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Carina Schneider


Comment from Carina Schneider:

'EGO' Daehyun . Soon 😱 aaah I can't wait for the mv. Just a few hours left 😵 have some Daehyun until it's time 😏❤ . Sadly I have to work now and can't watch bap_handsup before tonight :( maybe at lunch 🤔💕 Enjoy it for me 😭 . Swipe for details :) Don't repost my art without my permission! . bap bestabsoluteperfect bapfanart daehyunfanart yongguk himchan daehyun youngjae jongup zelo traditionalart pointillism blackandwhite inkstagram babyz

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Comment from Nelsn:

"Moștenire /Heritage" Eunice Gall . . . . . . . . . . . . . artworld artsnewss art artistic painting painter ink artistsoninstagram artist womanartist christmaspresents christmas love sibiu hermanstadt cluj clujnapoca drawing drawings draw sketch artwork travel traditionalart traditional romania

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Men and Maniraptorans


Comment from Men and Maniraptorans:

Guess who's mad at Jurassic being hella inaccurate and kinda boring with their dinosaur designs. notmybaryonyx

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a lazy chicks 🐤 | naIdyan


Comment from a lazy chicks 🐤 | naIdyan:

ヽ(*`Д´)ノ  oc originalcharacter photoshop photoshopbrush photoscape art traditionalart couple referenceused

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Mari Bird


Comment from Mari Bird:

Looks like a weird mix between Leia and Christina Ricci I think 😳 art artwork illustration universe watercolor watercolorart hands drawing sketch sketchbook traditionalart ballpen hellowednesday

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🌿🌺Luna Kora 🌺🌿


Comment from 🌿🌺Luna Kora 🌺🌿:

Since my tablet is being repaired for the next few weeks, I decided to do some sketches. Blue pearl from Steven Universe art drawing sketching artistsoninstagram stevenuniverse fanart stevenuniversepearl pearl bluepearl traditionalart commissionsopen

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✨Andy Mee Art✨


Comment from ✨Andy Mee Art✨:

Quick Elizabeth Bennett study of THAT scene 💚 . . . elizabethbennet prideandprejudice drawing study portrait pencildrawing orgulloyprejuicio quickdrawing staedtler mechanicalpencil instadrawing instaportrait picoftheday traditionalart practice

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Marisa Hueso


Comment from Marisa Hueso:

Progres shot, boi! Here's the pencil drawing for Bastet before I ink her. Day 346/365 . . egyptianmyths ancientegypt bastet goddessofprotection egyptiangods egypt expressions characterstudy characterdesign wip workinprogress traditionalart traditionalmedia illustration illustrator mnhuesoart colerase pencils pencildrawing graphite dailypost dailysketch poses fullbodypose posestudies studies lifedrawing cat latepost dailydrawing

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Dystopia 👁


Comment from Dystopia 👁:

Reposting this one cause I love the shading. Looking at previous finished pieces gives me inspiration and reminds me of certain techniques I used. . . dystopiaeye Inktober Inktober2017 creepy zombie InkIllustration Ink Illustration Voodoo Art thirdeye mystical Death hair celestial Halloween LineArt Sketch Portrait priestess goddess witch seer shaman blackandwhite art traditionalart

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✨Just some person (Jasmin)


Comment from ✨Just some person (Jasmin):

Blue doodles. artdump doodle sketch highlighter blue animeart arttrash originalart traditionalart pensketch penart animegirl random fantasy

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Sean Carter


Comment from Sean Carter:

NSFW 🖼️ Today’s Drawing is a WIP of nude /u/RubyKodama Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/redditgetsdrawn/comments/7jbgeb/nsfw_this_was_myself_posing_on_a_table_during_a/ Periscope video of process: https://www.periscope.tv/id8tionist/1OwxWMoVOYnGQ Please comment and critique, follow and like and share — Thank you!! (just keep attributions) Also — feel free to post where I can find your art 😍 💁 If you want to donate to my tip jar and support local artists: paypal.me/id8tionist (My family thanks you.) ———————————————— 🔗 http://www.id8tionist.com 🛒 I have my own store: http://bit.ly/id8artstore (Also on @Redbubble & @Society6) 🎬 Speed Drawing videos: http://bit.ly/id8Tube 👍 Facebook: http://bit.ly/carterartist ❤️ Instagram: http://bit.ly/id8Insta 😍 Sign up for my newsletter, too: http://bit.ly/id8_sub ———————————————— ️⃣ art artwork artworks drawings sketch sketches traditionalart traditionaldrawing pen ink reddit redditgetsdrawn RGD redditartistnetwork redditart redditartist artistsoninstagram artistsofinstagram sketchaday dailydrawing id8tionist speedball fountainpen arte

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I have no will to live (◕‿◕✿)


Comment from I have no will to live (◕‿◕✿):

Thank you @kariukai for the caption ;0 drawing art mydrawing myart traditional traditionalart traditionaldrawing oc originalart originaldrawing originalcharacter cute girl inked color colored sketch

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🌿Natalie - Graphic Designer🌿


Comment from 🌿Natalie - Graphic Designer🌿:

Рисунок на осенний лад 🍂ngfdfdartnataliegraphicsartdrawdrawinginkillustration inkarttraditionalartlines рисунокчерниласканарт @fd__art happyfallfallautumnpumpkinposterapplenice

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Maggie Kelner


Comment from Maggie Kelner:

Bit of late night experimenting with a character of mine. Still deciding if I like it or not... 🐀 art original originalart traditional traditionalart brushpen oc originalcharacter characterdesign linework doodle

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Comment from みずる:

これも . まふまふ 歌い手 mafumafu utaite まふてる mafuteru . イラスト スケッチ quicksketch sketch doodle art traditional traditionalart illustration fanart 可愛い かわいい 男の子 おとこのこ 男 cute boy pencil marker finals done らくがき

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Comment from みずる:

昨日投稿忘れちまった . What i intended to draw: the beautiful cute glasses boy that i met on last year's christmas morning Which means i: failed as fuck like how i failed to catch a pic with him . イラスト スケッチ quicksketch sketch doodle art traditional traditionalart illustration fanart 可愛い かわいい 男の子 おとこのこ 男 cute boy pencil marker finals done らくがき loverboy damn hot

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Comment from BucketOfOcean:

Hello? Yes, I’d like one consistent art style please • • • • • • • • • • bemorechill bmc bemorechillart bemorechillfanart bemorechillmusical richardgoranski doodle art fanart sketch artistsofinstagram artistsoninstagram drawing gouache gouachepainting painting traditionalart traditionalartwork myart🎨 originalartwork originalart

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PiCoT - ピコット


Comment from PiCoT - ピコット:

100th post! Twenty years ago I done this one after anatomy study. . Man, this brings back memories. . Spider-Man 70x100 paper colored pencil . spiderman character picot simonepicotti anatomy marvel spider web spiderweb boy illustration ink traditional drawing artistoninstagram traditionalart color coloredpencil marker oldtime sketchcolor cartoon style dicenber paper anime characterdesign illustrationart 100th amazing

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Comment from Vhizzy:

@Regrann from @hypnotizing_arts: 🌑 Incredible realism, I thought it was a real fish! 🐳 🙌 How does she do this?😰 • By artist @lizalegina • Do you want to be featured? 🌌 Use hypnotizing_arts and Tag me! • 📩 For immediate feature/promotion write me to Direct • Check my new art sharing page: 🌒 @sunlight.art 🌘 @arts_moonlight And I'll feature you there! • fineart traditionalart artofinstagram sketch_daily art_empire artdaily artist_4_shoutout spotlightonartists arts_secret artists_community instapainting instaartexplorer artistdrop art_realistique arrtposts artscloud artsnewss artatte drawanyway talentedartist artwork_support watercolor aquarelle akvarell watercolorph animalart animalcreatives

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Butik Anacaraka


Comment from Butik Anacaraka:

Kebaya Lukis Bali Desain Original Anacaraka Ready to wear Coklat kopi bahan sifon plus furing katun Size M Lingkar badan 90cm Lingkar dada 72cm Panjang baju 75 cm Cp admin Dayu 085738765757 kebayamodern kebayalukis kebaya kebayaunik handmade gaunpesta gaunpengantin gaunlukis fashionart traditionalart vintagestyle luxury luxurydesign denpasar denpasarbali bali anacaraka anacarakabutik

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