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Velandra Vapes


Comment from Velandra Vapes:

Its getting cloudy out ... make sure to check out @team_subohm_torchcompwires ... vapesling vapegirls vapebabe vapechick girlvaper subohmgirls cloudsfordays clouds babeswhovape bostonbabes Boston goddessesvape vapehottie cloudgirls gitlsthatblowclouds teamsubohm vsladies hotvapechicks

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Destiny Joy Bailey


Comment from Destiny Joy Bailey:

Watching the dark crystal and chillin 😊 its only Tuesday haha I'm tired! chicksthatdrip cloudporn vape vapelife vapelyfe vapestagram vapeporn vapeaholiks calivapers socalvapers vapedaily subohm beautiful cloud vapenation vapebabes vapegirls vapeporn vapehype vapefamily vapecommunity vaping cloudchaser ejuice vapefam smoke vapestagram vaper vapedaily insta instagood sexy

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🦋Pandora Blue


Comment from 🦋Pandora Blue:

@socalvapeco acaibowl is just like biting into a rich blackberry, raspberry, and creamy goodness all at once, the delicious Acai berry flavor of this eliquid will make your mouth water for more.The creamy smoothness of a nutty granola smoothie satisfies on the aftertaste, leaving you with the full Acai original experience delivered, every time. Ripe sweetness, wholesome rich flavor, and quenching delivery of a full bodied vape experience will leave you craving for your next enjoyment. 🍇🍧🌰💨 pandorablue

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Valeri Murray Anstey


Comment from Valeri Murray Anstey:

Black Friday is right around the corner. Carrackvape.com Coupon Code VALERIA5 $5.00 off @deathwishmodz @carrackvape reapersquad deathwishmodz deathwishfam vape repwhatyoulove vapenation vapehard vapelife vapelove vapelyfe vapedaily vapefriends vapefam vapefamily vapegirls vaping vapingsavedmylife girlwhovapehard vapechicks clouds cloudchaser notblowingsmoke vapeporn vapingaddict vapingadvocacy vapecommunity vapesociety vapstagram instavape

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Comment from smoant:

New giveaway is coming! Do you want this charon TS mod ? cheack @smoant_official to know more about it ! Wish you good luck ❤❤❤

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Comment from KoKoVapeSpamzz:

If you dm me pics of your mods I will post them on my page and give you a shout out by tagging you. Hmu☺️✌🏻 rideordie domandletty foreverandalways cloudlover hubbyandwifey bfandgf vcloudz musclecars americanmuscle semperfi usmarines miaandbrianvapelife vapesociety vapegirls vapenationvapeon vapeor vape vapenation vapelife vapefam vapestagram

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Comment from 🕴VAPE FOR LIFE 🕴:

Skater boi see you later boi 👥 ⤵ Double tap & tag your friend Love it 😉💖 Would like to order VAPE T-Shirts 👕? Please check the link in my bio (profile) to order it ➡ @vape_for_lifes * * Follow me :➡ @vape_for_lifes For More 😉 . . . 📷 Credit: @solotulko vape smoke smoking vapelife vapeporn vapelyfe vapefam vapeon vapenation vapelove vaper vapepics vapers vapetricks vapefamily vapes vapeshop vapefamous vapehard vapegram worldwidevapers vapegirls eastcoastvapers ukvapers vapeworld vapelikeaboss vapestars teamcoolsmoketricks vape_for_lifes

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Comment from D I T Y:

Merapat yuk ke skygarden nanti malam, ada aku (djaditydelgario) jam 20.00 - selesai! Sampai jumpa nanti malam bor! dj singer djaditydelgario kuta lagian bali badung - - vape vapor vapetrick vapenation vapegirls vapebar homevape vgood vapeoi vapeon💨

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Vape Sell


Comment from Vape Sell:

Our Friends in HILIQ just opened their FREE SHIPPING NOW! If you are looking for reliable nicotine quality, excellent flavors and aromas as well as premium e-liquids and devices, this is your chance to ship their affordable products, Free shipped anywhere in the world! Check their Instagram account @hiliqeliquids and visit their site: www.hiliq.com!

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Пар Культуры Владивосток


Comment from Пар Культуры Владивосток:

Снова в наличии BLVK Unicorn PRPL Grape 🍇🇺🇸 Всех ждём в ПАР КУЛЬТУРЫ‼️parkult парэтовыход парэтовыдох vape vaperussia vapemoscow vapekrd vapelife vapeporn vapefam vapecommunity vapelyfe vapeon vapestagram vapedaily vaper vapehooligans vapeshop vapegirls moscow krasnodar vladivostok instavape москва краснодар владивосток ногганолакшери

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Comment from VaporStorm:

Puma and his package box, wanna try it? ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ vaporstorm vapegirls vapeworld vapeaddict vapeclouds teamcoolsmoketricks vapehappy vapebabes vapemod vapephotography officialvapetricks vapeliquid societyofvape vapequeen vapesocial vapebox girlwhovape vapecouple vaperazzi mod vapejuice vapefeed vapepic notblowingsmoke cloudchaser

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Jackson Gayle


Comment from Jackson Gayle:

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🇨🇦 Ⓣⓗⓔ Ⓛⓐⓨⓜⓐⓝ Ⓥⓐⓟⓔⓡ 🇨🇦


Comment from 🇨🇦 Ⓣⓗⓔ Ⓛⓐⓨⓜⓐⓝ Ⓥⓐⓟⓔⓡ 🇨🇦:

We... Are... LIVE!!! Come and see us @adonia.haze IG Account!

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Comment from KoKoVapeSpamzz:

Limited Edition Tpriv Prism and 7-color procolor both a love❤️❤️ rideordie domandletty foreverandalways cloudlover hubbyandwifey bfandgf vcloudz musclecars americanmuscle semperfi usmarines miaandbrianvapelife vapesociety vapegirls vapenation vapeon vapeor vape vapenation vapelife vapefam vapestagram

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📸: @lealu2_st - Blue sky n my vape 🌬️☁️☁️ vapelikeaking tasmania brownsriver

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Comment from Ndoro:

Pagi yang awesome~ vape vans vapetricks vapor like4follow vaping like4follow vaping like4follow vaping like4follow vaping liquidlipstick vapestore cooking vapestagram vintagestyle instamagandroid like4like lovenature love cooking vapestrong vaporizerjakarta vaporn likesforlikes liker vapeday vapestore vapefamous vapegirls loveu vapejakarta shisha shisa westcoastvapers vapecommunity friends

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Tina Laisimo


Comment from Tina Laisimo:

Hand checking for snowwolf 200w c purgemods gostvapor Vapetrickssmoketricks vape vapenation vgodecig spinner vapeaddict subohmjakartavape igvape vapestagramvapelyfe coilporn instavaperzvapedaily vapehooligansvapecommunity vapeindonesiacloudchaser vapegirlsteamcoolsmoketricks vapeon vapingvapelife vapeporn instavape ukvapers

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Comment from ♡Karrissa♡:

vapegirls vape makeup bodymods inkedgirlsdoitbetter vapecommunity vapeon vapegirl vapemodels vapepics clouds vapefam vapepic dc altgirl alternative piercing piercings tattoos vapefam scenegirl otaku goth lolita Pastelgoth modifiedgirl modified inkedvapers inked inkedgirls inkedgirlsdoitbetter mua

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Comment from bitchwithascythe:

Ещё одна история, длинною в жизнь) vape vapes vapers vapegirls rx200 vapeclouds vapeon vape😤 vapenation vapelove vapeworld vapestagram vape💨 instavape vapelyfe vapelife vapesociety vaperazzi vapegram vapegirl vape💨💨 vape💨💨💨

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Smoothy Man E-Juice™


Comment from Smoothy Man E-Juice™:

Have you tried Tropical fruit ? 🔥 😤 grab a bottle and let us know what you think.

14 Minutes ago