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Hannah Mason


Comment from Hannah Mason:

'There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise'

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Ремонт Айфон Айпад Мак Москва


Comment from Ремонт Айфон Айпад Мак Москва:

Мы работаем ежедневно! Приходи к нам сервисный центр м.Семеновская: ул. Ткацкая 5с2👨🏻‍🔧👨🏻‍💻📱❤ ПОЛУЧИТЕ СКИДКУ 5% на ремонт - оставляйте заявку через сайт www.applen1.ru 📱ЕДИНЫЙ ТЕЛЕФОН📱 +7 (499)922-01-41 AppleN1 клиентAppleN1 applerussia iphone7 работа восстановление поломка айфон ремонтайфон recovery iphone apple like vsco vscocam apple repairs repairapple ipad fix broken vscorussia instaapple applelove work ремонт ремонтэппл goodmorning moscow москва

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Comment from emily.c_00:

The most important thing I’ve learnt is to always stay in the present. To not overthink the past or the future and instead appreciate how things are right now. The past is filled with bad memories and the future is unpredictable so the only thing I can be certain of is the present. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I stop and use my senses. I take a look around and notice the lovely robins hopping from branch to branch or the ivy sneaking its way up the side of a building. I feel the wind in my hair, gently tangling it, or the rain on my face, marking the trail where tears should have fallen. I hear the rustling of the leaves and the odd whistle of a bird. By noticing these things, I’m distracting myself from my thoughts so that when I come back to them, I can hopefully gain a fresh perspective and sort them out better. breakfast is avocado and egg on toast with a drizzle of sriracha and fruit. food recovery recoveryispossible prorecovery anorexia anarecovery anorexiarecovery anafam edwarrior edrecovery edfam staystrong mentalhealth mentalillness autumn fall intuitiveeating bodypositivity bodypositive balancednotclean foodblog foodblogger foodie dairyfree vegetarian

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B O D Y S O M E ™


Comment from B O D Y S O M E ™:

Here' s why you should give up stalling from your day, with that snooze alarm: • • 1️⃣ You are confusing your brain. It loses clarity and concentration. • • 2️⃣ You're messing up your body temperature. As you wake up, your core temperature starts to increase, to wake you up. • • 3️⃣You are creating a state called sleep inertia which means dizziness and sluggishness. • • Happy Friday! healthymotivation workoutideas fitness exercise training healthylife weightloss fitnessmotivation healthybody fitnessaddict healthyliving healthyfood healhymindset healthyeating training bodysome personaltraining traininsane recovery bodypositive awesome bodytransformation bodypositive mindset weightlossmotivation fitnessmotivation personaltraining personalized plan

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Aimee Ellie


Comment from Aimee Ellie:

Little summery but ootd 🌼 had such a lovely day again yesterday, I’ve challenged myself so much with food this week that I’m feeling a little guilty, but also PROUD of myself! Going to continue the challenges and get another hot drink from pret this afternoon and then we are having PIZZA 🍕 for dinner tonight! I can do this I can do this 🤞🏼 anorexia anorexiarecovery eatingdisorder eatingdisorderrecovery edrecovery recovery nourishtoflourish healthoverbones strongnotskinny gains girlgains healthy health fitness positivity motivation newday lifestyleblogger foodblogger outfitoftheday fashionblogger clothes love

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BodyTone Pilates Studio


Comment from BodyTone Pilates Studio:

The burn from this was SO real 🔥 To set the scene, this is being played in 4x speed... friyay

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Comment from Krik.:

Хочешь есть, ешь яблоко! Не хочешь яблоко? Съешь что-то другое! рппппкпипмияанахудеюнехудеюнеппинтуитивноепитаниеедабулимиязажорсрывперееданиерекаверизожфитнесrecoveryдиетазожfitnessхудобахудеемвместеgerlsburberrybeutifulrecoveryпитеронлайн

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Comment from Dave:

Testing the new hammerstrength legpress . Seems to work ok to me ! Here's 520 for a couple asylumtraining lincoln rehab recovery roadtorecovery personaltrainer strongman conditioning instagood asylumgymwear clothes muscle pump gymclothes instafitness powerlifter guyswholift lift girlswholift gym training muscle bodybuilding fitspo workout instagramfitness instafitness pump motivation muscle weighttraining igfitness training beastmode

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Devaya Authentic Ayurverda


Comment from Devaya Authentic Ayurverda:

Lombok is so beautiful, there's so many little hidden spots like this one here 🙌 • • • Picture credit : @sandivives

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Sara V


Comment from Sara V:

thankful to have come through a snapped bone and 2 surgeries as well as I have and to still be able to dance. scars plateandscrews surgery dancer ballet love nevergiveup passion balletismypassion always photography recovery brokenbonessuck notevenagoodstory stretch ballerina dancer healing

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Mike Branch


Comment from Mike Branch:

New lid for when I get back on the bike after surgery! Went for the bell super 3R for the enduro season next year and will be keeping my full face for downhill. Thanks to the guys at Ashgrove cycles for helping me out with a new lid and the drcc for the voucher! Let you know how it goes... bellsuper3rmips bellhelmets brisbanemtb soenduro enduromtb qldmtb 2018enduroseason🤔 rideordie fullface lid mtblife mtb recovery mtn_bike inspiration ashgrovecycles drcc

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Recovery 🌞 not all I eat⬇️


Comment from Recovery 🌞 not all I eat⬇️:

Christmas candy my mom send me from Germany 😊🎄⭐️ • • Been snacking a little on this and I’m loooving it & feeling good 😊 today I’ll bake cookies 🍪 with my friend 💛 • • • • ana recovery anorexia bulemia mia anarecovery miarecovery positive food healthy plantbased fighting happy dinner eatingdisorderrecovery eatingdisorder eating bulemianervosa anorexianervosa prorecovery recovering recoveryquotes recoveryisworthit recoverymeal recoverywin nourish nourishingfood nourishing

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Jayray Vehicle Solutions Ltd


Comment from Jayray Vehicle Solutions Ltd:

VW transporter that was in yesterday. Lowered on 19” Rolls Royce alloys and needed 4 wheel alignment setting up by us. vw vag vwtransporter vwcamper camper lowered slammed rollsroyce modified alignment geometry jayray service recovery repair diagnostic commercial inspection performance

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Naomi Jacob


Comment from Naomi Jacob:

Taking it easy on my 1st day back didn't prevent me from showing off a little in front of @kromekris & @drmaravind5 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ Didn't do much else besides a few core exercises and light squats 🏋️ because I'm still feeling damn weak and woozy from the world's longest flu 🤒. Nearly died in a fit of wheezing after attempting to battle ropes for 90secs 🕘 . . . . . battleropes kromecalicut Kromehiit recovery planks abs balance flu indiafitness fitmom fitnesscouplegoals fitnessfreakindia plankchallenge

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Comment from L¡$@:

Stay happy not crappy and enjoy the little things morning enjoythelittlethings me myself picoftheday instagramfilters nomakeup myself selfie girl blondehair happy smile nofilter girlwithpiercings scene sceneteen alternative alternativemusic cute lipring spiderbites girlwithpiercings depression anxiety recovery stayhappynotcrappy keepfighting staystrong darlingyoullbeokay xoxo

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Comment from Shambhavi:

In media res. vscoindia uttarakhand rishikesh mountainwalks trekking neergarh treatyoself selfcare recovery nature exk_nature vscooutdoors

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" youngri "


Comment from " youngri ":

2017.11.24.금욜 dailynowselfieoodtyolotruthpink여유healingrecovery나만의시간혼자만의힘셀스타그램얼스타그램운동하는여자충전완료거침없는naturlgirlcrushiam즐기는삶musicjazzDancePaintingphotoseobusister자유로운영혼

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Comment from Meri:

🌸🌺🌸 bipolar bpd borderline borderlinepersonality borderlinepersonalitydisorder clopine clozapine depression mentalhealth mentalillness recovery suicide schizoaffective schizoaffectivedisorder trauma

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quotes n' shit💀


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is typing... →[TAGS]← depressed fight recovery recoverywin staystrong embrace embraceyourcurves embraceyourselfi positivequotes recoveryisworthit personal mood mentalhealthawareness mentalillness sadquotes deep hurt sigh

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