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alyssa royalty


Comment from alyssa royalty:

nomakeup mentalhealth mentalillness schizophrenia exercise diet so exercising everyday keeping to my still not seeing results like I want. Really struggling with my mental Illness and everything. I really don't sleep my nerves are really bad. And also thank you to the ladies messaging me to join their workout groups pages really appreciate. My thing is I have no money I'm strapped pretty bad it's a full time job caring for my grandparents. To the people who are following me thank you and to those that follow me then I follow back then they unfollow Me just for follows fuck you. So my christmas wish is to get a hashtag crunchyroll subscription and sailormooncrystal

22 Seconds ago

Mrs. Maduro


Comment from Mrs. Maduro:

food snack sundaysnack delicious deliciousfood pizzadough garlic parmezan easy wish i had more mjam theylovedit

47 Seconds ago

Andrew Borquez


Comment from Andrew Borquez:

latepicpost 🇨🇳 shanghai china 😆vacation amazed fun city wish I was there longer enjoyinglife encouragesomeone iloveyouall plurvibes allday 💯❤️🇨🇳

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Comment from sdkr:

feel a loss wish u we're here

1 Minutes ago

Ⓜar💄 🎀


Comment from Ⓜar💄 🎀:

☆Ed ora che non mi consolo davanti una fotografia Mi rendo conto che il tempo vola E che la vita poi è una sola☆ . . . . @manu.ven happybirthday 14november2017 25 sister aspecialday party friends happymoment wish food morefood cakehomemade foodporn cooking allverygood cynderellatheme partyincolors baloon whish dreaminfall morewords dreamintheair perfect milano isernia

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Çağlar Onbaşı


Comment from Çağlar Onbaşı:

Dear Santa Claus 🎅, forget Canon G7X and please bring me one Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX 100 iii. Thanks!! This camera is exactly what i need!! Dear @sony, is there any discount for me? Or can i pay 10 years later. I promise i will!!!! 🙏 Wish for 2018! Even i canceled Garmin Fenix 3 HR for this camera! . wish santa santaclaus canon camera rx100 dscrx100 alpha camera photography me whatineed @sonyalpha

2 Minutes ago

ヅPerfect Space


Comment from ヅPerfect Space:

▫️| Photos are carefully chosen and placed with great pleasure |▫️ white things design style fantasy light foodi mode garden pink doll ibiza ibizastyle colorfull gipsy pop bohemian hippiemarket childrenoftheworldworldtravelgreybohoscandinavianhipsternature familywishdreamphotooftheday ⋆⋆⋆⋆✦Have fun with the journey through my pictures✦⋆⋆⋆⋆

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Comment from β€ŘŦΔ:

Let's suppose that you were able every night to dream any dream you wanted to dream and you would naturally as you begin on this adventure of dreams you would fulfill all your wishes. You would have every kind of pleasure you see and after several nights you would say wow that was pretty great but now let's have a surprise let's have a dream which isn't under control nuages dreams dreaming darkness wish photooftheday pale tomboy androgynous genderfluid blackandwhite

3 Minutes ago

Gretchen Mahoney


Comment from Gretchen Mahoney:

camden wish hiking photooftheday happiness

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Comment from lenny:

Hbdwish u all the best

4 Minutes ago



Comment from Hikaru:

. 約280キロの旅を終えて今ようやく帰宅🙆‍♂️ タイヤなんとかもった(笑) . 富津公園での集まりにお邪魔させていただきました🙋‍♂️ . やっとしおたんさん、やっすんさん、ゆっささんとお会いしてごあいさつできました🙇 . ゆっささんとはコラボまでしてもらえました🤤 隣に並べて改めてかっこいいウィッシュすぎて、、、 でも同時に自分も負けてられないと刺激受けました😏😏 . まずゆっささんに追いつけるようにがんばります💪 . . toyota wish work wheels meister 他の ウィッシュ との 初めての コラボ でした いい刺激 もらえました

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Comment from 本田航治郎:

温泉行ったら腹が痛くなるのわ毎回😇 温泉下痢なるやつ宮崎都城高城山田どこでしょうアクアG'sエクストレイルwish ウィッシュ同期ぷらす1トヨタトヨタグラムじろうグラム

4 Minutes ago

Hisyam Aryo


Comment from Hisyam Aryo:

Happy berojol🤡 lflfff18thnyeaywish

5 Minutes ago



Comment from Zello:

Bolsa de tecido🌻Brisamar *pronta entrega* Bolsa feito a mão, com um estilo bem descontraído e descolado para você curtir a melhor época do ano!! 🌞⛱ . . . . flor nature fashion lovestyle love cute bolsas angradosreis feitoamao praia beach modapraia summer sunday girls woman wish like4like follow followme angradosreis verao moda flores flowers

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Comment from Köe:

~sopla charlie brown~ happybrithday30yearsfamilydayilovecakefunnypastrycousincandelstastyfamilylovemydaytowncastellbellielvilarbagesbcnspainbarcelonabarnaespañaspainwishsharpeilovesharpeissharpeisharpeimixmydogdogmylovesmilelike La ARTISTA del mi pastel personalizado para mi 30 aniversario: @taniia721

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Comment from Hervina97:


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Hải Ly


Comment from Hải Ly:

My holiday sunday!☔️wish likethis 4ever

8 Minutes ago

🎶 Jay Milli 🔱 follow the 💡


Comment from 🎶 Jay Milli 🔱 follow the 💡:

Make a wish 💨 💫

9 Minutes ago

Jocelyn Montoya


Comment from Jocelyn Montoya:

I had to much to dream last night ✨✨

10 Minutes ago



Comment from fraevleinurlaub:

good things take time ✨

11 Minutes ago