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eMoTιCαNιMαL 🐴🐶


Comment from eMoTιCαNιMαL 🐴🐶:

Ayer por la tarde vinieron a vernos un grupo desde Amadip para realizar un primer contacto, para muchos de ellos, con un caballo. Al exponerse a una experiencia nueva aprendieron numerosos conocimientos del caballo y del mundo de éste. Les esperaron impacientes🐴: Mel, Aridane y Centeno. Disfrutaron todos y cada uno de ellos y fue una experiencia preciosa, enriquecedora y emocionante, ¡para todos! Más adelante escribiré un post para contaros la experiencia 😻 •• •• transicionalavidaadulta emoticanimal🐴🐶 emoticanimal psicologia psicologa emocionesyanimales terapiasasistidasconanimales animalassistedtherapy terapiasasistidasconperros terapiasasistidasconcaballos equineassistedtherapy therapeuticriding actividadesludicoeducativas actividadesludicoesportivas terapia therapy educacion ocio diversidadfuncional caballodeterapia therapyhorse caballo horse 💚

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Colorado Equine Therapy


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Unfiltered dawn at Meadowlark, always spectacular. • • • 📸: @charlo_charlo • • • meadowlarkranch meadowlarkintegratedhealing therapyhorse horses boulder northboulder louisville longmont colorado ranch farm equineasisted equineassistedtherapy healing integratedhealing mentalstrength powerofhealing ranch shirehorse shirehorses herd arabianhorses therapy therapist meditate meditation psychotherapy counseling individuals couples family

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Comment from physioosteogram:

Repost @thefootcollective ・・・ Stop using cushioned footwear . Cushioning in a shoe allows you to use poor mechanics. Slamming your heel into the ground when you run isn’t done barefoot because it hurts your heel bone…..A LOT. This discomfort forces you to run with the front of your foot hitting the ground first and your achilles tendon and calf absorbing the impact. Stick a slab of cushioning in your shoe and it both promotes and allows for heel striking - might not give you heel pain but the impact forces just get transferred to your knees, hips and back. Eliminate shoe cushioning and improve your running form . walking foot alignment posture feet balance painfree footpain Physiotherapy Osteopathy Fisio Physio Therapy Rehab Fitness Training Sportsmedicine Yoga Pilates CrossFit Rehab Stretching Gym Sport Muscle Pain Massage Treatment Fisioterapia Health Stretching Sport

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Special Needs Siblings


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Super Special Siblings 😙💓 . . Thank you for sharing @_missammo_ . . . 💓 "I love you little sister even when I get on your nerves." @disneyland 2014 💕 . . 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹 Tag Your Special Needs Siblings at specialneedssiblings so we can see and feature you!!! 👏👍😍 Thank You For Being Apart of such a wonderful community!! 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹 specialneedssiblings specialneedsparents specialneedssister specialneedsmoms specialneedsdads specialneedsbrothers specialneedsfamilies support epilepsy autism downsyndrome brothers family congenitalheartdefect disability disorder dwarfism wheelchair therapy sensory sisters lupus lyme criduchat angelmansyndrome rettsyndrome adhd mitochondrialdisease chargesyndrome

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Aspire NLP Therapies


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life anxiety time selfhelp anxiety panic depression choice true feelings Facebook people therapy NLP Hypnotherapy lifecoaching addiction spiritual befree OCD phobias mindfulness happy

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Pieta House


Comment from Pieta House:

Because hope is *kind of* our thing, we're ending Transgender Awareness Week on a happy note, with Aoife Martin's experience of coming out as transgender in her workplace. Transitioning is difficult and acceptance matters more than anyone who has been lacking it can ever know! You can read Aoife's story here: http://bit.ly/2AGc7cu . . . . . love hope grief loss suicideawareness suicideprevention selfharmawareness selfharmprevention therapy counselling mentalhealth suicide selfharm bereavement pietahouse charity transawarenessweek transgenderawarenessweek transawareness transgender acceptance support

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Comment from GreaseMonki:

The not-so-magnesium blue,magnesium blue. magblue magnesiumblue diyshit therapy

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Comment from Jay C SKIXO:

Everything I have now I prayed for when going through my struggles. God has almost taken me out of my storms, just a matter of time 🙏🙏🙏☝💯 My new single "Y'ALL DON'T FEEL ME THO" is available until New Year's Eve! Link in bio! New music coming SOON! pray struggles god guideme spiritualityraphiphoptrapalternativehiphophardcorehiphopconsciousrapundergroundsoundcloud newsinglenewmusicpromo newsongindieatlartist atlantamusicianunsigned yalldontfeelmetholimitedtimetherapy

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Comment from paws.for.love:

Did you know that all three of our therapy kittens are still up for adoption from Love Kuching Project @luvkuching ? Involving our rescuecat in therapy benefits the socialisation skills of both our rescue cats and our clients. Here’s Ida (first photo) being cuddled by a resident & Edith looking distracted after waking up from her nap 😸

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Stine Galgum


Comment from Stine Galgum:

Lever for dager som dette 😍! Godfølelsen sitter langt nede i magen på en fin vinterdag med hesten med stor H. Er så heldig som har han ❤️. islandshest icelandichorse horsesofinstagram utpåtur euforisk glede treningsglede rideglede terapi therapy november winter norway nature liveterbestute utno

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Your House Clinic


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Don't let your end of year benefits go to waste! Book in for a massage @yourhouseclinic for the remaining weeks of the year massagetherapy massagetherapist massagetherapytoronto toronto rmt therapy downtowntoronto health benefits massage to entertainmentdistrict

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SPāCE VāTō | ComPOser


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. ...................LISTENING is NOT a Passive Activity................. . ................It is the most ACTIVE thing YOU can DO.............. . . ..................................₴PДcё👁VдТо.................................... . . ..........................SURFmusic for ALIENS........................... . . ............LISTEN on: SOUNDCLOUD.com/space-vato ........... . . . . . . ....................ᵛᴵˢᴵᵀ ᵁˢ ᴬᵀ: www.spacevato.com................... . . . . . . Editorial Commentary Documentary Vicarious Violence MonkeyMind Desire Zombie Semantics Trauma Mental ModernDance MentalIllness Motivation Attitude Therapy Sick Illness Nuascannan VR comPOSEr jazzROCK fILmsCORE MusicSupervisor MusicLicensing filmMUSIC SoundTRACK ArtificialIntelligence . . . . . . . . . . . . .........................................🕳🐇...........................................

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Richard Seth hardin


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Baby steps lol pay2playtroubleshootingonabudget therapy

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Maryam Ghouth | مريم غوث


Comment from Maryam Ghouth | مريم غوث:

Me with my clients. 😈 coaching therapy torture جلسات_خاصه علم_نفس توجيه عذاب

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Sara Teixeira


Comment from Sara Teixeira:

Summer last forever endlessummer salty sealovers liveauthentic lifefolk thehappynow talesoflight deeply exploremore explore freeastheocean outdoor beachin beachcamp camp camping campers love naturephotography ocean wild instadaily loveisnatural naturelovers landscape landscaping keepitsimple therapy weekend

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Keïsha Ramah


Comment from Keïsha Ramah:

To some it's just water.To me,it's where I regain my sanity. tanned . . . . . beach mode love the sea sun sky therapy feelsgood good vibes darkskin sexy mauritius igers adventure seaside shades of blue instadaily sunday

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michelle holloway


Comment from michelle holloway:

Couldn't face the gym as still coughing up a lung so took the mad jacks out for some fresh air instead! Nice stomp around the bay in the lovely sunshine 😍🐶🐶 fingers crossed for some gym action tomorrow... never thought I'd be that person who misses the gym 🙈😂 madjack JackRussell tricolour tiredoutdogs freshair dogwalk holesbay uptoncountrypark poole dorset sunshine fitness fitfam missingthegym gym lifting therapy girlswholift poorly 2weeks girlswithtattoos inkedgirl

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Lilit Davtyan 📍Yerevan/Москва


Comment from Lilit Davtyan 📍Yerevan/Москва:

Шлем-маска поможет справиться с проблемами🙅🏻💆🏻
Работу маски можно сравнить с процессом фотосинтеза, происходящем в растениях. ☘️
Глубокое проникновение в кожные слои позволяет простимулировать выработку необходимого коже коллагена, и одновременно с этим справиться с вредоносными бактериями на поверхности кожи. 😍

P.S. Знаменитости тоже любят эту процедуру. ✨✨✨ drmylips dermatology ledlights ledlighttherapy mask cosmetolody antiacne antiaging therapy skincare beauty naturalbeauty facialcare kourtneykardashian jessicaalba katehudson

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Awakening Hands LLC 💆‍♂️💆‍♀️


Comment from Awakening Hands LLC 💆‍♂️💆‍♀️:

When there are not that many choices and you have to be grateful for all the blessings, right? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ relax beauty health love wellness fitness events thrialon massagetherapy relaxing healthy therapy happy orthopedicmassage body lifestyle sportsmassage awakeninglifestyle healing follow miami deeptissue fit reflexology massagetherapist swedishmassage treatment gay awakeninghands bestmiamimassage

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Vanessa Schena


Comment from Vanessa Schena:

Dopo l’urlo di Munch..il nuovo urlo silente selfie-terapia 😂😂😂 sunday morning munch scream selfietherapy therapy selfie shower wash thoughts awakening give behappy chance different energy face goodvibes hallo love live life light mind nomakeup oh picoftheday thankyou home

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