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Credit:dailylapis . . . . . [Tags] cartooncartoonnetworkstevenuniverse su garnet amethyst pearl steven peridot lapis lapislazuli lapidot crystalgems ruby sapphire yellowdiamond pinkdiamondbluediamond jasper opal sardonyx connie stevonnie rosequartz amethystsugarnetsu lapidot stevensu homeworld smokyquartz

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Comment from AFJO:

How vibrant is this natural Peridot?? It always makes me think of spring and new grass. This gorgeous ring is part of my new branded collection, and is also available in blue topaz, and amethyst too. It has a split band so it can expand to pretty much fit everyone! sterlingsilver silverjewellery silverrings nolead nonickel AFJO peridot

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Comment from Yea:

Really quick i wanna talk about mindful education. So garnet says to show them how to not let their feelings get to them she'll need stevonnie, but why? The only one that was shown having emotional problems in the beginning of the episode was connie, so they could have simply just done the song with connie but why was Steven there i can think of a few reasons, 1) have you noticed they basically dont show anything if Steven isn't there so they just needed them there to show the song. 2) it could be ab excuse to make stevonnie have a song. 3) garnet actual used her future vision! So we see later after the whole garnet help thing steven sees the little butterfly showing he was going through something, so is it possible garnet knew Steven would have something going on emotionally so she brought him im it too. Sorry to waste everyones time [Credit: Steven universe] Tags: stevenuniverse peridot pearl lapis crystalgems su jasper

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you CLOD


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cubedcoconut the master of all artist just did the impossible he made STAR BUTTERFLY!!!!!!⭐️ (🎨to cubedcoconut) starvstheforcesofevil starbutterfly marcodiaz svtfoe starco toffee tomstar svtfoememes jannabanana janstar jarco disneyxd daronnefcy heckapoo stevenuniverse garnet amethyst pearl lapislazuli peridot adventuretime finnthehuman jakethedog gravityfalls

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Mamin safee (MsGems)


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Ruby Star (Double star) DI GESER Ruby ruby starruby rubystar6 rubystar12 rubyyystarrr starruby shapire ruby garnet peridot tourquise agate rubystar citrine amatyst safir srilanka europe US brazil MsGems

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peridot perisotsu stevenuniverse suart sufanart clod art artwork artworks artworks_artist draws drawing draw paint painting instaart instaartist artistsofig traditionalart dailyart linesartcorner

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•How About You Peri-Not•


Comment from •How About You Peri-Not•:

I found the most amazing bookshop today it was so good I started hyperventilating there were so many books and it had that really good bookshop smell and I swear it was like a fucking library it was like I'd died and gone to heaven my dumbass did spill Powerade all over the floor but hey no one saw so it didn't happen stevenuniverse su lapislazuli peridot lapidot lapisxperidot peridotstevenuniverse lapisstevenuniverse

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Precious Stone:Pana Pearl&gems


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Peridot 7.82cts very clean good luster free shipping to world wide 🌎 panapreciousperidotgreenburmagoldsmithhandmadedesignjewelleryjewelrydesignerwirewrapcraftsusaindiaaustralia austria tokyoeuropechina

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Shelby Rabara✨


Comment from Shelby Rabara✨:

Happy birthday to this beautiful woman! I love you so much, you are an absolute sweetheart and I hope you had the greatest birthday ever!🌺🌻💗💗💗 — Also yes I did crop Harry out in the first pic lmao. shelbyrabara katherinemcnamara harryshumjr peridot claryfray magnusbane stevenuniverse shadowhunters happybirthdaykat

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Emerald (now non canon)


Comment from Emerald (now non canon):

💚💜 credit to ( @swagethyst ) stevenuniverse su cute art drawing fandom ship amethyst anethystsu peridot peridotsu amedot lapidot pearlmethyst squaridot squaridotsu

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Curtis Rx Is My Queen


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Gn artsustevenuniverseperidotgemperidotsuperidotstevenuniverse

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Steven universe | Jade ♡


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Goodnight💕 • • Credit:Friendlycloudguy Source:Tumblr • • pinklarsstevenuniversepearlmethyststevenuniversepearlstevenuniverserosepadparadschasapphirepadsparadschastevenuniverserubyrebeccasugarstevenuniversesapphire stevenuniversepearlmethyststevenuniversepearlstevenuniverserosestevenuniversepadparadschasapphirepadsparadschastevenuniverserubyrebeccasugarstevenuniversesapphirestevonnieopalsustevenuniverseemeraldstevenuniveyellowdiamondpinkdiamondwhitediamondbluediamondperidotgarnetlapispearlamethyststevenuniversesularsadiesu

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Steven Universe 💕


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{credit: ruki-32} Fabulous . . . . . stevenuniverse sufandom crystalgems garnet amethyst pearl steven conniesu connverse babysteven yellowpearl bluepearl stevonnie peridot lapislazuli squaremom birdmom su pearlmethyst rupphire prose lion gregsu rosequartz bluediamondsu whitediamondsu pinkdiamondsu yellowdiamondsu stevenuniversefandom

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Pete berna


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Giving Thanks Sale 💎💎 The minis are going quickly! Take home any one for 100 Dm to claim yours!!

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moon girl ✨🌙✨


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From last new moon clearquartz chalcedony topaz fireopal ruby peridot moonstone lapislazuli sodalite emerald labradorite sapphire

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Jordan Wilkins


Comment from Jordan Wilkins:

2.80ct Bluish Green Congo Tourmaline Measures 8.5x8.5x6mm and is completely untreated. Has some light inclusions that are difficult to see with the naked eye and faces up very clean. This stone is available right now for $700 - lapidary customcutgemstone gem gemstone gems faceting faceter facet lapidary crystal gemcutter gemcutting cutgem gemdesign jewelry jewels jeweler sapphire spinel tanzanite peridot oregonsunstone sunstone morganite aquamarine topaz garnet tourmaline amethyst quartz

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a n g e l 🎈


Comment from a n g e l 🎈:

Hey Steven! 。★ 。★ 。★ 。 ——— 🎨 ~ singa2002 。★ 。★ 。★ 。 DM me for art removal! ——— sustevenuniverselapislazulilapislazuliperidot

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Comment from st33ven_universe:

Pearl+Lapis fusion!❤ (🎨 credit to kingkamochi) stevenuniverse su cartoon anime manga art italy stevenquartzuniverse gay likeforlike picoftheday love crystalgems instagram lgbt relationship kiss jasper cute lapis girl lapidot beautiful tag lesbian pearl garnet peridot amethyst memes

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ashley m. martinez 🤙🏼🎆


Comment from ashley m. martinez 🤙🏼🎆:

👀👀👀 @kellykirstein bby this giveaway is so good????? like... wow. honestly, congrats on 50k, you deserve it. I love your page & have been following since the olden days. this haul would be the epitome of all lapis hauls. it's like the one stop shop experience but for lapis. it would certainly make for a very gorgeous first cosplay so I can finally go to a con in style. anyways im excited, and hope i have a chance?? kellyk50k lapidot lapis peridot barnmates pumpkin

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Comment from 食べ物:

I don’t know the artist but I’m in love with this so much! lapislazuli stevenuniverse pearl garnet peridot amethyst crystalgems

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