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Kathrin Böhmer


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This picture shows one of the lemuriforms in madagascar. Lemurs exist exclusivly on this island and there are round about 100 different species. madagascar afrika africa lemur affe animal monkey species special tiere tierfotografie animalphotography travel traveling travelphotography holiday vacation vacationforever backpacking natur cute fluffy portraitoftheday portrait

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🎤Michayl Lox; Hebrew Lion🎶


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we are not apes we did not come from monkies we sre a highlyevolved species who has a case of amnesia @Regranned from @africanunification - - regrann

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Comment from Narratively:

The herd of buffalo bison or American buffalo, both refer to the same North American species, live within Yellowstone’s western border. If buffalo leave the park they can be hunted, as part of an effort to keep the herd from growing too large or roaming too far. The Buffalo Field Campaign (BFC) believes this is unnecessary and unethical. But the campaigners can’t do anything to stop the hunt, or the organized round-ups and slaughter of buffalo by government agencies. Instead they try to document it for the outside world, in hopes of generating sympathy for the species. • Buffalo roamed long before humans made their way into North America. “It’s a look at something ancient,” Clarence Gilmer says. Gilmer, a member of the Buffalo Field Campaign activist organization, considers this the front lines of the battle to let wild animals be wild. • Here, the herd of bison roaming inside the border of Yellowstone National Park. • • Photography by Andrew Graham, 2016. • • buffalo buffaloheard bison americanbuffalo conservatist animalconservatists animalprotection hunted danger BuffaloFieldCampaign documentary ancient species mesmerizing Yellowstone YellowstoneNationalPark MadisonRiver wilderness wildbuffalo landscape mountains snow photography photooftheday narratively

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oH hEy


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Hello! Here's my new oc, her name is clementine aaaand.... she's a vEgNitAl! The vEgNitAl is a species that me and @kramerdot @katies_artworks and @cupcakee_art art made! The species isn't out yet, but soon so stay tune! You can dm us if you have and questions! Also please use the vegnital tag if you make one! -Zoom in for details -don't copy or post my art without proper credit -Taggies ⬇️ clugiys art artistsoninstagram artists artistic drawings drawing art🎨 artwork artworld nature flower november newoc oc echiewekies_oc christmas species vegnital vegnital_oc

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Melissa Hexamer


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Day 19 of 30dayscreamqueenschallenge The Creature: Sil from species

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Comment from @LJMU_ConSoc:

Thank you everyone who came to our carbonlandscape event today to plant willow corridors for willow tits ! Such beautiful weather and so much accomplished ! Great work team 👏🏻 . . . . ljmuconsoc members conservation conservationmovement conservationinaction ljmu volunteer univeristy wildlifeconservation experience practicalconservation handsonconservation species activestudents adventure studies willowtits science

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Earth Changers


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Sustainability Sunday Here's the latest in our series of articles on tourism and the Sustainable Development Goals: 15, Life on Land/ Conservation Link in the bio today ☝ or find at www.earth-changers.com > Purpose > Conservation

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Comment from alessioth:

"Del più e del meno..."😂🙃chilling species maya gigio autumn puppy wild picoftheday animals mylife

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Comment from Wendy:

Can't decide which dragon egg color and species you prefer? Don't worry, there's a solution: you can choose any colors for a pair of dragon eggs. They also come in a wooden chest and with one dragon story. See more in my shop's 'Dragon Eggs' section (shop link in bio) designbywendy . . . . dragoneggs chooseacolor species gameofthrones harrypotter fantasy fantasticbeasts fantasycreature mythology legends geek geekgifts nerdygirl nerdygifts geekgirl geekboy nerds cosplay fandoms

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knowledge diary


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knowledge diary facts amazing venezuela poodle moth new species discovered like ahare

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Comment from Markus:

Pablo has evolved 😎 tarantula mexican spider evolution mate terrestrial species

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Comment from Vic:

Uh would anyone be interested if I made this an open species? . Drawing Bakemono was a ton of fun, and I just decided to make and species out of him. I’ve been playing Assassins Creed:Origins and I just finished JJBA part 3, so I think I’ve got the desert on my mind 😂. Anyways! Alumnum! My children! I’m gonna give this a tag, strawberryalumnum, so if I do make it an open species, y’all can put the tag in there. Any questions, please ask! I’d love to talk about them. . . digitalart species closedspecies originalcharacter

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Such a nice girl 😍 🐐

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Vilay Intha


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Sunday fun day at the 64 St Beach last over a year 💙 blue Sky ---Have a good rest and slow down day 😘😘😘--- . . Beauty is everywhere positive vibe ❤️ to share good environment simple life design Organic living Yoga mom big kids Asian Girl Black Italian Girl dogs healthy fit home made LaoFood Thai Vietnamese Italian food species fun to eat comfort food healthy cooking so important art foto food Instagram

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Comment from SaveCheetahs:

The two young cheetah boys Rafiki and Reign 🐆❤️ 📷 by @nadja.rauh 👍🏼😊

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Jean-Benoît Duval


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Podabrus tricostatus (Say 1835). 08 vi. 2009, Sainte-Julie, Québec, Canada. podabrus cantharidae soldierbeetle beetle coleoptera entomology entomologie insectagram insectlovers insectcollection insectoftheday insectphotography nature naturelovers naturephotography macro macrophotography art natureart biodiversity species

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SHM Language Services


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nature naturephotography mushrooms gelderland nederland posbank workshop @canon_photos @canonnederland @canondeutschland 5dmarkiv landscape bio species paddestoel fotografie фото фотограф фотография природа печурка

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林柏毅 Taiwan Species Record


Comment from 林柏毅 Taiwan Species Record:

20171119_photos - 中文名 : 少棘蜈蚣 學名 : Scolopendra subspinipes (L. Koch, 1847) 發現地點 : 台北新店和美山步道 分布 : 日本.全台灣山區洞穴.雜木林.庭院 - 紀錄 : 少棘蜈蚣,體長11-15cm,有30公分的紀錄,活動期3-11月,頭板和第1背板紅棕色,其餘背板為綠褐色或暗藍色。步足.腹板.觸角橙黃色。21對步足.頭部兩側各四顆單眼,此種為夜行性掠食動物,不具趨光性,但會埋伏在燈下捕捉昆蟲蜘蛛等,也以兩棲爬蟲類為食。 - 20171119 少棘蜈蚣 蜈蚣 台灣 毒 森 山 ムカデ むかで 節足動物 大きい 怖い きょうぼう 生き物 台湾 scolopocryptopidae scolopendra arthropod centipede poison danger taiwan huge mountain species wild

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sebut saja Dayat


Comment from sebut saja Dayat:

Memang aku tak bisa seindah mawar, tapi menantiku lebih indah dari sebuah mawar anggrekindonesia species

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Comment from Biohazard:

My Oc Frost. He's a person of a different type, let's just say that. Name: Frost Nightingale Gender: male Sexuality: ??? Hobbies: Serial Murder, studying the law, true crime, fishing, cooking. su species stevenuniverse jasper meme animal jaspersu pearlsu fnaf furries freeart goretober drawing cartoon furryart anime fforf garnetsu yaoi furry art fursona followforfollow jasperquartz yuri gore candygore pokemon

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