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Obi-Hope Kenobi 🌞


Comment from Obi-Hope Kenobi 🌞:

"Friends are all we have to get us through this life - & they're the only things from this world that we hope to see in the next."✨💞💋💨

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50.Cal, Canadabis 🍁


Comment from 50.Cal, Canadabis 🍁:

Little bit hot n hurdy that bitch 😂 @CannabisDude420 nominated me for a StopDropAndGlob thanks homie been a while so here’s some clouuuds 💨💨 smoking some WhiteFireOG & AfghaniBullrider by @ExclusiveXtracts dipped into some SuperWhiteSkunk [WhiteWidow ✖️ SuperSkunk] HTFSE by @FormulaBC what a stench coming off this 💦 just got obliterated... I nominate @greenthumb__42006 @trichomeforce @herbba @frosty_g.o.d @stoned_vision @stonednapoleon @beefy19xx let’s see what you’re smoking on 🙏🏻😎 fadedoptics TerpsUpInThisBish KingsOfKushCo TrichomeForce UniDabs LoudUnderLenses GermanDank420 PowStayBooted Weed420Feed RawLife247 PeaceKhalifa420 MarijuanaIsNature NaturalBornStoner KushyLife PotPorn TopShelfLife BitxhImHigh CanadianStoners OnlySmokeTheFinest Kronic CloudsOverCanada IStayBlazed SuccessfulStoner iWillMarryMary

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Comment from @legenddaarryy:

@millionaire_sayings_official motivationalquotes motivation successfulstoner successquotes success hardwork struggle struggling workout challenge

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ᴊɪᴍᴍʏ ʀᴏᴅʀɪɢᴜᴇᴢ


Comment from ᴊɪᴍᴍʏ ʀᴏᴅʀɪɢᴜᴇᴢ:

🌴 Trees give me life

41 Minutes ago

#TopShelfLife LLC San Diego,Ca


Comment from #TopShelfLife LLC San Diego,Ca:

@mike_v_tattoo keeps killinit on my tattoo!! So pumped on it!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙌🏼 thank you brotha! topshelflife

1 Hours ago

Supreme Grower


Comment from Supreme Grower:

seeds marijuana plants weedporn dabs concentratebho710420cannabislitindoorgardendabstagramclearconcentratebestgeneticsflowersmedicalmedicalmarijuanaorganicgrowfiresuccessfulstonergetliftedlightdepbudshashrosinprop215organicthcmmj

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Comment from Alex:

The shirt I wore for today's workout weighs heavily on my heart. It's made by the weedforwarriorproject, and what they do is raise awareness of the benefits cannabis can have on our veterans. - The reason this shirt is so important to me is because I was Army EOD, and I've seen the effects and trauma that come with serving this country. The fact that cannabis isn't being prescribed as an alternative to opiates is literally killing my brothers and sisters. There needs to be a change and raising awareness is just the beginning. - The workout had to be quick. So, I did 5x5 at 80% on bench, then I hit incline flies 3x8 at 70%, and to finish it off I carried a 75lb kettlebell in both hands and walked for 200'x3

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Comment from 🔥Lirpa🔥:

Dab dab. Cookies x Nitro Cookies topped with some StrawNana distillate from @districtextracts I definitely need to get my hands on more of their distillate, guys, it's heavenly! . . distillate dabs dabbersdaily concentrates extracts liveresin rosin shatter terpsauce terps marijuana medicalmarijuana medicalmarijuanapatient cannabis cannabiscommunity letssmoke successfulstoner maryjane 710society topshelflife washingtondc dccannabiscommunity

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Let Mary Motivate✌


Comment from Let Mary Motivate✌:

Step by step I will SUCCEED 💪 MarysMotivation DoWork MotivatedPotHead SuccessfulStoner ProductivePotHeads NugLife420 DUTCHGANG BluntBurningCrew NOBUNKJUSTFUNK WA5280 Weedstagram420 RawLife247 WeedStayHiigh DailyCannabis HrBNLiFE CannabisCommunity Chronic_Illness420 KeepItChronic StayGreen WeShouldSmoke 710Life CannabisCulture DabLife DabsRUs ColoradoDabbers ShatterDay Terps Concentrates WeedSociety WeedLife

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Comment from Mobb_Daily:

Cheech and Mobb up in smoke mobb_daily

1 Hours ago



Comment from Tay:

Definitely in need of more of these relaxing and beautiful dabventures🏔💨🔥🍯 really enjoyed my last few days off! Had to go get some time in dabbing in the mountains on some delicious Jelly Smasher while enjoying this view🏔💖🍇🍓🍒🍯🔥 dabhardorgohome fueledbythc fueledbybho cannabis CannabisCommunity weedstagram weshouldsmoke 710 420 sizelove scenicsesh sizeloveglass fightcrohnswithchronic marijuana cannabis somegirlsdabhard highsociety thc areyouhighyet colorado coloradodabbers denverdabbers successfulstoner loyaltotheoil

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Comment from Emily_china_vape_pen_wholesale:

Here comes winter, be sure keep warm, my friend😜😜

1 Hours ago

Ganja Guru👽💨💚


Comment from Ganja Guru👽💨💚:

Tickled pink. 🐩👾🌼❤💅 Cartridge: @alpine_official Shoes: @charlotterusse Battery: Ego-T Nails: This dude named Kevin worldreefers mposh2 manipediohsoheady roses cannabiscommunity girlswhoglob bongbeauties successfulstoner succulents pink princess stonervibes distillate extracts fueledbythc fueledbybho

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👽 Maryj Maiden 💚🇵🇷🇵🇷


Comment from 👽 Maryj Maiden 💚🇵🇷🇵🇷:

Smokin Like A Rockstar 🎸🎤👽💨...chitownbudslayer boricuabudslayerbabe boricuabudslayer prettypotheads stonerchick platniumog diamondog istayhigh iwillmarrymary 420divas maryjmaidens marijuanababes 420 420porn weedstagram weedgram 420nurses 420truckers getuame💋 successfulstoner kushgang kushprincess smokeweedeveryday girlswhosmokeweed maryjane shesmymainthang

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💰 pharaoh 🔫


Comment from 💰 pharaoh 🔫:

Been workin on my car this whole day tom about to drop the tank.... WFYO 👈 💥 StankyyDankyy fadedcartel 💥 🔥 teamdabtime glockteam 🔥 💪 danktown710 SuccessfulStoner bitxhimhigh Cantspellvegaswithoutthegas😤 👍 CrackingNugs bhomberzviix 💯 👊 lvcannabiscommunity prescribedforlife HighSociety thewaxpad fadedcartel 👌 TWAXgang vegashasfirestoo wedabtough 👌 🙌 KushGoons TopShelfLife 🙌 🌆 pushtrees 702 JustBlazeIG 702dabbers

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taydabss deleted @ 5k


Comment from taydabss deleted @ 5k:

Pink Girl 💖 Pink Kush ✖ Girl Scout Cookies @ce_headoffice @ce_headoffice ▫▫▫ girlswhoglob cannabis girlswhosmokeweed prettypotheads cannabiscommunity cloudsovercanada dabstagram dabbersdaily successfulstoner bakedinbc ohcannabis cannabisculture dabchamps highsociety

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Comment from GoodVibez:

LINK IN BIO!!! $16 each with free shipping Goodvibez goodvibeztribe stonedsociety maryinmylungs headyglass headyglassofig goodvibes successfulstoner dabs medicalcannabis cannabisheals letssesh cannabiscommunity justgethigh glassofig 710 girlswhodab topshelflife high 420nurses dyeddollies worldreefers medicalpandas highgirls hightimes dabbing dabs dab onlyyoucanpreventbadvibes bongbeauties

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Dab Tender & Edible Expert🌹PDX


Comment from Dab Tender & Edible Expert🌹PDX:

happy420 🖤🌬🖤 post work joint Stay medicatedandmotivated I'm a highclass successfulstoner witchdoctor stonerprincess princessironlungs ommp mmj girlsgotglass phuckcancer fuckcancer cbd thc dab dope womengrow cannabis cannabiscommunity ink fueledbythc 420 710 weshouldsmoke stayhigh stoner bho terp

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Comment from HYDRO EARTH:

Day 3, got the Water system finished with the help of @_lopes1_ . Trying to be the east coast @plumbdawg_millionaire your an inspiration homie👊🏻 small punch list and this room complete hydroearth plumbdawgwannabe automatedwateringsystem wewantyou tobenext changeyourlife automated savestime rhodehighland groceanstate oceanstateofmind grassachusetts dabachusetts beastcoast topshelflife successfulstoner northeastgrowersalliance

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David Charlier


Comment from David Charlier:

How would you define success? This is probably one of the most controversial questions in our society. That is because it varies drastically from person to person. We all define success on a personal level. We define success based upon where our values lie, or what we find to be of most importance. Our definition of success could be in the terms of monetary or materialistic items, the form of family or personal relationships, on a business level, as well as an educational level. The dictionary defines success as: The accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Success is an achievement. We should not base our values of success on monetary or material items. Money is just a number, digits never end. There will always be a nicer car or a larger house. If you base success on these principles, you will never find yourself successful or happy. You will just be chasing the rabbit your whole life. Success in family is starting a family and raising them the best way in which you can. Success in business is starting your own business and growing it larger than you could've ever imagined. Success in education is the ability to always be educating yourself throughout your entire life, for life is always teaching you new things. The bottom line is that true success should not be all about you, for we cannot achieve our success alone. We will need help from others, as well as help others in our pursuits. We were all put on this earth for a purpose. Success is about taking the talents in which you've been given, maximizing to your full potential, and truly making an impact in your own personal way to better the lives of the people in the world. It is about becoming the best version of yourself that you possibly can. We are all fully capable and equipped to achieve all of our goals and achievements, the only one stopping you, is you.

2 Days ago