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Daniel Sutherland


Comment from Daniel Sutherland:

Another red one division war acrylicpainting

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Comment from Harlequinarts:

I don’t know if I posted this already, but I love this photo so much. Check out the new strip!!! It releases today =) janna horsemanofwar war fourhorseman jannacosplay horsemanofwarcosplay writersblock writersblockcomicstrip warcosplay harlequinarts harlequinartscosplay harlequinartscosplayandcrafts harleyquinarts cosplay cosplayer cosplaying cosplaygirl girlsofcosplay womenofcosplay

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Spitfire mk II Reclaimed lead from pre-war house. . . . leadbydesignspitfireaircraftartl4lphotoofthedaycreativesculptureworldwar2instadailyinspirationartofthedayinstaartartistspitfiremk2battleofbritainww2museumhistoryworldwartwoclassicaircraftreginaldmitchellrollsroycemilitariawarstokeontrentstokeontrentcityofculture2021cityofculture2021

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World Special Forces


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Turkish Warriors 💣 military warriors army navy soldier swat sat war specialforces glock canik europa asia america africa australia

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gta gtav gta5 gtaonline lossantos vinewood xbox one s game gamer gaming play player playing pink in adversy mode name is motor war it is well

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Informations & news 🇫🇷🇬🇧


Comment from Informations & news 🇫🇷🇬🇧:

📜🇰🇵l’histoire du jour 🇰🇵📜 les images font le tour du monde ( http://urlz.fr/6a7Q ) Elles montrent un soldat nord coréen fuir sa dictature 🇰🇵 au péril de sa vie. Il prend la fuite en jeep puis à pied sous les balles des militaires nord coréens. Il parviendra finalement à rejoindre la Corée du Sud 🇰🇷 où il est soigné depuis / 🇬🇧 'hThe story of the day 🇰🇵📜 The images circumnavigate the world (http://urlz.fr/6a7Q) They show a North Korean soldier fleeing his dictatorship 🇰🇵 at the risk of his life. He fled by jeep and then on foot under the bullets of the North Korean military. He will finally reach South Korea where he has been treated since coreedunord northkorea coreedusud southkorea freedom liberte risque risk courage army armee guerre war dictature dictatorship infostories lastoryquivousinforme storyoftoday histoiredujour ( crédits photos @youngpoliticss )

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Red War


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Azrael Red War RedWar azrael airsoft Russia Voronezh TAR21 TAVOR RRV REM870 GLOCK23 страйкбол Россия Воронеж

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BIIG Frankfurt,Almeria,Nador


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Comment from boxingbeat:

Joseph parker @joeboxerparker has said he would now accepy 35% to fight aj, which would still amount a pre tax earning of 7m which is 6 times what his previous biggest purse was. I dont think hearn will agree to this amount joshuaparker josephparker anthonyjosua aj ajbxing box boxing boxer knockout sport ko tko motivation fight workout training champion history war fitness mma desire fit health fighter gym work cardio boxinglife

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Balogh Péter


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Royale Gems


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official Paraguayball


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Hey, Its Me 👋🏻


Comment from Hey, Its Me 👋🏻:

👻 Ich kann mich auch nicht entscheiden mit dem Bild Größen :c • old older love bibi es war so kalt du affe mensch ey

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Comment from Orchidia92Games:

Kto się zgadza? :D pcgaming games computer Computerworld xbox ps console war

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Chris Dennett


Comment from Chris Dennett:

I’m back on American shores to reclaim the colonies for Queen and Country!!!!! J/k. I’m actually here to hit the road, making like Kerouac across Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut to interview Second World War veterans! Wish me luck 😊

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chris van eeden


Comment from chris van eeden:

sketch for "The Poetry of Shock and Awe" 2017 / modified catapult / edition of 3 / DM for price / Xmas be upon you cheap contemporaryart conceptual conceptualart sculpture art marketing advertising toxic masculinity consumer war thisisnotatoy keepitrealtm

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