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Comment from Charissa:

Saturday's fun beach day with McKenzie's dogs Sadie rusty stormy dogdays

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Yannick Ngoma


Comment from Yannick Ngoma:

RKelly sadie from the 12play album, a classicjoint timelessmusic chicago rnb song goodmusic big up to all the mom moms familyfirst mothers love life music

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353 Days


Comment from 353 Days:

@sadiesink_ sadie sadiesink strangerthings strangerthings2

15 Minutes ago

Stranger Thingssss


Comment from Stranger Thingssss:

why is this true haha

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Renee Wright


Comment from Renee Wright:

Both asleep on me, wonder why I’m still awake. granddogs sleep sadie tito dogsofinstagram

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Gary Pinkerton


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Comment from 🌼✨:

Oof Ik Ik it's not that good, but it's only my first edit! I'm super excited to learn more tricks and stuff! . . sadiesinksadiesinksadieeeehawkinsmiddleschoolnataliadyereditnoahschnappeditphotofanfandomlikeforlikefollowforfollowititmoviefinnfinnwolfhardmilliebobbybrownmilliebrownmillieeditsillieeditfackisreal💞💕finnwolfhardedit

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– lover


Comment from – lover:

I can’t handle - strangerthings theupsidedown mikewheeler milliebobbybrown gatenmatarazzo winonaryder noahschnapp nancywheeler steveharrington nataliadyer dustin will mike steve barb bob joyce billy jonathan nancy madmax finn millie caleb gaten sadie noah st

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Stephanie Sellers Treadaway


Comment from Stephanie Sellers Treadaway:

I love this face!! sadie grandaughter

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«Ruby (Nine)» EST 11/11/17


Comment from «Ruby (Nine)» EST 11/11/17:

Millie whyyy 😂 She did that tongue thing and I’m crying Strangerthings harrypotter netflix 011 008 eleven mikewheeler hopper hawkins memes kali 80s mileven lucas dustin dart finn millie noah sadie max joyce stranger likeforlike things

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Comment from sekiims:

I’m vv sorry for the choppy audio, idk why it’s like that? Song - Dumb Boy by Arru Eugene Movie -It (2017) it it2017 sadie jaedenlieberher jaedenlieberheredit edit editvideo

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Parlay Optics


Comment from Parlay Optics:

•SHADOW PLAY• /// Karen Walker - SADIE

1 Hours ago

we love stranger things😩❤️


Comment from we love stranger things😩❤️:

i’m dustin who are you? Tags: strangerthings stranger things steveharrington joekerry eleven jane milliebobbybrown mike mikewheeler finnwolfhard dustin gaten lucas caleb madmax max sadie billy dacre joyce winona will noah jonathan charlie nancy natalia

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Jennifer Catton-Houghton


Comment from Jennifer Catton-Houghton:

Yin and yang ruby sadie catlady catsofinstagram

1 Hours ago

«Ruby (Nine)» EST 11/11/17


Comment from «Ruby (Nine)» EST 11/11/17:

Dustbin and angry max are accurate af for me Strangerthings harrypotter netflix 011 008 eleven mikewheeler hopper hawkins memes kali 80s mileven lucas dustin dart finn millie noah sadie max joyce stranger likeforlike things

1 Hours ago

Sarah Anne


Comment from Sarah Anne:

She has no idea what do with a half empty house! 😂She keeps running in and out of rooms barking and then jumps on my bed and gives me this confused look like “wtf is going on??” sadie mydogisanasshole dogsofinstagram australianshepherd aussiedogs

1 Hours ago

Stranger Things// Fanpage


Comment from Stranger Things// Fanpage:

Mom Steve. strangerthings millie sadie finn caleb noah gaten

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Comment from Sadie:

...who’s ready to play? sadie sadiethegroodle groodle groodlesau groodlesofinsta groodlesaustralia groodlesofaustralia goldendoodle goldendoodlecentral goldendoodlesofinsta goldendoodlesofinstagram dood doodsofinstagram doodle doodlesofinstagram dogsofinstagram brisbanegroodles

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finn 🐺hard is my other halff


Comment from finn 🐺hard is my other halff:

sorry guys but i give up on the december thing because in school im having so many tests and quizzes so i have to study so im not active☹️ - - - - - - - - sadie madmax strangerthings strangerthings2 lucas mike eleven dustin will upsidedown mileven hopper joycebyers stevehairington steveharrington strangerfinngs011

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