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indie + grunge aesthetic


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high af and feeling really feminine rn 💆

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♄ ~ ☽🌕☾


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Love you to death grungegrungeaestheticffflflf4fl4lgrungefeedsoftgrungeaestheticaesthetictumblraestheticstumblrtumblrgirlcutebeautybeautifulphotophotographydarkgrungegrungegirleyeaestheticgothicgothvscovscocam

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🌸Pastel Punk Doll🌸


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💀✨ Shop now at etsy.com/shop/PastelPunkDoll ✨💀 cute kawaii goth harajuku palegrunge tumblr gothic harajukufashion grunge softgrunge alternativegirl alternative magicalgirl garter garters accessories

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R. Flex


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THE ANGEL OF JAH . . . . . . . . . healthgoth pigtails softgrunge softghetto cyberghetto cyberpunk aesthetic queerart fashion aesthetics minimal minimalism modernart newaesthetic webpunk altboy gay gayboy blackboy style streetwear christmas holy terror music comingsoon

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“you’re eating people!” “no, i’m eating boys” . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [obnoxious tags] pinkfeed whitefeed theme girly cute selfie aesthetic lanadelrey instagrammer beautyblogger selenagomez arianagrande arianators kyliejenner lfl f4f inspo softgrunge artist model hair makeup motd ootd bratz fashion instagood blogger vsco qotd

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Diana Cavadas 📍Portugal


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temporary reminders of permanent aches.

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Grunge aesthetic


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My boyfriend 🖤 • • • grunge palegrunge softgrunge darkgrunge girl tumblrgirl grungegirl tumblr black fashion alternative mood love photo instagood tbt follow boyfriend dark indie aesthetic aesthetictumblr photooftheday grungestyle beautiful skinny outfitoftheday teen me drmartens

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grunge gravity


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Which one would you like? ? grungefashionsoftgrunge boots combatboots grungeblog fashion ootd punk goth gothic outfit alternative style asthetic urban grungetumblr hipsterstyling inspiration fashioninspiration clothes bad trend streetstyleblack boho grungegirl shoestrenddy

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Nameless 🌸🌹💜


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🌸 . . . aesthetic tumblr anime cute indie selfie selca classy instapic daily hair Makeup Hipster korean fashion japan outfit Weightloss Fit like4like likeforlike instaphoto Pale grunge softgrunge manga kawaii nofilter kingdomhearts nerd

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Who wants to be my friend? pastelgrunge softgrunge grunge purplehair pinkhair bluehair

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☆*:.。. nya .。.:*☆


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these butterflies were here, again butterfly supreme leader right here @universal.disappointment (idk y her name is that) 🍊🥡〰️🌈🍰

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R. Flex


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ENFANT TERRIBLE . . . . . . . . . healthgoth pigtails softgrunge softghetto cyberghetto cyberpunk aesthetic queerart fashion aesthetics minimal minimalism modernart newaesthetic webpunk altboy gay gayboy blackboy style streetwear christmas enfant music comingsoon

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Matthew FrancisPeter Morris


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Just posted! Like and comment for a shoutout, doing first 2

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Your local pan shit at the London Pride💗💛💙 --------------------------- " My heart is telling me the telly isn't telling me anything I need but it needs to keep you selling me Besides celebrities lacking in integrity Holding up the status quo instead of showing your kids That they matter, who're you gonna buy up next Keep hold of their necks and keep selling them sex It’s better if we keep them perplexed It's better if we make them want the opposite sex And this drives drunk through criminal minds And you camp out beside where your man resides You're not slow, it's just never been shown That you should Be loving someone Oh, oh, loving someone Yeah, you should be loving someone Oh, oh, loving someone Oh, oh We're all human, we're just like you man We're sentient, we're something You know I can't really remember, whatever We shouldn't have people afloat If it was safer underground, we wouldn't be on a boat Shot of telepathy, exploiting insecurities, and preying on the purity Of grief and it's simplicity but I know that maybe I'm too scared to call Even Guy Debord needed spectacles, you see I'm the Greek economy of cashing intellectual cheques And now I'm trying to progress, but instead of selling sex " // Loving Someone 🌈 ~The 1975

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♄ ~ ☽🌕☾


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✦Rachelle Marie Carroll✦


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80saesthetic softgrunge

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