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hey i'm faith, and he's bailey


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Went night riding with @aliemaee tonight🤗 • • horse horsesofistagram appendixhorse appendixquarterhorse quarterhorse americanquarterhorse aqha thoroughbred ottb sorrel chestnut gelding

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Justine Thompson


Comment from Justine Thompson:

Well wasn’t he a happy camper😂. Went to a movie tonight but it was too windy to ride anyways. Should be posting on my YouTube tomorrow! Hopefully real horsie related but not 100% sure - - - QOTD: Left or right barrel first? AOTD: I do both but I honestly like going to the left better. Even though I start my horses on the right - - __________________________ Tags: horsesquarterhorsebarrelhorsebarrelracingturnandburncanchasernebraskacanchasercjdenverfrostamitikarifuturenfrriderbarrelhorsetrainerbarelhorses

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Comment from equestriann.jamie:

Still lovin’ this picture❤️

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Blonde James Blonde


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We got comfortable with this one! Ended up standing inside it while I had a conversation with someone. trust obstacles Clinic horseplay tarpmonster tarpobstacles confidencebuilder horsesofinstagram quarterhorse palomino jbjourney

13 Minutes ago

Kyleigh Woods


Comment from Kyleigh Woods:

💙 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart 💙 • • • Throwback to last year running our fastest time together. It was the first race back since our Fallon Taylor clinic. Can't wait to get going again :)

16 Minutes ago

Jamie & Chrissy💖


Comment from Jamie & Chrissy💖:

"When u see bae hanging with some chick that u don't know. But you already hate her" -------------------------------------------- So the mare throwing the temper tantrum is named jasmine. She's a blue roan 9 year old 14.2 hand quarter horse. She had just gotten moved into the barn and apparently this is how she makes friends. Idk much about the paint but she and jasmine are good friends now. The bay is a 9 year old tb gelding. He is 17 hands.- jamie -------------------------------------------- "She doesn't even go here" - Dameon ---------------------------- horse pony horseback horsebackriding horses meangirls jamieandchrissy2017 mustang wildhorse breakinghorses mustangsarethebest quarterhorse tbhorse painthorse harderthenitlooks sohappy firsthorse postnotifications lit

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Horse 🐎 Lovers 💗


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PSL Stallion FUEGO FG owned & trained by Clémence Faivre Official © Sandra López II Tour in Spain by Equine Photography by Katarzyna Okrzesik-Mikołajek @cfaivrehorseshow 👥 ⤵ Double tap & tag your friend Love it 😉💖 Follow me :➡ @horse_lovers_insta For More 😉 . . . . 📷 Credit: @sandral_photography horse horses horsepower horsesofinstagram horseriding instahorse horsestagram horses_of_instagram instahorses ilovemyhorse horsebackriding horseshow quarterhorse horseshoe babyhorse horselove horseracing horselover horselife myhorse horsephotography horsey horseofinstagram horselovers HorseOfTheDay Outdoor OutDoors OutDoorLife horse_lovers_insta

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Kaleigh Gladney


Comment from Kaleigh Gladney:

Tried out a different arena today and Trazy seemed to really enjoy it! Can’t wait for Saturday💙💙 barrelracing iconoclastboots mare quarterhorse barrelhorse barrelrace

26 Minutes ago

Melissa Cobbs


Comment from Melissa Cobbs:

Sometimes you just gotta get out of town for a bit 🏃🏻‍♀️it's good to be back home though 🏡❤️

30 Minutes ago

Gambler & Allison


Comment from Gambler & Allison:

"And so I grew from colt to stallion, as wild and as reckless as thunder over the land. Racing with the eagle, soaring with the wind. Flying? There were times I believed I could." - Spirit • • Look at this almost 33 year old wild child go! 😉💙🐴 (Reposting from story.) horse horses quarterhorse qh Seeing him run around like this makes me so happy!

33 Minutes ago

Camille Cheng


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Kaleigh // Davinci 💞


Comment from Kaleigh // Davinci 💞:

Not a great picture but oh well 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

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Savannah Sevens Western Chic™


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“Dinner is poured” 🍻🌵 ilikethesoundofthat cactus newarrival savannah7s blackweek Just a few hours left of Today’s Haute Deal!! 15% off Graphic Tees with code: TEESTUESDAY

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⭐️Jess Wolf Hart⭐️


Comment from ⭐️Jess Wolf Hart⭐️:

This time last year a big change happened in my life and tonight time hop reminded me of that. Kind of ironic that I grabbed this shirt out of the drawer too! Last year I participated in a team wide fit camp with a new program that was MMA inspired. I had never really done any kick boxing or mixed martial arts but it seemed like it would be something different AND fun. It was harder than I expected and some days I defiantly wanted to quit! Some of the workouts were longer than 30 minutes, which I was use to with my previous programs. If it was not for the fit camp I don't think I would have showed up daily. Who knows! I might have even given up on myself (i had done that in the past) Thanks to the awesome ladies in the group, they helped me stay accountable. We shared recipes and our food plans to make sure we were all eating ENOUGH food. Crazy right....enough food to loose weight? I feel like that is an oxymoron in our minds. We were there for each other from the comforts of our own living rooms. We cheered each other on and it helped me complete the program! Plus I earned this awesome t-shirt! My team is doing that again this year, only we have raised the bar and are even doing live workouts. We are making 30 minutes for ourselves despite the holiday hustle, bustle and travel. We are earning our bird. Though out the holidays and during the giving season we usually think about helping others, but I am here to remind you that its okay to do something for yourself. Make 30 minutes for you so that you can be your best for others <3 Looking back I can say I am happy and proud of the person I have become. It started with 30 minutes for me and has transformed into an opportunity to give that gift to others. I look forward to continuing to improve as we head into 2018 and helping others do the same. If you are ready to improve you, hit me up and lets chat about you beyourbestyou ayearinreview wherewillyoubeinayear westernpleasure horsesaremylife horseshows

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Jess Oldham


Comment from Jess Oldham:

Bath time with my favourite boy 💖 sun rnr holiday horse calvinklein instadaily horsesofinstagram bath crazyhorselady myboy tan cowgirl farmlife whatthebloodyhellareyoudoingmum quarterhorse

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Jess Morgan-Coe 🦄


Comment from Jess Morgan-Coe 🦄:

How am I ever gonna get to be old and wise if I ain't ever young and crazy? 💕🦄 quarterhorse quarterhorsesofinstagram girlpowerdownunder australiancowgirls ytg4x4 country equestrian equestrianlife horse horsesofinstagram instadaily petstagram view mountains australia cowgirltuff

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Amanda Johnson


Comment from Amanda Johnson:

First time riding bare back! bareback quarterhorse jackofhearts

52 Minutes ago

Silver Dappled Fawn


Comment from Silver Dappled Fawn:

This about sums up my ride with Fawn today 😊 she was an absolute angel and her stops are getting so good! ❤️ 🔸 ❤️ 🔸 horses horse photography western horseback horsebackriding beautiful cute lovely bareback equestrian westernhorse blackhorse bayhorse bond ridinghorses equine equitation quarterhorse rodeo show arabian mare arabianmare arabiancross barrelhorse barrelracing barrelracer barrelrace

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Jamie & Chrissy💖


Comment from Jamie & Chrissy💖:

Meet mowgli 💕. ------------------------- Mowgli is a mustang born in a holding pen in Oregon. He is 4 years old, 15 hands and has never been ridden. He was gentled in June of 2017. I am breaking him come next week. I will keep posting updates so turn on post notifications to stay updated on his progress over the years!!!! - chrissy -------------------------------------- post down below what you think a good show name would be!!!! ---------------------- horse pony horseback horsebackriding horses meangirls jamieandchrissy2017 mustang wildhorse breakinghorses mustangsarethebest quarterhorse tbhorse painthorse harderthenitlooks sohappy firsthorse postnotifications lit

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Kevin Smith & Family


Comment from Kevin Smith & Family:

Holly aka RUFNIGHTINTINSELTOWN is a 2011 AQHA Buckskin Mare, and is Reining Royalty bred. We purchased Holly in 2015 from Colorado, knew what we were getting, as we not only owned her mother, but we also owned her Grandmother PRETTY MS QHIZ (Deceased 2017) whom was one of the first mares we used to kickstart our breeding program & was one of the best decisions ever made here at Silverado. Holly's first foal is now a long yearling, resides in TX & will commence his training as a 2 year old this January. Her second foal just left Silverado today, enroute for Alberta Canada. She does take a gorgeous photo, doesn't she! 😊🐴 americanquarterhorse quarterhorse aqha officialaqha aqhafoals aqhaproud nrha nationalreininghorseassociation reiner reining reiningbred reininghorse reininghorses reining reiningphotography reininghorsesofinstagram reiningprospect reininghorseforsale buckskinhorse horsephotography

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