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Lacey Eshleman


Comment from Lacey Eshleman:

I’m a big fan of decorating with natural elements. I enjoy lifting a spaces frequency with intentional decorating this is a corner in my office on top of my file cabinet. I used a heirloom tray i was recently gifted by my auntie 💗 bring in beautiful ancestry energy i placed five (the number of manifestation and creative freedom) white candles in circled by beautiful Iliamna agates and stones. I was gifted the box of luminous agates after a soulful summer solstice road side conversation. This was such an amazing moment not to mention gift, i felt there energy right away and knew they would be great helpers to me in my office 😊🌀Agates are incredible stones known to be grounding bringing about emotional physical and intellectual balance. Agate has the power to balance yin and yang. Agates promotes a love of truthfulness and encourages speaking ones own truth. Spiritually agate raises consciousness and links into collective consciousness and awareness of the oneness of life. natural elements consciousness coach frequency intention sacredspace satnam agate crystals rockhound meditation prayer manifest connection universal igniteconsciousness bohemianmystery

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francesca_julia ☾ evermorphing


Comment from francesca_julia ☾ evermorphing:

“Dankbar für einige Minuten Ruhe&Zeit. Dankbar für Stille. Dankbar für das Bad, dass auf mich wartet. Dankbar für all die wundervollen Menschen. Dankbar für meinen Tribe, das Wolfsrudel. Dankbar für die Nähe zur Natur. Dankbar getragen zu werden&anlehnen zu dürfen. Dankbar einfach zu sein. Dankbar für Kraft& Stärke, für Licht&Schatten. Dankbar für durchwachte Nächte in denen ich mich&uns wieder näher kennenlernen darf. Dankbar für Gesundheit&all die Fülle die mich umgibt. Dankbar für das Leben&die Liebe♥️“ spirituality spiritual spiritualität dankbar shamanism womenshealth reikihealer reikimaster energyworker smudgestick wildchild freespirit crystallover healingsession intuitiveempowerment feelingishealing pachamama moonchild moonenergy sacredspace weiblichkeit femininity yinpower federleicht medicinewoman healer herbalist dankbarkeit starseed

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Julia polyblank


Comment from Julia polyblank:

Earth alters, sacred offerings, ancient rituals, blessings to nature. Happy Winter Solstice! happysolstice sacredspace earthspirit celebration naturesart gathering wildwomen inthewoods reconnecting adventspiral lightthecandle bringinthelight spreadthemagic

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THE BEDDHA ™ | #IAmBeddha


Comment from THE BEDDHA ™ | #IAmBeddha:

COLLABORATIONS: Are you a mentor, motivator, meditation/yoga teacher, doctor...? Do you like to help people? Are you interested in a place to use like daily studio base if you are in Rome or retreats host if you are an International Expert? So, go to www.thebeddha.com >MENU>WHO>COLLABORATIONS

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Comment from Happinez:

Happinez 'Stil in mij' is het leukste, kleine cadeautje voor onder de kerstboom. En door de glinsterende metallic cover is inpakken niet nodig. 😉

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Comment from Danitte:

I Am A Healer... I am not here to understand what is not my lesson to learn. Every soul is here to heal their past/present and to learn from their own Teachers. I'm here to help release stagnant energy and to fill you with healing light. The rest is up to... Life is a journey of choices. The choices will be the writers of your stories. Which stories do you want to keep telling??? Light and love 🙏❤love chakra reiki sacredspace

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Ana Aguiar


Comment from Ana Aguiar:

75mm Citrine Heart abundance in a beat $85 please email soulanswers111 @hotmail.com citrine heart spiritjunkie abundance sacredspace chakras positivevibes vibes crystal crystals crystalsforsale instagram lovecrystals healingcrystals loveandlight reikihealing reiki

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The Lapis Tree


Comment from The Lapis Tree:

Cleanse your energy field with these Tebetan Tingsha Bells. You can also use these harmonic bells cleanse 💎, and your sacred spaces. These were an amazing early Christmas gift from my partner 💜... But I will be selling some pairs on the website in the New Year! Be sure to keep an eye out for them 👍 . . crystals crystalhealing cleanse cleansing cleansingenergy crystalenergy energyfield tebetan tingsha bells healingsounds sacredspace aura comingsoon christmasgift christmasgifts

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Fritz Pablo


Comment from Fritz Pablo:

Evanescent Semblance . . . . . . . art illustration drawing digitalart photoshopsketch digitalpainting surreal abstractart surrealism surrealart interdimensional holyspace sacredspace transformation dreams daydream luciddream presence subtleforces fritzpablo

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Tysha Dopson


Comment from Tysha Dopson:

I've wanted these Sacred Space Sprays from @dances_with_dragons since their creation, but had to resist until after my holiday. I'm glad I waited, because it meant I could pick up the latest Dragon Bright Vibrational Essence, Dragon Flame, too 🐲 I tried the Dragon Peace spray before going to bed last night, and had one of the best night's sleep in ages 😴 With everything that is going on at work right now, I really needed it!! Thank you so much Aodaoin 💕 dragon dragons dragonspirit dragonmagick vibrationalessence sacredspace danceswithdragons tyshahoard

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Cecilia Kwan-Yin


Comment from Cecilia Kwan-Yin:

Surround yourself with the elements of Mother nature both indoors or outdoors. Whether it’s a rustic wood tray, fresh flowers from the earth, a piece of pottery made from grounding rock or a waterfall serenity piece – find the best composition that works for you in your home or work space. Quan Yin watches over our great room and keeps the energy of our home full of love, compassion, mercy and with graceful divine feminine balance. A nurturing place for the soul and a nourishing retreat to the body, mind and heart ♥. retreat calmingspace sanctuary livingspace greatroom quanyin kwanyin divineprotection sacredspace homesweethome yourtinyhome lifesense_liapros authenticlife authentic peace peaceofmindnostress feelgood

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ᵀᴿᴵˢᵀᵞᴺ🌙 ᵛᴬᴺᶜᴱ


Comment from ᵀᴿᴵˢᵀᵞᴺ🌙 ᵛᴬᴺᶜᴱ:

YAAASSS!!! On that note, 💚🌙💚 moongoddessdreamer

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иι¢σℓє яєиαє мιяα¢ℓє


Comment from иι¢σℓє яєиαє мιяα¢ℓє:

The love of my life❤️ dragonstaff practice practicemakesperfect love learning passion growth perform perfect bramashanti sacredspace meditation

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Comment from yoga.hi.kauai:

yantra, tantra, yoga, dharma, sangha, temple , sacredgeometry , sacredspace, alolaastudio

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Ianthe Basson


Comment from Ianthe Basson:

So...our EXCITING NEWS you've all been waiting for...We have just moved into the MOST beautiful NEW studio space!!! Still getting a few things together and ready, but we'll see you on Monday 15 January❣❣❣🤗🤗🤗😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗🙏🙏❤❤❤ somuchofhappiness excitingtimes beyondblessed supergrateful 2018 pilates studio pilatesstudio sacredspace peace tranquility mypilatespassion loveforclients mypilateslife pilatessouthafrica pilatescapetown pilatesdurbanville pilatesgoedemoed greygoosecottage 2onClarkia

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Comment from Loveloons:

Anandalyte and Larimar necklace and others added to Etsy today 🙌🏽 💓 My attempt at making Aussie stone necklaces ended up with just one after making this one throw morning - Aus stones to be continued tomorrow . Ruby is the stone of the day !

4 Hours ago

Golié Art + Accessories


Comment from Golié Art + Accessories:

Looking for a unique yoga mat? Now offering 8 new designs. Size: 24” x72” + custom carry bag. ship in 2-3 days $88. For orders golie @goliephotos.com . . . . . yogayogiyogamatbuddhanamaste zenbaliyogalife yogalifecustomyogamat sacredspace miamibikrambikramyoga yogisofinstagram anusaraashtanga hathavinyasa yinyinyangmeditatemindfulnessyogainstructoryatra

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Laura Elizabeth Love ♡


Comment from Laura Elizabeth Love ♡:

Surviving the Year Zero ▪ Fam....we all made it. Even if you don't realize it yet. 💓 Yes, you. Me too. . . . yearzero outofthewoods tribe soulfamily quest truth thejourney innerworlds psychonautics healing heartcentered heartspace higherconsciousness sacredspace sacredmedicine theroadhome inthistogether entanglement 5thdimensional enlightenment unknowing becoming infinitelove

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TGIF! So ready to get some holiday shopping done this weekend. Do you have all your gifts wrapped or are you still on the hunt for that perfect present? I know where I'm headed tomorrow AM: the farmers market! 🥕🍎🥑🌶

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Valore L'amore ♉


Comment from Valore L'amore ♉:

buddha buddhism mtsu mboro murfreeseboro midtn crystalhealing rockgarden zen metaphysical apothecary magicshop visualambassadors eclectic_shotz quest_4_magic magicmoments flashesofdelight pursuepretty magic_shots alternativegirl energyhealing spirituality enlightenment sacredspace divinefeminine lightworker happyholidays

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