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Comment from ❌📈Illness↔Weed↔Huskies↔J's📈❌:

Lemon jack🍋🍋 cannabisculture 710 420 kush dabs dank terps dabbersdaily dabsociety cannabiscommunity cannabis weedstagram weed marijuana stoner cannabis highlife maryjane ogkush smokeweed weedstagram420 stonernation medicalmarijuana weedculture420 potheadsociety pothead dank maryjane dablife growyourown ganjabros

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Comment from socal_nuggz:

This BANANA OG 🍌🌲🍌🌲Grown by @calikushfarms is ridiculous @lift_ticket_laboratory !! calikushfarms ckf kindcenterlovesyou kindcenter bananaog goldenstatebanana liftticket hybrid bomb bhomb terps dank ddank

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Comment from Krzysly:

I love the aroma this afghan gives its quite fruity and shes really starting to sugar starting week 5 afghan afghankush meltingterps rhodehighland rhodehighland420 grassachusetts massloud beastcoast eastcoast topshelfonly topshelf topshelflife dablife dabs terps terpenes smokeloud rimmj rifinest 401 remonutrients remo terpinator cannabiscommunity cannabis cannabisculture cannabiscures cannabisagainstopiates fuckcancer

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Tommy Terps


Comment from Tommy Terps:

another shot of the @erin.bourguignon minaret i received today. 🍑🍑🍑

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Upside Edibles™


Comment from Upside Edibles™:

Tomorrow is going to be 🔥. Be sure to stop by @dtpgdtla if you want some amazing deals!! peacebypiece 420 710 terps onelove legalizeit cannabiscommunity cannabisdaily edibles vegan healty upsidefam

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Heather Stenger


Comment from Heather Stenger:

4 years of college & getting into trouble + 6 years of adulting = 10 years of amazing friendship 💛 love you @babs0408 ! umd terps universityofmaryland college oldfriends friendship

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Ganja Shaman Farms


Comment from Ganja Shaman Farms:

Here's a mutant GoldenNugget that appears both leaves are fused together. Finally see new growth starting. Nature finds a way... . . Grown by @theganjashaman . . ganjashaman ganjashamanfarms greenpointseeds fluencebioengineering cannabis ganja marijuana medicalmarijuana terps thc cbd patient caregiver fuckcancer hash rosin indica sativa handtrimmed topshelf boutiquecannabis

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#TwistySeeds 🍁🌲


Comment from #TwistySeeds 🍁🌲:

Got dat New NEW,🌱pheno 🍇 Fu*k that’s Delicious 🍊🍉🍑🍒 so amazing this lady is stunning with here sexxy self💜💖💖💜🍒🍒 twistyseeds fuckthatsdelicious @bambambaklava danknugs highlife ganja terps highlife deliciousness cannabis actionbronson colorsofcannabis phenohunter newstrain topshelf wedontsmokethesame twistytreatseeds hightimescannabiscup hightimes growfromseed high_larry_us

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Matt Russell


Comment from Matt Russell:

First bong rip of the day! @trapperstudio Lake Trout slide packed up with some P.Kush from @old27.wellness🔥 love these dense nugs👊🏼 It packs a punch with a nice head high! I’ve felt like shit for the last 5 hours so don’t mind my shaking hand...this flower is helping me feel better so I’ll smoke more lol much love everyone ✌🏼❤️ 🎶Artist- @rexxliferaj 🎶Song- The Otherside trapperstudio laketrout glassofig glasscollector borosilicate mmmp medicalmitten old27wellness topshelflife headylife weed kronic maryjane marijuana waxhead high thc terps fueledbythc fuckcancer weedsociety 710society cannabiscommunity hitsfromthebong marijuanamovement wedontsmokethesame stayterpyonapunkbitch supportthosewhosupportyou

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Mobelly Farms


Comment from Mobelly Farms:

Lemon Haze 😀 . . . . lemon haze terps organic oregon marijuana cannabis mobellyfarms

5 Minutes ago

Goat Lab


Comment from Goat Lab:

Y'all ever put strawberry milk in your cereal when you were a kid? Well, this lady smells exactly like that. StrawberryQuick 🍓🥛

5 Minutes ago

CrazySovietToker 🍯ToxicDabz710


Comment from CrazySovietToker 🍯ToxicDabz710:

Made this cube today !pot leafs every-side ! Pot @leaf design by me ! Pretty happy @with this one ! . . . . . 420 710 710lifestyle 710life topshelflife marijuana pot bho 420toronto 710toronto dabs shatter photography photographer macrophotography stoners 710society mmj extracts dabstagram weedporn weed topshelflife macrophotography macro shatter terps kush nofilter ganjabros

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Errly Star


Comment from Errly Star:

Had the wrong date on late flyer. Come on out tomorrow night and bring your girrrrrl , playa playa !!! terps prop215 mmj marijuana 420 710 dab dabs dank dabber 710society mmj bluntedtvgang cannabis errl stoner crumble stonernation wax weed hash bho dailydabs kush crumble mmj cannabissociety errlystix shatter wax smokeourscrew dailybong errlystar

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J Urban


Comment from J Urban:

Late night grind is possible with Organic CBD cold brew, and three pallets of black and yellow bins from costco 👌 @litclublife hustlehard cbd coldbrew nosleep mob cannabis cannabiscommunity highsociety hightimes mmj prop215 prop64 mj maryjane ganja grow organic harvest crop high stoned smoke purple terps exotic marijuana weed weedporn hightimes ganja highsociety thc

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Cherry Studios


Comment from Cherry Studios:

Need print? 🤔 Vape clamshell inserts by the thousands!! Small run to million piece orders! 📲 Us!

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Ganja Shaman Farms


Comment from Ganja Shaman Farms:

This skunk No.1 has quite the tropical nose to her. Such a beauty. @mittencolas269 pheno. 2nd photo is the mother. . . Grown by @theganjashaman Under @fluencebioeng spydrxplus . . ganjashaman ganjashamanfarms ineering cannabis ganja marijuana medicalmarijuana terps thc cbd patient caregiver fuckcancer hash rosin indica sativa handtrimmed topshelf boutiquecannabis

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☄️MBNMustBeNice™☄️ PersonalUse


Comment from ☄️MBNMustBeNice™☄️ PersonalUse:

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Goat Lab


Comment from Goat Lab:

The PineapplePatch is back and DongJuan is putting in the work. 🍍🍆🍍🍆

9 Minutes ago

Chef Sarah


Comment from Chef Sarah:

Celebrating the holiday all week. Got a little present in the mail from @citizencbd . Excited to start experimenting with this product and deliver some delicious and healing treats for everyone to try. Thank you so much for this opportunity @planetboy 💜✌🏼🍭🍪🤘🏼💚

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/Original Cannabis Enthusiast\


Comment from /Original Cannabis Enthusiast\:

/Repost/ @og8184me loved that episode😂😂the end with voltron drones ❤🔥🔥😂\weedporn weed fire lit organic thebest 2017 terps thc 420 ganja dab herbalife grow stoned litty baked blazed function bong glass art highlife rickandmorty frosty thickassglass 710 daily

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