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密かに2枚ともおります...w これも同じく懐かしいな😚 I'm there 2pc😂 ocean oceanview oceanside oceajapanesegirl love selflove 海 triptravlegram girlstrip 旅行 pool poolside japanesegirl japanese

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Black Girl Sanity


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Good morning • Instead of choosing to merely exist, I urge you to experience life, I urge you to live 💕 • • • selfcare selflove selfdiscovery mentalhealth strongwomen quotes instadaily innerpeace knowyourworth instagood inspiration postivevibes journaling blogger bloggersunited lifestyleblogger selfcareblogger blackbloggersunited blackswhoblog

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You are so hard on yourself. Take a moment. Sit back. Marvel at your life: At the grief that softens you, At the heartache that widened you At the suffering that strengthen you Despite everything you still grow. Be proud Of this 💞 Big changes are coming 🤭 smilepolishgirl makeuppolskadziewczyna makijazmotdmotivationfitnessfitgirlfitnessmotivationsmilecrystalsyearofyouselflove

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I have CONQUERED. I have DEFEATED. I have SURVIVED. I’ve failed this journey more than I can count. No matter what, never give up! Keep on trying because you are so much more worthy than what you can possibly imagine. ❤️ Now it is my goal to help as many as I can to achieve this authenic self love and appreciation in the way that I have given myself. selflove worth fitness passion health gymlife inspiration bigplansahead future selfappreciation motivation hiit amstedam screwperfection empowering

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🍩 worry, 🐝 happy


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Worse* 😬 Swipe left for more guys ❤ ° ° ° ° antiproana bodypositive cuteposts cutequotes edrecovery gayrights grunge happyquotes inspiration inspire inspiring lgbtpride lgbt lgbtsupport lovewins loveyourself positivity positivequotes prorecovery quotes recovery recoveryquotes recovering selflove staystrong tumblr tumblrquotes tumblrtextpost yourebeautiful

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Joy Personified


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Self-love is one of the most important things you can do. Put yourself first and allow yourself to be in a place of positivity and optimism. It will be contagious. ❤ How do you show yourself love? Share below. 📷: @theiconicgirls

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Ashley Marie


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Thankful for my wonderful fiancée, my NEW JOB, and for eating mindfully yesterday! I’m also thankful for all of you, and for these weightlossjournies that were all on together! 👌🏻😊 fitbit fitfam bodsquad fuckingbelieveinyourself selflove sweatingforthewedding thanksgiving thankfulthursday

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🌻 Beautiful soul, it is not you. There is not a single thing wrong with you. . If you find yourself not fitting in, not adjusting, listening in to conversations that feel remote and completely meaningless, know that you are most likely not in the right place for you. A proper environnement that will nurture, support and help you grow. . Beloved, Find your tribe.🌺 Find the soil that feels right to you. You will know when you find it. You will at once feel at peace, at ease, in alignement with your spirit. It will not feel like work to join in. . You will at last feel at home. 🌻 Letting your Phenomenal Shine always, LPS. . insights dailyinspiration dailyquotes instastory inspire motivate writer writersofinstagram quotestoliveby entrepreneur enlightenment lightoftheworld lightworker saltoftheearth awake purposedriven dreamer love life spirituality spiritual spirit motivationalquotes inspirationalquotes lawofattraction gratitude selflove selfhealing instagood

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H O M E. Whenever we were stressed over this last year about having to move to a new city, me and Mario would remind ourselves that home is where we are. But something funny does happen when you move away from people and places you love- it's like you leave little pieces of your heart there. I have 4 homes now: NYC, SF, Miami and Austin. Thank God my heart's big. 😉♥️ wanderer home nyc atx sf mia beach lifecoach

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Ashley Connor


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Perfect! protectyourenergy boundaries selfpreservation selflove warrior watchmerise loveandlight highervibes risestrong strongwomen lightuptheworld beyourownbouncer Repost @davina_dowdle

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She's worth whatever chaos she brings to the table, and you know it.

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Binoy Milton D'souza


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....the bliss, of surrendering, and being held, in the womb, of the lover & mother.... <3 tantra intimacy edge shadow nature relating divinemasculine divinefeminine gratitudeattitude spiritjunkie spirit gaia shadow relating awakening kundalini spiritualgrowth pagan consciousliving selfawareness selfworth binoymiltondsouza lawofattraction heart selflove vulnerability newzealand takaka goldenbay womb

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Leslie Wolk


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. There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure. (PauloCoelho) . . . . . . . . . . utkatakonasana goddesspose yoga yogalove yogaeveryday yogini becomingflexible yogatime hippiegirl hippie asanas yogaposes yogaeverywhereigo yogaeverywhere fitness excercise yogilife fitgirl stretch loveisall enjoylife selflove beautiful instayoga namaste love workout healthylifestyle meditation

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Ailya Osone 🎀


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one half of me is a hopeless romantic and the other half of me is so damn realistic. 👸🌸💫 meh hopeless realistic selflove vsco vscocam

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Diana Beaulieu


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Enriched Spirit


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Fatoş 🌹


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Insane Behaviour


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JOY Dance & Activewear


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