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sosa Mejia


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Repost @righthandpath ・・・ iam soul spirit matter ••••••au|ra•••••• syncretism spirituality truth vegan trylivingplantbased drsebi Research & Awaken | santosbonacci syncretist namaste love life live light As above, So below. 144 = 6 pinealgland crownchakra awaken 7 = 144000 higherconsciousness heart earth green energy 4 decalcify detox 33

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Malcolm Farrar


Comment from Malcolm Farrar:

I'm not in the holiday spirit this year but this looks dope. holiday spirit holidayspirit thegrinch this year anyway.

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Comment from Mustika-R.Jasmine:

👑 I like people who can make me laugh without using vulgarity or bad words ❤ Michael Jackson _____ . . . ---------------- 3 michaeljackson mj kingofpop mylove loveyou inspiration motivation spirit jackson myking music icon like4like likeforfollow weekend

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Comment from Ola:

Serce rośnie na samą myśl, a cóż dopiero widok! Kochacie góry jak ja? ☺️ *trudne blogowania początki* tatrasnationalpark mountains morskieoko trip aventure mountains spirit

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Hercules Atalla


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Tachyon - Star Sun me drawing creating coreldraw geometrictattoo artskin tattoos ink inkwork tattoodesign tachyon starsun energy equilibrio spirit photography blackandwhite atalla

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⚡️ Kyle↟🌛🌕🌜↟Long ⚡️ॐॐॐ


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Repost @georgieh666 with @repostapp ・・・ Blessed be 💜🖤 newmoon pagan witchcraft circle spirit earth air fire water akesha

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Elaine ”Elmaco” Moondotter


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Såååå fkn ful men min första.. aja. Taggar Random ~ @ssobackgrounds ’S background..<3 ~ ssoedit sso starstable statstableonline horse ssopicture ssohorse ssoonly ssoonline ssoonline ssospirit spirit edit

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Comment from Heavy_by_Nature:

revoltutionary vision mission transition awaken 3eye spirit soul heavybynature

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come 💎🔥❤️

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Another week. Living life with these amazing little people 🙌👶 I'm struggling to put my shop back live , it's now opened btw, but I have been shooting tons of new designs lately and will be posting them tomorrow, so come visit👯. It'll be more silversmith stuff, some of guys bracelets, diamond femme ones.. please contact here through dm or etsy for all requests and questions😘 momlife mom designer silversmith fashiondesigner jewelry jewelrydesigner jewellery style fashion bohemianstyle bohostyle mommyandme momsofinstagram spirituality spirit weekendvibes weekend saturdaynight saturday happyday blessed beauty workflow instagirl instabest instagood dope mommy freespirit

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Erica Gliksman


Comment from Erica Gliksman:

I’ve got sunshine on this cloudy day . . . . . . . travel soul soulsearching vacay culture art photography glt perspective nikon adventure explore wanderlust free freedom color Europe magic freespirit spirit backpacking world worldtour Germany sun sunflower

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City of Phoenix, AZ


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pscspirit17 phoenixsummitchallenge ⛰ The team from Daring Adventures is awesome! true determination true inspiration true spirit

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Pauline 🌹


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j-p Rowley


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Yo! Life is crazy how just the right things come up at JUST the right time!!!! Got a chance to meet the brother of the path, an insanely inspirational cat. @divinetransformations. I've been following Devin's inspirational energy for some years now and I KNEW deep in my heart I would meet him. I just didn't know it would come at such the right time in my life. I am dedicated. Woke up at 3:27am left at 5:00am to drive to Bloomington when I got the chance to meet him! And man! This cat is LEGIT! His space is an Athletes DREAM play-work center! And the dream home of YOGAFORATHLETES. And then we started talking. Man. He may tell you guys he's not a Yogi but..... spiritual man. I even met his son Amar'e and they sing the same song that my daughter Ella and I sing!!!! "Lokah samastah suhkino bhavantu". May all beings at peace, be Happy and may all beings be Free, and may I help contribute to this peace happiness and freedom. I always talk about the next level athletes can get to...mind...body... spirit... He is one if them without a doubt. And it strengthens my knowing and resolve and fire and determination and passion! Got some AMAZING, life changing, ways of living coming up! I thank God for this gift today, seriously, and without a doubt. "We are all Kings, queens, every single one of us. From the smallest child to the oldest adult. How do I come from a place of allowance and allow my lower, which is the power of God, to shine. CHECK OUT DEVIN and go to his studio in Bloomington, Indiana! You will for real for real walk out as a different percent, confident, powerful, and connected with god and your inner power. "What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve"!!! namaste yoga yogaforathletes powerful power mind body spirit spiritual guidance focus clarity love allowance gym gymnastics sports athletes training exercise healthy king queen god

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Donovan Clarke


Comment from Donovan Clarke:

Final ➡️ Color Concepts ➡️ Sketches! AJA 💙 a protective indigenous shadow spirit character known for keeping the ecosystem of the environment around itself balanced at all times... having the power to manipulate water, of course.

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Bruno Bissoli


Comment from Bruno Bissoli:

Harpia Real 🐣 Do alto que se enxergar as alturas 🌞 hawk harpia gaviaoreal realism realismotattoo inklife tattoo2me tguest tattrx tattoodo tattoolife equilattera skinartmag inkmaster supportgoodtattooers tattoomaster inkstinctsubmission worldfamousink radtattoos expansion transmutation espirito espiritualista espiritual spirit spiritual spiritualist openmind lightworker ttblackink

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Comment from YogawithDaphné:

This is everything bestbook " The desire for more positive expériences is itself a negative expérience . And paradoxically, the acceptance of one's negative experience is itself a positive experience " Go read it . I learned so much through that Book and it feels great to just drink wine and pijama and dont give a fuck 😂 Enjoy this Weekend winners positivemind getit notgivingafuckyogapresentrelaxpositivevibes lifeinspirationyogagirlmoodhappynessyogaeverydaystrongmindbodyspiritlovefunsaturdayphilosophy deeptalkinnerselftakecareselflovetreatsmoodgoodmoodflexibility

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Comment from CÉLINE G. ✨:

[ 🌿 ] « You were sent here to be a fire. You only have one life to live, burn it up for as long as you are here . » . .

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Jane Danielsen


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Jeannine Walston


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mindbodysoul spirituality spirit soul

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