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Comment from Jem:

Triceratops!!! Getting in a good lower body yoga stretch for hump wednesday whilst strengthening the core. I always try to put 100% into the movements so i actually feel like ive exercised. Not as easy as people think! Certainly different to the gym, but no less of a workout! wildbangarang wildbangarangfitness yoga hathayoga yogi yogis workout gym coreworkout strength flexibility workingout workoutmotivation fitness fit health powerranger powerrangers triceratops blueranger mmpr mmprblue rangerfit itsmorphintime gymleggings cosplayer fitnessmotivation cosplayfitness toningup training

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Comment from Al3ks:

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Adam Nagy


Comment from Adam Nagy:

Another cool skull on @angry_paintbrush_tattoo I like these, do you? veryyes triceratops triceratopstattoo dinosaur dinosaurtattoo fossil fossiltattoo whipline needledrag skull skulltattoo eternalink tatsoulcartridges blackwork stencilstuff necktattoo tattoo_art_worldwide thedailytattoos adamnagytattoos studioseventattoos

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Dan Hardman


Comment from Dan Hardman:

TRICERATOPS 🐊 dinosaur tattoo triceratops chest skull ink photo instagram instagood instadaily insta camera nikon trex samsung ig igers gy igaddict igdaily

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Jurassic Hire


Comment from Jurassic Hire:

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Jurassic World_Fallen Kingdom


Comment from Jurassic World_Fallen Kingdom:

June 11, 2021.Count down to the end. Jurassic World 3 in cinemas from June 11, 2021. jurassicworldfallenkingdom jurassicworld2 jurassicpark dino triceratops dinosaurs lockwoodmanor blue velociraptor bike thelostworldjurassicpark allosaurus baryonyx stygimoloch mountsibo mosasaurus Indoraptor islanublar lockwoodmanor arts brycedallashoward clairedearing chrispratt islanublar thelostworldnovel jurassicparknovel stevenspielberg alangrant

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Malene M. Bisgaard


Comment from Malene M. Bisgaard:

When I booked the discount tickets through our local library I had no idea the weather would turn out to be this gorgeous 😂☀️ Nevertheless we spent a really exciting morning *indoors* at the Boston Museum of Science dinosaurus triceratops bostonmuseumofscience mos mazeofmirrors smahtnotsmart 😉

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Comment from DINOSAURS:

THE WHITE PEPPER 🐚 thewhitepepper dinostyle dinofashion dinohair dinocolors diplodocus triceratops stegosaurus trex

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Jurassic World Evo.


Comment from Jurassic World Evo.:

Jurassic World 3🔥 rates dino jurassic jurassicpark jurassicworld jurassicworldthegame jurassicworldevolution fanpage triceratops tbh lifefindsaway tbr gaming welcome dope welocme tb trex dt like likeforlike followforfollow share videogames icy raptor goprodreams rexy ign

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Comment from AKGjerloeff:

A young talented person made this for me inspired by the Dinosaur families exhibition at The Natural History Museum of Denmark. Love it!! triceratops dinosaur dinosaurfamilies statensnaturhistoriskemuseum naturalhistorymuseumDK geologiskmuseum dinosaurfamilier tegning blyant jegsynesdenerforfed @drawings_by_lm

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♛ ♛ ♛ ♛ ♛ ♛


Comment from ♛ ♛ ♛ ♛ ♛ ♛:

God must have spent a little more time on you. ❤️ SydneyLovesDinosaurs triceratops allosaurus megalosaurus tyrannosaurusrex

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Cait Smith


Comment from Cait Smith:

All pinned in and ready to solder! ••• stainedglass dinosaur triceratops glasscutting glassart handmade artsyengineer abstractart coloredglass traditionalglasswork

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Toy Store Volkan Oyuncak


Comment from Toy Store Volkan Oyuncak:

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Garreth Jackson


Comment from Garreth Jackson:

Triceratops Full untextured design can be found on my profile below. Hi-res design can be found on my website. Link is available above in my bio. cinema4d c4d art digitalart keyshot keyshot3d render 3drender 3d 3dmodel 3dmodels 3dmodeling 3dvehicle hardsurface hardsurfacemodeling hardsurfacemodel concept conceptdesign design artwork cg robot robotic creature creaturedesign dinosaur triceratops machine fantasy scifi

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Rik Berry


Comment from Rik Berry:

TRICERATOPS (Skull) . Pen and ink. . . From a series of prehistoric creature drawings done for a children's dinosaur club. . I hasten to add that these were copied from artwork in a published book on prehistoric life on earth...unfortunately, I cannot recall the book or the fantastic original artist's name, for which I apologise. Whilst these particular drawings (and those that follow) were drawn by me, credit must go to that original artist for their extremely exact and inspiring work. . art penandink artoninstagram artistsoninstagram instaartist instaart drawing dinosaur dinosaursofinstagram prehistoric triceratops dinosaurskull fossil skull throwback closeup jurassic details

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Comment from Drawings_by_lm:

dinosaur triceratops eggs dinoeggs dinosaurfamilies statensnaturhistoriskemuseum geologiskmuseum pencil drawing darwent naturalhistoryDk

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Comment from madebymelittleg:

handmade triceratops dinosaur birthday badge etsyshop etsy supportsmallbusiness dino

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Drawing artist


Comment from Drawing artist:

Triceratops for upcoming movie 🎥 @jurassicworldfallenkingdom I’m very excited for this newest movie 😍 Drawing made by me Inspired by @juliannamaston mystyle black & white ✍🏻⚫️⚪️ triceratops dino dinolover jurassicpark jurassicworld jurassicworldfallenkingdom movie movieart jurassic realistic realisticart portrait pencildrawing pencilart stunningart artacademy worldofnerdart blackwhite animal animalart picoftheday tbt herbivore doodle nawden art_empire drawing universal

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Comment from Isaiah:

Here's the still life from my life drawing class. I made a few adjustments the other day so it looks a bit different now.

3 Hours ago

Action Figures & Collectibles


Comment from Action Figures & Collectibles:

IMAGINATIONS... with beautiful new triceratops by @schleichofficial schleich triceratops toycollective toystagram toyphotography toysphotography toycollection toycollector toys4life instatoys toytoyphotos toptoyphotos toygroup_alliance toyelites toysaremydrug toysnaps wheretoysdwell jurassicpark jurassicworld epictoyart amatoyphotography toydinosquad toydinosaur dinosaurtoy dinosaurtoys toycommunity toythug toygroup_alliance toygraphyid toyrevolution toyspotcollector

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