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Basking In Light


Comment from Basking In Light:

Seriously, when was the last time you said that? And how come our children yell it out so regularly? And isn’t it wonderful that you don’t have to do much to get them to say it? Just realised my job is to make sure my son never loses that big-eyed wonder... kidsrock spiritualparenting learnfromkids

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Comment from 天主教耶穌會:

對於耶穌的存在的理解,猶太人是一片空白。 人怎麼能把自己當成天主呢? 我們所有人都必須深思同樣的事實, 天主和人存在同一個人的身上。 他們需要學習,同時向聖寵開放。 但是,他們被有限的知識所阻礙。 #每日聖言┃若10:31-42 正體#神聖空間https://goo.gl/8U3HsV 簡體#神聖空間https://goo.gl/dvEMNp EN SacredSpace https://goo.gl/xDu4sA

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Comment from Ryan'sRocks:

hippie zen sacredspace stone crystal crystallove crystalhealing grid happyplace om aum awakening love loveyourself balance bekind pretty beautiful crystalgrid peace peaceful thirdeye chakras chakra loveandlight spirituallife spirituality meditate holistic crystalsofinstagram

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Denise Firefly Reid


Comment from Denise Firefly Reid:

To the brothers, I am exploding with gratitude for my brothers, from my blood brother who is a solid rock, to the & Elder down the hall who protects & guides. Two brothers who I met at work observed the storm & nurtured me through it, gave sacred space & the presence of their heart. iamblessed Hours of deep soul healing conversation, raw authenticity, deep wounds & inspirational healing. The divine masculine & the divine feminine is healing within me & in within them. iamsograteful to have had such an enlightening week to which I witness the grounding & nurturing energy of men. To share my own pain, to be witnessed, to be heard & to be a presence for them as well was an immaculate experience. To release in safety, to men who understood their white male privledge & the effects of patriarchy both on men & women & who could understand trauma & show deep compassion, non judgement but also share their own heros journey, trauma, & shadow work was a blessed state of biss. I am honoured to have had such an amazing experience which was so grounding, healing & spiritually awakening among a brotherhood. nurturing healing men divinemasculine deepsoulconversations awaken healingthemasculine healingthefeminine patriarchy whitemaleprivilege healingconversations herosjourney heroinesjourney brotherhood soultalk compassion nonjudgement sacredspace heartopening heartconsciousness healingtrauma shadowwork spiritualevolution healers painbody ego loveistheway

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🌙Urban Witches + Wildflowers🌾


Comment from 🌙Urban Witches + Wildflowers🌾:

Cat on a book on an alter, is there anything cooler?!? 🖤🖖🏻🖤

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Hannah Grasso


Comment from Hannah Grasso:

Who is a wombyn? She understands that although her womb holds the sacred power to hold and nurture human life, it’s power for CREATION in ALL forms is ALWAYS present and available for her to tap into. She is conscious of the energy and the wisdom stored deep in her womb space and the power she holds there to heal from lifetimes of past lovers, trauma, dis-ease, and energetic ties to mother, father, men, and women. She understands that it is here in this deeply powerful energy center where she can access the greatest depths of her being, far beyond anything she’s ever been taught to believe she is capable of. She desires to reclaim her feminine connection to Mother Earth, to the moon, and to the entire natural world around her. She feels her energetic ties to the powers of Gaia and understands this connection is far beyond human compression, but she feels it, her soul feels it because she connects to her womb and her womb came from the Mother Womb, the womb of the Earth. She is unapologetic in her natural, sexual, sensual, humanness. She embraces the beautiful light of her being AND the shadowy darkness that completes her in her wholeness, her ALLness. She knows the power of wombyn empowering one another and lives to uplift her sisters, not take them down. She is deeply committed to being the wombyn and living the life SHE is in love with. Because she understands that the state of the world outside of her depends on the world inside of her. A wombyn is all of this and so much more. If any of this resonates with you, leave me a ♥️ in the comments. A wombyn is powerful, but a wombyn who knows she is not alone in her journey of re-birthing her most divine, natural state is unstoppable. • • • • • • wombyn sacredheart sensuality intentionalliving wombwisdom motherearth gaia yogamama yogaeveryday consciousliving womanrising goddessrising goddesslife moonbaby moonritual ritual sacredspace motherhoodrising doula newmom becomingabetterme fearless childbirth creativebeing selflove loveyourselffirst bethechangeyouwanttosee rewilding wombhealing spiritjunkie

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Adrienne CLCA LotusExpansions™


Comment from Adrienne CLCA LotusExpansions™:

I can’t get over how beautiful these cards are they are the perfect size and you can see the love that went in to the design of them! 😍 perfect to add in for moon 🌙 energy work and rituals! So excited to start playing with these! Even more beautiful than I thought they would be! Moon energy is so amazing and can really help us to flow with the energy rather than feel like your working against it I know becoming more aware of it has helped me so much!!

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� Geomancy Australia �


Comment from � Geomancy Australia �:

Our Earth Magic workshop is only a couple of months away! 💫 Create ‘earth magic’ rituals (incl suitability and form of ceremony, astrological timing, use of magical items) 💫 Space clearing and creating sacred spaces for use in ritual or maintenance of healthy earth 💫 Shamanic practices to address geopsychic stress, incl working with elementals and other beings 💫 Techniques to release earthbound beings and spirit manifestations Join us to learn all this and much more! EARTH MAGIC, 17-20 May 2018 at Abbotsford Convent Places are limited and filling fast. Email info @geomancyaustralia.com to enrol and claim your place. www..com geomancy geomancytraining geomancyworkshop workshop earthmagic magick ritual ceremony astrologicaltiming spaceclearing sacredspace healthyearth geopsychicstress elementals ghosts entities hauntings spirits jewelsrocka shamanism shamanic awakening naturespirits spiritofplace spiritualjourney spiritualgrowth expandedlearning divination subtleenergy

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Jeanette Annecchini


Comment from Jeanette Annecchini:

Awesome soundhealing circle by @givejoyachance and @bjrusso 👼👼👼🌠🌠🌠 jungle tribe sacredspace meditation healing wellbeing happiness joy love abundance

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Rangimarie 〰🔹〰 Humble Sky


Comment from Rangimarie 〰🔹〰 Humble Sky:

Sound is the force of creation, the true whole.Music then becomes the voice of the great cosmic oneness and therefore the optimal way to reach this state of healing ~ Hazrat Khan , Indian Sufi yoga yogaeverywhere musiclivesoundhealing vibrationsyogaretreat ashtanganicaragua yogimama @concha_balsemao @montevelhoretreat 🙏🏼 Muchos Gracias beautiful Vera <<<>>> worldmusic

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Comment from Dragonspace:

“Divination is the quest to understand more about the past, present and future. In other words, Tarot readings are an attempt to understand ourselves better and discover how we might live better in the future.” - Theresa Cheung ✨ • dragonspace . . . . . . chakrahealing crystalgrid crystalporn cardporn peterjackson thelordoftherings westeros cardistry tarot blessedbe altar moonchild sacredspace gems conceptart newage magick cardart cardmagic wiccan gemstones crystaljewelry metaphysical crystallove newage altar

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Heart Centered Revolution


Comment from Heart Centered Revolution:

Where the magik happens! 🙏🏼🌟💫 sacredspace meditate yoga kundaliniyoga berevolutionary consciousliving

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Comment from Ginger:

Blue tourmaline - gallery quality - this will be available tomorrow noon Friday 3/23 at the Live sale. bluetourmaline the7directions healer crystalhealing

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Comment from S E N T I E N S:

Sacred space means different things to different people and we encourage it in all its forms. Image credit: @theexplorerdad Copywriting: @huckleberryfinch sentiensyoga sentiensmoment findyourfreedom findyourbreath findyourjoy adventure seekadventure quotesofig sunrise sacredspace selflove connect nature

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Olivia Halliday


Comment from Olivia Halliday:

...if you come to church on Sunday! Which I guess doesn’t make them technically free huh...? 🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻 But for realz, the studio will be open from 8-9:30am this Sunday the 25th for our usual, bi-weekly gathering of open forum discussion and expression. ALL ARE WELCOME!! 🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻 onlylovestudio sacredspace sacredtalkingcircle expandyourdefinition tendyourgarden freehugs

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Shy Scott | Twig & clove


Comment from Shy Scott | Twig & clove:

Today my mind and body are calling for rest and self reflection. To sit, be still and let thoughts freely flow without my own judgement. My heart is also calling for wine sooo 🤔🤔 candles selfreflection witchesofinstagram hedgewitch kitchenwitch candlemagick vsco vscocam vscofilter vscogram afterlight picoftheday photooftheday happyfriday mumlife apothecary sacredspace

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Azua Echevarria


Comment from Azua Echevarria:

And to all a good night.

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Psychadelic Revelation


Comment from Psychadelic Revelation:

🌎 one of many amazing 🎨pieces by Olivia Curry follow @dream_nectar for more

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The Red Moon Lodge


Comment from The Red Moon Lodge:

Play is my pathway to joy. theredmoonlodge empoweringthegoddesswithin

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Brittany Oliver


Comment from Brittany Oliver:

I hope 🌷the Flower 🌸Gods 🌼🌿hear my prayer! 🌻Bring on the🌹 FLOWERS 🌺 . . . . . . natural naturaljewelry healing healingcrystals healingstones spiritual meditation sacredspace altar handmadejewelry rockhound chakra chakrahealing spirituality crystalcommunity crystaladdict jewelryaddict eclipsejewelry jewelrylover necklaceaddict instajewelry hippiestyle buyfolk neckcandy gypsyjewelry crystalgems solareclipse2017 turquoiseoverdiamonds turquoisejewelry

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