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Akademia Ducha


Comment from Akademia Ducha:

After Powernight/Birthday. Who told that Supersayians can't have fun? Most beautiful and majestic Ritual You can see on Instagram. The rest, well... I invite You to join Active Side of the Force, Force! It's an experience impossible to describe. It's beyond observation. And yes - this day something changed. Not only the number of candles in ny cake. birthdaygirl bday happybirthday wishes witch bday birthdaycake birthday ritual spiritacademy

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Comment from kvervandi:

Just a witch of the woods minding her own business. My watercolor works suck, I know, but at least I have fun! witch creature

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Aakansha Chauhan


Comment from Aakansha Chauhan:

doremon broom nobita shizuka takeshi gian suneo doremi moon anime nightsky blue animeart starrynight witch mountain ride magic instaart instaartist tree starrysky friends friendship doremonandnobita art artist painting doodle postercolour

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Comment from Ведьмующая🌒🌕🌔:

witch esoterics magic coven witchcreativity witchartist creativity tarot sketch drawing gothic houseofwitch spirit ballofspirits Wicca religion Iwitch gothic witchcraft dream witchtales magicbook pentagram witchcraft potion Icreatemagic exclusive charm popular magicforeveryday inspiration

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Whitney Paige


Comment from Whitney Paige:

Another look at layer 2. Added a lot of color and dimension. Excited for layer 3. The fine details. . . . oils oilpaint gamblin witch autumnleaves jewels love death goth forest spoopy autumn characterdesign popart lowbrowpopsurrealism contemporaryart lowbrow popsurrealism fantasyart gorgeousdeath semirealism layer

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Stella's Magic Shop


Comment from Stella's Magic Shop:

All of these adornments will have major dropped prices for Black Friday - cyber Monday . And so many more awesome witch or vintage clothes listings will be added at awesome prices for the weekend sale. And most things will have free shipping this weekend ! Will post those items tomorrow ! blackfriday cybermonday shopsmall smallbuisness handmade vintage novelty harrypotter witch stellasmagicshop

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Comment from karin_a98:

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good. harrypotter marauders ravwnclaw hufflepuff hogwarts scarf hplover magic witch yellow black blue grey jkrowling universitylife friends

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Andrè Pascal


Comment from Andrè Pascal:

The lovers By @lil.chive art artists tumblr black work ink work tarot cards lovers love sex stars moon nature astrology wicca witch wiccan pretty artsy sketch tattoo tattoos flowers flower tattoo drawing ferns line artists female art women

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Comment from Caly:

Ce matin, en me promenant dans ma si jolie forêt 🌳 j'ai trouvé cet arbre ❤️ Il est tellement beau et inspirant dans toutes ces couleurs 🍂🍃 . . . Douce journée 🌼 winter witch witchcrafts forest forestwitch witchesofinstagram gardenwitch greenwitch herbwitch goodwitch trees magictrees nature natureisbeautiful naturephotography paienne pagan frenchpagan celtic celticgirl mothernature motherearth gaia wild foret whisper morigirllifestyle ygdrasil colors naturelovers

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Corail ↟↟


Comment from Corail ↟↟:

I'm just in love with these lovely folksy Christmas cards ❤ Thank you @hannahwillow.artist !! --------------------------------- christmas christmascards folk folkish folkchristmas folksy folksychristmas folktale reindeer deer snow bear owl kingowl badger winteriscoming winter hygge snowflake witch witchylife witchesofinstagram christmascountdown naturelovers

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CDS Games - IOS/Android/Kindle


Comment from CDS Games - IOS/Android/Kindle:

Little Monster Games is CTF - (Capture the flag type game) Unlock and control 15 Little Monsters: Witch - Frankenstein - Devil - Scarecrow - Vampire - Teddy - Female Zombie - Grim - Clown - Female Vampire - Bones - Pumpkin head - Zombie - Wolf - Mummy The aim of the game is simple yet highly addictive. Available now - Android - Google Play Store monster vampire zombie mummy bones pumpkin wolfie android game app witch scarecrow clown grim frankenstein devil teddy halloween scary kids

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King B


Comment from King B:

Blessed Samhain Happy Halloween ? halloween samhain wicca wiccan witch allhallowseve witches occult darklight losangeles newyork london beverlyhills northhollywood westhollywood hollywood goth gothic model fashion style

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Comment from Tynatarot:

22 El loco, el regreso, le mat, the fool. Incertidumbre/ creatividad “Salta en la nada en la súbita maravilla de la agonia creativa “ Astrologícamente, se asocia con el planeta Urano, planeta transpersonal que pone a prueba nuestra capacidad de soltar los apegos y volver a empezar. Lo podemos asociar con la cualidad acuariana: creatividad, libertad, espontaneidad, lo súbito y lo impredecible, lo repentino y lo excéntrico. El loco sugiere desarrollar confianza en lo que el destino proponga por más insólito o fuera de contexto que esto parezca. Indica que todas las respuestas son posibles, nada será como se espera y habrá que utilizar el ingenio y apostar a lo creativo. LIBERARSE DEL PASADO Y ARRANCAR DE CERO. Ámbito laboral: tiempos de renovación y cambios insospechosos que alteran todo lo planeado. Estar preparados para hacer algo totalmente diferente. Salud: todo puede suceder desde un milagro hasta un accidente. Amor: si se está en pareja es un buen día para hacer algo diferente, un nuevo acuerdo en el vínculo, cortar con viejos patrones. Si no se está en pareja: anuncia la aparición de personas muy diferentes a las que estamos acostumbrados a vincularnos, las cuales pueden desconcertar o intranquilizar. tarot thefool elloco lemat psychic readings psychicreadings magic witch intuicion wiccanlife zodiac 22

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ROGUE + WOLF ♥ Official Page 🌟


Comment from ROGUE + WOLF ♥ Official Page 🌟:

WANT A FIERY STEAL?! 🔥🚒💲 No worries Cult! Hold on to your broomsticks, as we are about to blow up our BLACK FRIDAY SALE! 💣 We're treating you to a RARE 30% OFF ERRYTHANG across the whole store! 😱 Did y'all say 30% OFF EVERYTHING?! Yep. We did! Our Black Friday' SALE will have ya tripping! ❤️🤘 - - - - rogueandwolf, sale, coupon, discount, saleph, alternative, goth, gothic, witch, witchy, alternativestyle, alternativefasion, gothstyle, gothicfashion, witchythings, blackjewelry, jewelry, jewelryaddict, blackring, necklace, ring, choker, jewelrylover

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Comment from 向死而生:

skullskullsskullringskullringsskullpendantskullartskullpaintingsilverskullringsilverskullringsskulljewelrypunklanyardhumanskullhareyvampiretattootattoosring rebelfirewitchgothgothicjewelrysilvergoldbikeart925photography rock

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The Daily Witch


Comment from The Daily Witch:

Daily Witch HOLIDAY SALE 11/22/17- 12/1/17 40% Off your order! Use Code ‘WITCH ‘ Shop link on my profile

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Ørjan Elias Ebbesen Eikemo


Comment from Ørjan Elias Ebbesen Eikemo:

New-England folktale. art artwork kunstwerk kunst contemporary contemporaryart fineart modernart norwegianart skandinaviskehjem haha oilpainting painting paintings gallery thewitch witch newengland folktale drawing

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Crystal Poison Jewelry 🌙


Comment from Crystal Poison Jewelry 🌙:

titanium quartz this time on gold wire :) This one looks so cool I might keep it to myself 😳 $30 get it before it's gone.... or before I keep it to myself lol 😂 jewelry geometry black sale stone fashion florida orlando orfebreríavenezolana like4like success holistic hippie witch wire inspiration purple blue bohemian beautiful gypsy

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Comment from nicci_nixxe:

Und wieder ein Jahr älter 🙈 Jetzt geht es straight auf die 30 zu ☝🏻😱 girl polishgirl septum piercing bodymods bodymodification girlswithbodymods tattoo tattooedgirls girlswithtattoos redhead redhair wig jefreestarcosmetic jefreestarvelourliquidlipstick abused jefreestarabused beanie pagan witch asatru shieldmaiden vikinggirl hailodin birthday birthdaygirl

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Comment from BANKS ITALIA:

My house is black Filled with watered roses In darkness I reside Where thoughts can't cope to mark their growth Neither time can frame The phenomenon of purpose Neither I can frame The blessings nor the burdens Time, let us be Let our thorns have their way The brighter the light becomes I hope it will unveil It was all worth my pain hernameisbanks jillianbanks banks goddess thealtar blue lights witch trolls bird underdog poltergeist music voice singer pink couch

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