilter

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Comment from Jim:

Love how fume implosions look pulled down. bowlspoonheady710420headyboroweedmarijuanadabswaxoilglassdesignglassblowingflameworkingrigbongglassforsaleglassdesigniwillmarrymaryweshouldsmoke heady headyglass pothashreeferrecyclerpendypendantliglongislandglass dryheaterz

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#InvestinHeadies💰Glass Gallery


Comment from #InvestinHeadies💰Glass Gallery:

2017 @j.suns_creations fumewag pendy AVAILABLE 🙌💎 DM for more info 📩 investinheadies

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McFly Glass


Comment from McFly Glass:

******AUCTION 970 of 2017******* From 🔥The Sacred Geometry Collection🔥 Featuring a Silver Coated vintage Celtic Knot Pendant/CarbCap🔥*****TAG THE PERSON YOU OUTBID WHEN PLACING HIGH BID‼️**▪️Auction Starts at $10, with MINIMUM Bid Increments of $10! ▪️Signed and Dated!!!▪️I will comment when Reserve is met!▪️BIN:$170▪️Ends TODAY at 8pm CST AT 8:01pm CST Auction is over!!!▪️Winner pays shipping and handling US $10, CAN $25!!! 👉👉👉👉Chains sold separately at www.sugarhillchains.com Tap link at top of page👈👈👈👈 AUCTION RULES- BE PAYPAL/VENMO READY! FAILURE TO PAY FOR WINNING BID WITHIN 24HRS OR RETRACTING ANY BID ONCE PLACED WILL GET YOU BLOCKED! BIDS ONLY! ALL SALES ARE FINAL, NO REFUNDS! GOOD LUCK!!! *******PLEASE TAG THE PERSON YOU OUTBID⬅️‼️‼️‼️******* mcflyglass atx headyauction dab wax errl art pendant clean pure carbcap topshelf 420 710 terps headyglass glassart pendantsofig badge handcrafted detail celticknot shatter fumed pendy sacredgeometry silver

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Hugh Canny


Comment from Hugh Canny:

Some color for everyone 🌞 This piece and several others are available and on sale for the holidays. Swing through the etsy shop to see what's around! Payment plans can be set up for all pieces - message me for info on that if you're interested. Use coupon code HOLIDAY20 to receive 20% off all rings and pendants ❤ Twistedupwraps.etsy.com

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Matthew Robert Bertelson


Comment from Matthew Robert Bertelson:

Go check out my boy @chadlewis.glass puttin out some fire pendys lately, this one I believe I got back in 2015 at sunfest. spacetech swirl stars oldie og glassart glass glassjewlery glasspendant pendant pendy NFS personalstash stayglassy Mr.B ⚡

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Illuzion Glass Galleries


Comment from Illuzion Glass Galleries:

Two amazing and unique styles of art put together to create a Gem ✨🔥 @jasonburruss Wire Wrapped Pendy available at our Denver location! Hit up Boulder & Omaha for more @jasonburruss 💛

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Smokey Bro's LLC


Comment from Smokey Bro's LLC:

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Comment from ZAM:

@averyyorkk X @zam_chaostheory 🌽👽🌽 Gator- Cob Tech set! 👽👽👽 🌽Classic Corncob Pipe 🌽Bubbler with sculpted extraterresrial 🌽Extraterrestrial head pendant 👽👽👽 Available as set and as intividuals, DM for info. averyyork gatortech corncobtech glassofig glassart glassset rig pendy headpendant classic remix collaboration style

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Travis Pavlacky


Comment from Travis Pavlacky:

Auction going on 2 posts back...thanks for looking!!! marge homer simpsons pipe pendy pendant pendent pendents pendants glassblower glasssculptor glassmaps bestofglass boroballers auction glassauction weed weedstagram rosin shatter dabs headyglass heady headyglass boro glass weed weedstagram

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Brad Carlisle


Comment from Brad Carlisle:

Baby dabling pendant. The smallest one I've managed to make thus far. bradcglass glassofig pendantsofig pendyporn pendy pendant glasspendant mini tiny creature eye tentacle 710

2 Hours ago

Jason Opal


Comment from Jason Opal:

(Swipe to see more!) -- Shungite talisman with flashy green Ethiopian Opal companion - Pendant wrapped in copper wire - Wonderful balance of masculinity and femininity ✴✴✴ A perfect way to wear Shungite and gain all of its EMF, Radiation, Toxicity protective powers; alongside the colorful, powerful, mystical, creative opal; A unique shielded talisman to display accross your chest ✴✴✴ Opal is filled with great green flash - Pendant has approx. 2in overall height - uncoated copper wire adds its own conductivity and power!! ✴✴✴ Will be up on CrystalDragonCaverns.com by this evening, or DM for direct purchase! -- Entire shop is 30% off (discount code: MyOpalShinesBright) OR choose to pay full price and have 50% of your purchase go directly to a small Guatemalan community in need of clean water access! (See ABOUT section of website for more details) -- Tons of Love to alllll!! Shungite Opal Pendy Talisman Protection Expression Healing CrystalPower CleanWater ShareAbundance Wholeness Balance

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Glass Art


Comment from Glass Art:

Got a few pendy pipes by @daveycakesglass for sale. 420 pendant bestbudssmokeshop daveycakes

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Marcus Trevaskis


Comment from Marcus Trevaskis:

Newest Melkglass pendy hanging on that @lb__creations wrap! Lookin all good, trying to be around your neck 🤤 First to say DIBS gets the pendy for $40 shipped 📢 slyme with illuminati goldandsilver glassofig dibs pendantsofig glasspendant boro glass fume fumed chaos glassforsale headyglass headyglassforsale pendy uvglass pendantsforsale handmadeisbetter supportlocal bestofglass boroforsale fumecrew silverfume glassfeatures

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Comment from SavDabby710:

Holy chop! This @rushglass rhino jammer never ceases to please! rhino 710 globfamilia headdyglass aguaazul cfl potion moodmat 3holediffy chop shred americanheadys pendy glassofig dabstagram dabsketball southpark beards beardsofinstagram beardporn

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Comment from Dacotah:

Put yo hands up if youre thankful as all hell that it's hump day! Little b-52 ocotpus pendy today, he's a fun guy. Wasn't happy with the bail being on his head so I made the rear two tentacles looped so I can put a chain through it. 😎 lilwandererglass glassart glassblowing lampwork lampworking boroglassart boro pendy pendysofig artofglass artofinstagram octopus

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