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Someone who is true to you can never hurt you. trust love relationship heartbreak pure true tears cheating rejection priorities people maturity thoselittlethings littlethingslife

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Alice Johansson


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Today, I share my thoughts and tears with those who are dealing with any sort of mental illness! 🙏🏽May you all find your strength to stand up 🙏🏽 Now I am the voice of my own life! . . . . . . awonderlife expressions mental illness unhealthy relationships anorexia bulimia panic suicide depression regret fears rejection not being loved not being good enough nightmare

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Coach Donna Jean


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What drives You? rejection anger angry supersoulsunday help sad lovemyself selfesteem fear complicated unhappy stressed depression behavior fixmylife stuck struggle helpme forgive forgiveness oprah hurt affirmations trapped CoachDonnaJean atl atlanta girlpower YouTube @coachdonnajean

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M sorry


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Meg 🙃


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If the Duffer brothers had given up, Stranger Things would have never existed! What a depressing thought 😭 didyouknow fact strangerthings strangerthingsfacts reject rejection sad netflix eggos iloveeggos dufferbrothers persivere

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Lil Meme Neighbor


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Alok Gupta


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✔💖😍💓😘💝✔ it's instamood " I choose to love you in silence, for in silence I found no rejection, I choose to love you in my dreams, for in my dreams no one could love you more then me." Pc_aryanbahnewaal....💖💖💖

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Ashlee Johnson


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Aoife Light 🐱


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"Lets stay friends though" words that cut like a knife through her heart. • moody artnude myphotography heartfeels bnwphotography instadaily heartbreak selfportrait friends lovers blackandwhite bedsharing lust desire prettylittleculturevulture mood rejection humpday

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Dianna Thompson-Price


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Sam Howells


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When you cant do nothing but drive into the darkness . loveme notwanted worthless struggling wheneillthisgeteasier broken happinessisalie alone nowheretogo rejection whatishappiness dontnowhattodo lost confused sorryfornegativeposts doideservethis ididthis choices cantgoback sorry lonely wannadisappear

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I have learnt this in jobs, relationships, friendships and with family. I am learning to let it go. It’s not meant to be. letitgo rejection suchagoodquote

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Quotes and Poems ⚘


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Katrijndr Lostmyotheraccount 😱


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Here we are again...🍀😷🤒 abparejectionaspergilluscysticfibroses fighterneedoxygenmasknotgood isolationroomhopetobehomeforchristmasfollowme

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Gurtej Matharu


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FEATURED:INSPIRATION Thanks @thatfamousindian Great post .. success drive keepgoing hardwork latenights persistence discipline noregrets vision goals achieve courage rejection criticism change risk passion dedication innovation fear dreamjob selfworth aspiration skills talent nofear succeed designer fashion believeinyourself

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Nathan Srivastava


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People always say you can’t change who you are, I say bullshit... I saw a Cocoon turn into a butterfly but instead of adoring it I just turned my back and even though it kept landing on my shoulder I blew one strong breath and only realized after it was gone that I should’ve just let it be, and adored it while I still could. Life isn’t fair, people suck, friendships grow and fail and some last... but so many people are so good, and there are so many things you should adore... sometimes things don’t make sense when they do change but it’s your choice to accept it or just blow it away... and sometimes you have to choke on your own words and accept that you need to be the one who changes... some things aren’t worth losing, no matter how old, how new... not even if you want to just give up cause you think everything would be better off.. there’s always another chance and you never know, even the ones who seem to be smiling and are confident are also going through the toughest times in their lives... I don’t know how to finish this... but don’t underestimate the potential of change and showing you care... even if it upsets people cause it’s only up to us, to either accept how others are and see things from their perspective, or just give up and blow them away.... . . . . . . . change perspective love hate neverjudgeabookbyitscover problems acceptance rejection falsehope foolmeonce learning changing realize dontknowwhatyougottillitsgone lonely sad happy confused justsayin dontgiveup takeachance secondchances happiness selfie causeifeltlikeit deep emotions support dontbescared

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