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Abbey Jean 🥀


Comment from Abbey Jean 🥀:

“If you’re ever feeling lonely, just look at the moon; someone, somewhere is looking right at it too.” ✨ Being a cancer, I feel like I connect with the moon so much and I find it so fascinating how it controls so much of our planet with its gravitational forces...🔭 Look at me being all scienc-ey! 🤓

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Moth Luna


Comment from Moth Luna:

Making unreal friendsss and a veryy sketchy-messy background cause one of my Copics dieddd 😥 illustration copics copicmarkers prismacolorpremiere colors witch witches witchcraft ghost spirits friends art artistoninstagram artistic sketchy sketch socks love drawing

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Bayou Moon Southern Rootwork


Comment from Bayou Moon Southern Rootwork:

bayoumoon bayoumoonrootwork confidence intent speakingthingsinto existence witchcraft spiritualwarrior rootwork conjure

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Comment from §trange(r):

Sunflower day dream

2 Minutes ago

Xaria - Pixie


Comment from Xaria - Pixie:

New design is dangerously close to being complete.. I'll be rockin a dragon scale top this summer, how about you..?😀😉 💜💙 wipnewdesignjewelrydesignerscalepornscalemailscalemaillechainmailmotherofdragonsdragonscaledragonsnakegothicjewelrygothicfashionsteampunkhandmadejewelryhandcraftedetsyshophandmadeetsydarkaestheticmedievalarmorarmormermaidbikiniwitchjewelrywitchcraftsmallbusinessselfmade

3 Minutes ago

Jeremy Ivan Schofield


Comment from Jeremy Ivan Schofield:

Woman crush Wednesday again goes to my beautiful witch @xblixx . I am the luckiest guy anywhere out there to be spending my days with this beautiful lady. girlswithtattoos guyswithtattoos piercings pierced gothic metal blackmetal witchy witchcraft witchesofinstagram womancrush wce wce love picoftheday instagood greenhair

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Ryan B


Comment from Ryan B:

I am so excited to say that these items are one of many that will be featured as listing on The Catacombs Conjure with in the next month. I will be offering these in various crystals, the two featured in these photos are black obsidian and amethyst. The pictures do not do these pipes justice the energy and colour is amazing and I cannot wait for the listing to go up. Along side this I will also be selling my own smoke blends made from 100% organic and legal herbs. The amethyst pipe in this photo is off to it new home tomorrow with @coyote.wombyn @eastcountypsychic along with a handmade smoke blend, I hope it serves you well, I know your going to love it. As for the obsidian pipe I am going to keep it for my personal collection, I feel in love with it as soon as I saw it. Thank you so much for all the support, I can't wait to see the shop grow and new stock come in. I couldn't of done it with out all your continued support. Thank you. For any information on products and services please message me. And if you don't see what your looking for on the store please contact me and we can set up a custom order for most occult and voodoo items. Thank you ✖⚜💀⚜💀⚜✖ voodoo neworleansvoodoo rootwork mediumship hoodoo swampmagic smokeblend crystalpipe swampwitch witch spiritsofthedead ancestors witchesofinstagram witchcraft occult occultism working spell spirt spirits spellwork divination crystal tarot magick conjure loa lwa grisgris 💀

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This Queen of Swords


Comment from This Queen of Swords:

See? There is always something positive in every situation. Every cloud has a silver lining right? All the prof you need right here.😂 👑 . . . . tarot tarotcards tarotaddict spiritualgangster followback follow funny humor witchcraft witches witchesofinstagram witch psychic medium intuition lol

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Raphael Narciso Kakazu


Comment from Raphael Narciso Kakazu:

New moon on the sky. To harve, to chant and thrive. May all spirits rise. From dusk to dawn, until this moon starts to grown. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . picoftheday photography photowall newmoon blackandwhiteonly witches witchcraft witchy feitiçaria bruxaria witchesofinstagram celebration instawitch spellcraft instasize instamood instacool instapic instalike sorcery magick hecate altar lilith circe darkart

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Comment from Lyss:

Sometimes I don't like the things I create... so I wreck them and try again 😄👌 I'm tonight I'm starting to strip a doe I wasn't too 'fawned' of (hehe 🙊) and will hopefully end up with a blank "canvas" soon!

3 Minutes ago

Stigmata Rose


Comment from Stigmata Rose:

Evil Dead sketches charcoalart acrylicpaint prismacolor horror evildead demons deadites love rage deranged innocence tormented witchcraft bloody gorgeous crownofthorns possessed voodoo flesh beauty fantasy wicked zombies undead stigmatasart

3 Minutes ago

Book of Shadows


Comment from Book of Shadows:

tarot tarotdeck & huge kristall ⛤⛤⛤ Photo made by @stephimaneki 🔮🔮🔮 winter winteriscoming witch witchcraft witchy onwednesdayswewearblack black blackandwhite moonchild itsnotaphase absolutelynodesiretofitin spell spellbook bos bookofshadows instawitch ouija hellyes hellno tripplemoon moon supportyourlocalcoven coven pegan wicca craft

4 Minutes ago

☽❈ᗫorian Ɓroadway❈☾


Comment from ☽❈ᗫorian Ɓroadway❈☾:

Mesmerized by the snow. • • • • • • • • • pagan paganism witch witchcraft magic magick occult esoteric conjure folkmagic animism religion spiritual spirituality hoodoo rootwork pagansofinstagram witchesofinstagram rootworkersofinstagram cartomancy tarot tarotreader gayguy queer lgbtq snow

4 Minutes ago

Mercy Malas


Comment from Mercy Malas:

Been feeling witchy lately witchcraft witchesofinstagram

5 Minutes ago

Maiden Wax Magick


Comment from Maiden Wax Magick:

Time to make the candles! Want one? These will only be available in my Imbloc sets! Shop link in bio! 🕯🔮🔥 . . . handpoured candles witch witchcraft witchesofinstagram imbloc

5 Minutes ago

Zach Swiney


Comment from Zach Swiney:

New LED tank witch seance bitchcraft metaphysical spirituality witchcraft gayboy gayohio cute kawaii prettyeyes indieboy onfleek fabulous werk hunty youcantsitwithus onfleek fame moneysuccessfameglamour gorgeous followforfollow followers likeit likes doubletap girlinterrupted aesthetic nirvana tumblr

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Nitetime Tarot


Comment from Nitetime Tarot:

Hello, Hello and Blessed Be! I am Nyx Terralune, a tiny witch with huge dreams! I absolutely love anything and everything divination,however tarot holding a huge place in my heart. I'm running this shop in dreams to expand upon what I know, and to help others as much as possible! Some interesting facts to get to know me better: 🌙Momma to a precious little goddess in training! 🌙I've done tarot for going on 4 years now. 🌙I love art! I even run an art account! 🌙I've practicing the craft for YEARS. I've actually lost count. Oops. 🌙I'm really friendly, and I don't bite! 🌙Huge advocate for mental health awareness. I hope to get to know you all over time! May you have a beautiful morning,day,evening and night! Blessed be,beautiful loves! tarot tarotcards tarotreading witch witchcraft tarotshop magic artlife witchy witches divinationwitch divination meetthewitch readings smallshop littlewitch nitetimetarot craft

6 Minutes ago

jennifer joseph


Comment from jennifer joseph:

LABRADORITE PIPE DROP going down in my stories NOW!

9 Minutes ago

Rachel Kann


Comment from Rachel Kann:


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Comment from 💯silk:

for your altar reference . . cannedfood childdollsdressedassomberadults . . newmoonincapricorn altar esoteric thedarkarts cityofangels saturn witch witchcraft

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