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Claiborne Davis


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An homage to The Exorcist… Next time I’ll walk down the stairs. ————— I rarely practice or teach wheel pose (or “upward bow,” as a literal translation from Sanskrit). I find it takes a ton of prep work (I’m doing this “wheel walk” after an hour of moving and teaching) and, frankly, I don’t find it to be obligatory to a yoga practice… or to be compatible with all bodies. ————— If you decide to crack open the vault and dust off a once-in-a-blue-moon pose or exercise, use your instincts to navigate your kinesthetic waters safely. . . . . . wheelpose upwardfacingbow urdhvadhanurasana everyonceinawhile backbend exorcist spiderwalk walkingwheelpose ministryofsillywalks inversion fitness yoga proprioception movementculture movement mobility stability bodyweighttraining core followyournola

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Overhead Athletic Institute


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We previously did a post with Jared, a college outfielder with a history of shoulder subluxations and dislocations. Here he is performing stair walks with maximum scapular protraction while maintaining a posterior pelvic tilt throughout the exercise. Stability physicaltherapy collegebaseball baseball baseballtraining

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Stephanie Manion


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Tonight's Finisher: Stacked Single Arm 5 Second Hand Release Push Ups. Time Goal: AMAP in 2 minutes. Got 20 in. ufc ufcgym finisher pushups handreleasepushups core stability chest chestworkout pecs shoulders shoulderworkout delts arms womenwithmuscles bodyweighttraining traindifferent traindirty pushyourself pushyourlimits workhard fitchick fitnessmodel longlimbs tallgirl everybodydancenow

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Kim Jones IFBB Pro


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Day 3 of the Black & White Challenge. 7 Days of black & White photos of my life. No explanation, no people, no pets. Nominate 1 person per day. I nominate @tlgoodies 😉

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Mark Doherty


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It’s TurkishGetUpTuesday so here is a... umm.. Turkish get up! Tadaaaa 💫 🌟 ⭐️... Well, for those of you that don’t know, the get up is an awesome bang for you buck exercise that has a ton of benefits! Challenging trunk and shoulder stability, single leg strength, coordination, you name it. So I am here to let you guys know ahead of time that I’ll be breaking down this movement into its respective parts, the parts I find people tend to have the most trouble with. So stay tuned if you want to learn the get up, which I highly recommend, your shoulders and low back will thank you later 😉. . . . . turkishgetup kettlebells kettlebellgetup core trunk stability strength performance movement mobility strengthtraining strengthandconditioning fitness weightlifting movewell eatwell livewell boston barbell co bostonfit personaltrainer

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Athlete Injury Help


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Repost @jordandpt5 ・・・ 1/2 kneeling ankle DF self assessment. When we squat, we should been able to perform a below parallel squat without an external load. Most times an inability to perform a full squat are a result of limited ankle DF or hip ROM or stability. Here is an easy assessment for ankle DF ROM. 1/2 kneeling position with front foot approximately 5 inches away. Keeping foot flat, lean forward while maintaining upright trunk and heel down. The knee should be able to touch the wall while keeping foot in neutral position and heel down on ground. Even though you may not be able to touch from 5 inches away, lacking an inch should not be the cause of missing the bottom position of your body weight squat. Check side to side to determine differences. AnkleAssessment Mobility Stability

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Qreus The Cancer Killer


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As i look into the window of life..... weed weedndabz weedcandy weedndabzhawaii extract extraction wax waximus shattz shatts shatter shatters glassy windows meds marijuana medical maryjane medicine metaphorical bludiesel stable stabilized stability

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Shakti Jewelry


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Amulet love. . Black Onyx Amulet Collection . . iloveshakti amulet talisman blackonyx protection grounding stability path rootchakra

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Gerre "Dre" Bettis


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30 For 30 Challenge... 3: Stability Ball Push-Ups! Great Arms and Core Routine! core challenge wod pushups livehealthy strength stability fitnessmotivation fitfam 30for30

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Handmade Gemstone Jewelry


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Shop our Healing Gemstone Bracelets & Necklaces at www.gemandsilver.com (Link is in the Bio) ~ 💜✨ Amethyst ✨💜 • . . Pictured: • 6mm Amethyst & Matte Black Onyx Healing Gemstone Bracelets with S925 Sterling Silver . . . amethyst healing crystals diy gemstones healing positive goodvibes energy chakra yoga zen riseandgrind handmade healingcrystals namaste courage goodmorning bts healinggemstones grounding spiritual comfortzone healingcrystals healingstones inspiration motivation stability meditation prayer

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Ivan Li


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What is real handstand 🤸🏻‍♀️ Nice demo @samgachyoga ! Please following hin🤴🏻 . Hand balance 倒立平衡藝術 沒有什麼能難倒你,成為理想中的自己❤ . Kettlebell-Yoga-Hand balance iVANLi- Art of SIX ☎Whatsapp : 9203 9330 You can have, do or be, ”ANYTHING” you want.❤ . ivanliartofsix artofsix 六藝 ivan老師 yoga ashtanga manyoga 香港壺人 kettlebell hkkettlebell 壺鈴 香港壺鈴 handstand handbalance movement animalflow bodyweighttraining functionaltraining mobility flexibility stability control

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💞 Bec Russell 💞


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Be Consistent! Show Respect! Earn Loyalty! Stability will follow! 🙌 WednesdayWisdom WiseWords QOTD WordsToLiveBy QuoteOfTheDay Motivation SurroundYourselfWithPositivePeople LikeMinds Lifestyle Fitness PerthFitness HealthyMind HealthyLife Lifestyle BetterYou BestVersionOfYou Goals Positive InThisTogether Loyalty Consistency Stability Respect FitChick FitnessMotivation Challenge Happiness HumpDay StayTrue

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Exercise kitchen


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Because we believe that what we do could benefit everyone! trailrunner ultratrailrunner trekkers exercisephysiology sportspecific sportconditioning durability jointstabilityoptimisation stability balance reflex posture injuryprevention

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Functional Lifestyles


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Post Workout Static Stretching is most effective when held for minutes not seconds! Focus on slowing your breathing down with 3-5 secs inhales and 5-8 exhales. The exhale is where the nervous system will tell the muscles to relax and be allowed to stretch. . FunctionalLifestyles PursuitofBalance LiveLoveLaughLift HustleMustle Fit Health Training Gym Fitness Motivation Agility Fitness Nike Stability Mobility Instafit Inspiration PaloAlto

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j u l i a


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✨It’s been a long time coming but we’ve officially signed for a clinic downtown in the Crossroads Arts District ☺️I am so excited to start this next step in my F.I.T. journey💪🏼 And yes, Matt really is just that happy candid fitmjc crossroadskc comingsoon

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🔷 Yu Sung il 🔄 ATOM 🇰🇷


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171122.수 - Japanese.HS - 🐢🌊🌊🌊 1. 얘는 할때마다 느낌초기화 되는 것 같다. 😤 2. 멜론에없는노래 : 팀 - 나란 사람 ! - JapaneseHandstand 물구나무 🇰🇷 유핏 느리더라도꾸준히

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Rob Clove


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I'm a rare artist with an MBA and found out I can use it today. Yay to stability while following artistic goals. mood masters business silly robclove love peace gif wink nyc music actor songwriter saxophone stability positivity growth

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EliteTrainingCenter (ETC)


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어깨안정화운동 (Shoulder stability exercise) . . etc elitetrainingcenter athleticperformance strength balance stability power shoulders jiujitsu rehab 주짓수 어깨 안정화 운동 송파구 방이동 pt 가능

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Kira Stokes - kirastokes.com


Comment from Kira Stokes - kirastokes.com:

smotd - ⚠️this movement combo is harder than it appears - mobility, stability and strength all rolled into one. Equipment: your body and your patience🙏🏼 - pushing to a standing balance from a lateral lunge, to then hinge into a SLDL is NO JOKE; REMEMBER - to gain balance, you have to lose it. Embrace the fact that each rep, your balance will improve. Core awareness and maintaining focus is key! 🔹side lunge shift - be sure to maintain a flat back position and touch the instep of your opposite foot; this works as a nice hip opener while tapping into glutes, adductors (inner thighs). 🔹upon pushing to a standing balance, stay locked into your core - squeeze the butt cheek of the standing leg immediately. 🔹single leg deadlift (one legged balance tap) - always one of my favs which you’ll find often in my page; keep hips square, flat back, core strong, knee of standing leg soft. Again, squeeze the glute of the supported leg as you return to a standing balance. Fab hamstring, glute, core work. 🔹aim for 6-8 reps each side, 3 sets. 📸 @jayayogini . . . thestokedmethod stoked stokedfit bodyweight strength stability mobility movement core abs workforit goals challenge instafit instagood fitspo fitpro fitlife inspiration

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Elevated Performance


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stability baseball epfam

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